Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Never Too Far by Abbi Glines

Review by Kimmi
5 solid gold stars *****

OMG!!!!!! This book was everything I wanted it to be, I waited so, so very patiently for this sequel. You see, my dumb ass went off into "Fallen Too Far" not knowing it was going to leave me at the end swiping my finger across my Kindle for a SOLID 20 minutes while saying "this isn't the end, this can't be the end, Nope, not the end, my Kindle is malfunctioning, because THIS CANNOT BE THE END!!!!!" My cheese slid a little off my cracker on that tragic day, lol. However, all is now right in the world. Never Too Far is the epitome of a nice tall glass of water <- (Rush) and damn it girls I was thirsty! Thirst quenched, I can now relax, at least until the third book comes along and tears my world down around me again. 

Torn by K.A. Robinson

Review by Kimmi

I get more enjoyment from reading the books that push me, I like it when authors make me step out of my comfort zone.  I hate to say, but "Torn" is not that book, at least for me. And I can't believe I'm actually writing a review that isn't a 5 star review. Usually I'll just leave it be but make sure to let my friends know "ehhh, I wouldn't". However, I just can't not write this review. I won't criticize too harshly though, I will give "Torn" 3 stars. At one point while I was reading it the thought popped into my head (This is like a B rated version of "Thoughtless"). Truthfully I can't tell you if its because the story itself or that I'm let down by the potential this story had.  But I'm leaning towards the latter.  These characters could have been awesome, strong characters, and I feel like if K.A. Robinson would have just pushed them a little more, created them a little deeper, darker, they would have been phenomenal characters. In the beginning I really loved Chloe, she had the makings of a great lead character, but somewhere towards the middle when she became confused, and started with her empty excuses and silly indecisiveness, she kind of hollowed out for me. And after that the story itself just kind of teetered out and stalled. The only character that really had any depth was Drake, in him I felt angst, sadness, he felt real. But everyone else around him seemed like cardboard extras. However the story did pick up near the end and I'm glad I read, and finished it. I really enjoyed the last chapter, but it was in Drake's POV, I would have loved it if the whole story was. Ok, now with all the negative out of the way.......Will I follow the series with book 2 "Twisted"? Hell yes I will. It leaves you with just enough of a cliffhanger that makes you NEED "Twisted". 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hell's Phoenix by Gracen Miller

Book Two of The Road to Hell: Hell's Phoenix by Gracen Miller

Review by Kimmi:

Ok, so this kick ass book is the sequel to Gracen Miller's Pandora's Box. And I gotta say Gracen did not let me down! This is HANDS DOWN the BEST sequel I've read to date. Her world imagery writing skills rival Karen Marie Moning's Fever Series <-  Sry, but this has been my standard for years. And I have not had a world built with words that creates the perfect imagery since KMM's Fever Series. Gracen not only matches it, but she knocks it out of the ball park! And I'm left with the question "Why is this not a movie? Or TV series?" The money makers are missing out, just sayin'.  Kudos Gracen, the voices in your head are leading in the perfect direction, and making a path for you to create an awesome series of BADASS BOOKS! Book three "Genesis Queen" review by Kimmi, coming soon.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Book Waitress by Deena Remiel

Review by Kimmi
This was a very suspensful and fast read. I absolutly loved Camille. God bless her soul, literally! She needs it! Poor thing has been thrown into a hot hell of a mess and has no idea she is the center of a cults ritual sacrifice. Derek is an adorable man who I could just eat up! He is so kind and good hearted, and hopefully he will be Camille's Knight in shining armor. This fast read does leave you in a damn good cliffhanger though, so do your self a favor and get both book 1 & 2 so you can just dive right into book 2 Devil Du Jour! Book 3: Demon a la Mode will hopefully be out in April :) Can't wait!!!!

Pandora's Box by Gracen Miller

Review by Kimmi

What the HELL was that? Pandora's Box didn't gently bring me to my knees is knocked me straight on my ass from across the room! There is so much happening in this story I needed a moment to gather my wits and self composure before I could write this review. This book caught my eye, or the cover did, lol. I skimmed over the book description and though "Yeah, this sounds like a pretty good start to a series that may have potential." SHIT! This book came flying out of the gates like a badass that owned the effin' runway! I never thought I could have so much fun with a bunch of hellion's. And I'm not big on demons, quite frankly they scare the shit out of me, Paranormal Activity had me sleeping with every light in the house on for 3 months, and Lord help me if I woke up at or around 3am (the witching hour), I'd freak the eff out : P And that was just the first Paranormal Activity, I never watched the others, I learned my lesson. So just in the first 2 chapters of Pandora's Box my nerves and neck hairs were standing on end. I thought  "Oh hell what has Gracen gotten me into!" lol. But then when Nix rocked back on the balls of his feet after knocking on Madison's front door I was thinking, "OK, well, I'll risk night terrors for a fine ass cocky flirt, who wouldn't?" Once the Birmingham's came into Madison and Amos' life it was on like mother freaking donkey kong, shit started happening left and right. I could barely process what had happened in one chapter before the next chapter had my jaw hittin' the floor! It's one badass, non stop, you can't catch your breath from one moment to the next explosion of "Holy Shit is this really happening?" Pandora's Box did not lay a foundation for a series, it built a freaking Empire of epic proportions for this series. I cannot wait for book 2 Hell's Phoenix! Gracen Miller has set the bar extremely high, and I have a damn good feeling she will not disappoint! 


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Painted Faces by L.H. Cosway

Review by Kimmi:

Holy Hell that book knocked me on my ass! I'm a labor unit nurse and had already read 3 books the day I started Painted Faces, I was just going to settle into bed and read a chapter or two and then go to sleep, I had to wake up at 5 am the next morning and work a 12 hr shift. Seemed like a great idea at the time. No, not a great idea, it was a terrible idea! I started it and kept telling myself, just one more chapter, well at 4:45 am, I couldn't freaking read one more chapter. That's right I read through the whole night and did not even realize I had lost the whole night! So I got up showered and went to work my 12 hour shift w/ NO SLEEP. And all I could think about was I gotta get back to my book!!!!! 

So, I finished it today and I have to tell you: Oh My God I LOVED IT!!!!! First of all I love the way L.H. Cosway writes the story so that you are inside Freda's mind, literally. Her every crazy thought in her inner monologue you get the pleasure of reading. She is so damn funny! She had me rolling lmao! Her witty and quirkiness is absolutely hilarious and adorable. I would have loved this story if she was the only character in the book, but she's not ;  )   You see there is icing to this lovely book cake, and its sparkly and delicious icing, and his name is Nicholas. OK, so I must be honest here, I've had this book for a while sitting in my kindle collecting electronic dust because the reviews I read had me hesitating to start it, I like my men rough around the edges, with dirty mouths, and seeping sex from their pores, NOT in drag. I let my damn mind, yet again, get in the way of starting this as soon as it hit my kindle. Fear not Kimmi, lol I started it and damn am I glad I did. Nicholas is freaking HOT! While not in drag he is what I want my book men to be, sharply dressed, oh God his freaking hair! Everything about him, HOT! When I got to his first show I was thinking "How the hell is this hot?" "How the hell is this author doing this?" And somewhere in the book, I just quit giving a damn and ate this book up! I LOVED this story, it was so wonderful. 5+ stars FANTASTIC! Don't let the book description or the reviews make you hesitate, tear into this delicious book cake, like NOW! You won't regret it!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Only In Time by Kelli McCraken

Review by Kimmi

Oh, WOW! That was such a sweet, enchanting story : ) It takes a powerful author to draw you into a story, capture your love for her characters and cause you to invest emotions and deep feelings for them.  Kelli does this with the absolute grace that leaves you as breathless and fulfilled as a 500 page novel would. I loved Jonah and Ally's Story. My heart jumped practically out of my chest with each chance encounter they shared because I just knew this was it, they where finally going to ease their heartache, even if it will be for a moment, a night. Ohhhhhh no, no, no. So sorry this story isn't >300 pages baby, but you still have to work for it reader. But thats the "it", Kelli doesn't just throw it out there, you will read her story at her pace. It's hers and she told it well. I can't wait to find the other stories in this series "Mystic Antiques". If this is just a taste? WHOA, think about the whole cake ;  )

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Night Visions by Elena Gray

Review by Kimmi

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I had no idea what to expect when I started this book. I wanted to go into without knowing what I was going into. So I didn't read reviews and I didn't read the book description, I just jumped in and let Elena whisk me where she wanted to take me.  It has been awhile since I read a paranormal romance, and Elena's "Night Visions" was the perfect story to reinitiate me back into the paranormal romance world. At first I had no idea who was who, and what their part was in Sam's life. I didn't know if I wanted Bryan to be Sam's HEA, Scott? Who? They are both freaking hotter than hell. I usually throw out the "friend" that I think stuck around in the friend zone for too long. I mean, son if you can't make your damn move, then move out the way. But still, Scott was just so yum! Until Ian, ahhhh Ian.

(in my head)
After he strutted onto the pages all my doubt was gone. It had to be Ian. HAD TO! As the story unfolds more lies are revealed, and the puzzle pieces began to fall into place. The story then takes a darker turn where ancestry becomes a pillar in Sam and Ian's story. And then, du du du dahhh: let the chaos commence! This book was a fast read for me, I couldn't put it down. I read into the wee hours of the, well not night, morning really. Then I woke up out of a dead sleep (I didn't mean to pass out : / )  and I tore into it again until I finished it. It was fun, fast paced and had plenty of sexy hot tension that rolled off the pages! I loved it and cannot wait for Trent's story. A cowboy? Ummm hello? You know Trent is not gonna mind getting dirty, hell he was dusting his gloves on his dirty jeans when we first met him! EEEK! Trent's gonna be a blast!

True Love Story by Willow Aster


I have been waiting for this book to come out since I came across it on Goodreads a while back. I was counting down the days, scheduling my books in advance so I would be able to jump into this the second it hit my Kindle! And Willow Aster did NOT let me down :) Oh how I loved this emotional, raw, heart splitting book. I loved (and hated) being ripped from one seriously high emotion and torn down to the lowest of low emotions. At one point it was so horrible I couldn't read because of the tears blurring my vision :( Ian's words made me swoon, then giggles would bubble out. His words made me happy, then see red. His words hit me, pelted me like physical blows that were almost unbearable. When I was almost done reading it the thought hit me, "Oh My God, if there is a cliffhanger my Kindle will not make it! I'll toss this damn thing against the wall (wouldn't be the first Kindle casualty : /  ........) Ehh, I'm an emotional reader, especially with emotional reads. This was a truly a fantastic love story, I love that Willow makes you work for it, she doesn't tie a pretty bow on Ian and Sparrow's relationship, she doesn't quickly skim through the heartbreak and hard times. She makes you feel everything the characters feel, every emotion, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm excited that I came across her book, and I love that I have a new author to stalk, waiting for her next book.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Penmort Castle by Kristen Ashley


Can I get a HELL YEAH? Can I get a MFing HELL YEAH?!?!?!? First question I asked myself immediately after Chap. 1 was "Why the effing bloody hell did I wait so long to start this AWESOME Kristen Ashley BAD ASS Mother trucking book!?!"  Oh, yeah. I remember, because the reviews for this bad to the bone ass book SUCK! High in tit they Suck! Is it at sometimes lengthly? Yes, but, BUT, this is where the gravy is, and if you aren't from the South, baby you don't know, the GRAVY is where its at. The GRAVY is the meat of it, the core of it, it is IT ;)

Good Dear Lord, Cash............ I want to find a flour tortilla big enough to wrap you in and EAT YOU UP, while calling you Daddy ;) Sheesus, Shit MAN! You make me want to shave my head, get a tat at the nape of my neck of a target symbol, then I'd regrow my hair out so that you could yank said hair in said target.

This is again an epic and beautiful love story told by my girl Kristen. And of course, low and behold, she yet AGAIN knocks it out of the freggin' ballpark.

Again I'll remind that I'm not much of a recapper, but I will say, this shit knocked me on my ass, had me laughing, crying, cheering, sobbing (like a bitch) then gripping my Kindle with a white knuckled grip in STRAIGHT UP FEAR, like, FEAR for my life (or my fictional character Abby's life, WHATEVER!) This is good ish ya'll! Damn Good ish ;) I hope you let yourself have as much fun with it as I did.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lust, Money & Murder Book 1, Lust by Mike Wells

This book clutched me in its grasp and didn't let go! It was an awesome, fast paced, sexy read. I loved Elaine, she pushed herself and made damn sure she was not going to end up staying in little ole Garfield the rest of her life. I was so excited when Nick came into the story with his handsome self and his fine ass muscle car ;) And ahhhhgggggg! The cliffhanger! but, no need to fret, Lust, Money & Murder book 2- Money is available! And I can't wait to read it!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Consequences by Aleatha Romig

Don't judge a book by its cover. This phrase can and has been applied so many things in our lives, be it the people we come to meet in our day to day routine, the friend we stand and work beside everyday at work and truly believe we know who they are, or be it the check out person at the local market that clearly is an unhappy person. We are all very quick to judge, and like we are taught from grade school, the first impression is always the best impression. Or is it? Should we judge a book by its cover?
Answer, a very loud and resounding NO!

When I started Consequences, I began reading it with the cover in mind. La te da, nice lil puzzle piece with a pretty necklace on the puzzle piece. My expectations of this book had me humming soap opera tunes ".....and these are the days of our lives...". Yeah, NO! Not so much!

Review for:
Consequences by Aleatha Romig

So, the "these are the days of our lives" tune in my head came to a screeching halt, like a needle across an old vinyl record. At page 2 I stopped reading and went back to my Kindle home page asking "Is this the right damn book?" Then I went to Amazon asking myself "Did Amazon send me the wrong book?" Yes, it was the right book, No Amazon did not send me the wrong book. This novel went (in my head) from Grandma's day time story to Life Time Movie Network meets Taken. This book had my guts twisted, my tear ducts stinging, and my heart jumping, palpating, and then breaking into pieces with defeat. Claire wakes up in an unfamiliar room, though it seems cozy enough, it's warm with very nice furniture and expensive plush bedding, carpet, and couch all arranged in a comfortable setting. However she is anxious, she feels dread like a solid thick black blanket, because this doesn't feel right. She can feel in her bones that her life has taken a turn for the worse.  FLASH, her last memory comes into her mind, like a frontal attack. Her dread was warrented, justified, and real as HELL!

As she commences through her own personal version of Dante's circles of hell by the Consequences Anthony Rawlings, a self made billionaire deems fit for her punishment. Claire somehow keeps the things she must hold dear, secret, and safe to her heart: her hope, her faith, her actions. They are still hers to choose, but at what expense? Freedom? Fresh air? Sunshine on her face? 

Anthony Rawlings has paid his dues, he has studied Claire for well, for forever. After he has studied, learned her, he sets the bait, and of course (he studied her for years) Claire took the bait, Hook, Line, and poof, she is gone, she is "sinker", sunk, no more, taken by the hands and at the wrath of Anthony aka Tony Rawlings. But why? Why does a man that has so much at his disposal, so much with in his reach feel he needs Claire? And once he has her where he wants her, is it going to be Claire or Tony that pays the ultimate Consequences of a thrilling, mad house, and toxic physical chemistry between them?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fallen To Far by Abbi Glines

The love I immediately felt for this beautiful book took me by major surprise. In all honesty, I purchased this because, well, lets be honest, the cover was freakin' HOT! lol. However I was pleasently surprised, and quickly inthralled and bewitched, I was in love, with this fantastic, smexy, nail biting cliffhanger book. Right now? Right now I'm feigning like an addict, waiting as patiently as I can for book#2 Never Too Far............

Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

Blaire's on her own now, she has not a dime (ok, a twenty dollar bill) to her name. Her mode of transportation in now sporting an E where the gas tank indicator is. She ends up depending on her father's help in her trying times. However, Daddy's not home, see right after she got off the phone with him Dad bounced, left the country w/ her momma's replacement, aka, her new step mom, and Rush's biological mother Step mother is a self proclaimed Groupie's baby momma, hence Rush's bad ass name ;). Rush however wants NOTHING to do with Blaire, and tuck's her in the pantry "house keeper's" room. But poor, sweet, thankful Blaire thinks things are lookin' up. Blaire just needs to get a job, make some money and she'll be good, outta Rush's hair and making her own destiny, paying her own way.

Blaire's self deprecation slaughtered me, her need to fix everyone and help anyone seriously made me feel like a selfish, vain, POS.  And then there is Rush, his Daddy has paved his way in life (monetarily speaking) and his mom has paved out just enough room to keep herself out of his way and let him do as he pleases.

However, what Rush wants for his pleasing, is Blaire. She is everything he has never known, her goodness is a myth in his world. But Rush has a mouth like the devil and the body of an angel, and when he looks at her, it down right scares the shit out of her thats she's gonna fall to far.................. I am waiting like CrAzY for Never Too Far! This cliffhanger shot my nerves, I kept looking the bottom of my Kindle and seeing 98% 99%, and thinking ( this isn't wrapping up, wrap it up, come on wrap it up!!!) awwww hell cliffhanger. So as of now, I'll wait, try to be a good girl, yeah right, and wait for Never Too Far.

The Soul Mate by Madeline Sheehan

I'm gonna shake things up with this book, because well it's Madeline Sheehan, and why not? This blog is going to follow my progress through the book. And it's probably gonna be a little more quirky, I tend to spazz mid book, and break into tourettes, so please excuse my dirty mouth, and pay no attention to the all caps while I am screaming.

After I've finished I'll put the wrapping paper and a bow on it w/ the overall review. 

Prologue, page 1:  Alright, I'm strapping on my seatbelt, and as I swipe my finger across my Kindle, I'd like to say, Ok Madeline, I'm following you yet again out of my box, I know I'm about to have a kick ass time. Here, here, here's my arm, no need to snatch it up, I'm coming, I'm prepared this time to be dragged, let me assume the position, alright lead the way Momma ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If You Stay by Courtney Cole

Remember when you were a teenager and you got that feeling when you first truly fell in love? That feeling that felt like Butterflies were wrecking havoc in your body. You were nervous, unsure about yourself and your thoughts  revolved solely around him. The crazy wonderful drunk feelings that you felt in your bones and could let you take flight, these feelings he gave you with just a touch, or a word from his mouth. On the other side of this coin however, lies the feelings being ripped from you, and it actually caused you physical pain that ached in your chest and stomach. You couldn't eat, you lost sleep and you stopped caring about anything, everything. And BAM!, he fixed it, he called, he flipped the coin and you soared from the lowest of low's and you were high again, physically stoned off love.

After I was married and had a few bambino's, it hit me one day, I'm never going to have that again! Call me crazy but it devastated me, I rather enjoyed those feelings. Don't get me wrong I love my husband dearly however, the new and unknown, those extreme intense emotions, that are at a full force velocity, a whirlwind, a new love. We loose it. Time trucks on, day in day out, we slip into contentment and safety.

I'm always trying to recapture that feeling (and stay faithful to my husband, of course). And I found my way, to read................ and If You Stay had my good ole butterflies wrecking havoc, my heart wrenching, aching, shredding into pieces. And then, BAM the coin flips and I'm ecstatically blissful and feeling high on love. Don't judge me, I have accepted I have issues, and I fully embrace all of them, actually, we're friends ;P

If You Stay by Courtney Cole


 OK, so I was sipping my wine by the fire and caught a review of this book on Goodreads and thought, huh, looks good, I'll buy it. (keep in mind I am dead in the middle of a book I have been waiting on since October to come out!) Anyway, this is the first book I have purchased by this author so I think, well, let me just read the first page and see if I dig her writing style, see if this will be my next book to read. Are you seriously ready for what the hell happened next? By sentence 1, yes you read that shit right :sentence ONE! I knew I was not going to stop, I couldn't stop if the Mob had me at gun point and was tellin me to "tune a'ound".  I slaughtered that book, tore through it, I love Pax, sweet, effed up, tragically scarred Pax. He is an asshole and he'll tell you that while flippin' you the bird. God I loved his sexy swag and his mind process was epic. It's been awhile since I have had so much fun and lmao while roaming in a characters mind. And sweet, sweet Mila. Mila is a soft gentle touch, a fresh breath of air, and at a still calm most of the time, but girl has balls when she needs 'em, lol.  I love the chemistry that shoots off the pages between Pax and Mila. I enjoyed this book so much because I felt it, I felt their emotions, I felt their ache, and their love. And I got to catch lighting in a bottle, feel the bolt of first love, while reading it.

Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan


This book was a purchase on my kindle that just kinda sat and chilled while I bounced from new book (their cover was sexy) to new book and I FINALLY thought, ehhh, lets check it out. I have never kicked myself in ass before like I did once I started it! This book is the first book that when I finished I just sat there, just sat, with the biggest WTFH just happened to me? look on my face. After I sat there and regained my self composure, I freaking LIT up the internet scouring for anything and everything Madeline Sheehan, I googled "books similar too Undeniable" in 20 different ways. Couldn't find any, so I did the next best thing, I reread it, lol. Whoever on Amazon did not give this book 5 stars, I scoff at you, scoff! You did not let Madeline take you where she wanted in this story, you let your highfalutin morals and standards get in your way of a damn good read.

I'm not big on recapping in my reviews, I just review, so with that said: This book caught me at page one and didn't let me up until, well I'm still not up, I'm waiting on Unbeautifully! This story is the epitome of raw emotion. Madeline Sheehan grabs your band aid, with out warning or counting, and she rips that bitch off! She doesn't care about your feelings, she drags you through the whole story, the whole hot mess, nitty gritty, and sorry you got dirty on the drag through love, but it's her story she's telling, and what a story it was.

Eva is a bad ass awesome lead character, I love my leading ladies strong like Eva. And Deuce, oh hell Deuce, he's like an Alpha Males PIMP, he pimps every other bad ass alpha male character I've ever read about. Eva is raised by a MC, she meets Deuce when she's 5 while visiting her Daddy in prison. I love that with this story you grow with Eva, from when Eva is just a tyke you are with her through this journey of her life. The high's and the low's. I had read a lot of books before Undeniable, but until I read Undeniable, I was reading the same book over and over (just change name, occupations, city, and main problem here___________) After Undeniable I decided that formula wasn't my flavor, I didn't like vanilla anymore. Vanilla is nice, yeah sure, but every damn day and it just gets BORING! Undeniable is not vanilla, Undeniable is white chocolate mocha with strawberry swirl dipped in rocky road, and I loved every damn bite :)

Now go forth and cleanse you palate with this AWESOME, BAD ASS, THRILLING RIDE!

Beautiful Disaster by Francette Phal

Review by Kimmi:
Um..... The best book I read all year! Ok, so I'm not gonna give you the whole book summary thing, what I will tell you is I spend more than 200$ a month by clicking that damn buy now with just 1 click button, (meaning I read ALOT!)  I read YA books every now and then and this is what I thought I was walking into, however, this is not that book! This is no where near that book. First of all the lead character in this book evokes more emotion than any other character I have ever read, her story is a devastating, heart breaking, gut twisting story, yet she grows and turns something that could be ugly into something beautiful and strong. Ohhh, and my Nicholas. Nicholas, is the male lead character, and in this book Nicholas is, I shit you not, the hottest damn alpha male I've EVER read, like hotter than Deuce in Undeniable, he's more complicated than Christian in 50, Nicholas is a perfect DNA formula of Nick from "The Devil's Eyes", and  Deuce from "Undeniable", and Christian Grey from "50" all mixed together (- thank u, I'll have 2 please) and the crazy part here is he is only freakin' 18! Between Ellie's POV, and Nicholas's POV, this book had me laughing, smirking, cheering, sobbing, saying oh hell, I'll be damned that is HOT, then I'm cheering again, then jaw to the damn floor: WTFH?, then my mouth in an 0 shape, screaming SERIOUSLY?!?!?!, and then more sobbing, then crying silently and talking to Ellie like she can here me, (it happens sometimes when the book evokes it, ok?) Anyway, don't do what I did,(buy the book and let it sit on the Kindle backburner) this is a buy now! RIGHT NOW w/ 1 click ;) and read it NOW, inhale it, devour it, eat that shit up with a serving spoon! I'm so jealous of you dear reader of reviews, I remember what it was like not knowing. And I'll never forget what it felt like opening this treasure page by page. (yes I am absolutely crazy, this is what  great books do!)
Beautiful Disaster easily gets
5-Melrose Place on crack cocaine-Kimmi Stars!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

With Everything I am by Kristen Ashley

I cannot call this a book, however what I will term this is an enchanting and beautiful love story. This story dropped me to my knees. It took my breath way and left me a in a wilting, weeping, boneless heap of a hot mess! I have read well over a hundred Paranormal romance novels, and I must say this was hands down my FAVORITE!
Ahhhh Callum. I love you with everything I am :)


To quote my Goodread friend, Mersina, "Oh my SHITNESS that was good!" This was a book that I knew I was going to like, I mean, read the reviews, you know it's going to be good. However, by the end of Chap. 1, I started to read it slower, I began to let the words and the emotions, and the magical imagery draw me in, and the storytelling made me stop, and slow my roll, no skimming, and I SLOW read this book. I let every sentence soak in, and I savored that shit, every word Callum said to Sonia, I let his silky, husky yummy words wrap around me like a fuzzy warm blanket, or Sonia's snow white cashmere robe ;) This book was the sweetest, sexiest, saddest, happiest, dammit this was the BEST DAMN Paranormal romance I've read!  Seriously if you haven't read it, read it. Do not forsake yourself this beautiful treasure!!!!

Abduction by Varian Krylov

Abduction by Varian Krylov
This book is NOT recommended for the weak at heart. It is the most ugly beautiful story I've ever read. And I am not using ugly lightly. Seriously. I felt like I had bought myself a ticket to hell after I finished it, and the realized, I freakin' liked it, lol. Strong side note here!!!! There is some serious dirty language in this review, what can I say, I'm not sure if the dirty language was because of the wine, or the residual effects from the book ;) yeah, it was prob the wine ;P

Well, after 2 glasses of wine and some serious thought I believe I am ready to review this, shit I can't even call it a book, we'll just say I'm ready to review this. If, and this is a solid IF, you have enough in you to not only finish this book, but, go balls out and put yourself amongst the characters in this book, you CANNOT give it less than 5 stars. If you do, I don't believe that you really let this bat shit crazy, mind fuck, twisted, perverse, and masochistic story take you where Varian Krylov was trying to lead you. It is a story of a repressed girl on the brink of womanhood, that is abducted by this enigma or puzzling man who has watched and studied her for years. His goal is to push, pull, and or drag her into her full sexual being, and to release her from her repression. This, still can't call it book, so..... freak show begins with her running, escaping him. She then falls into another strangers hold, she is confused, she is scared, she is every emotion I have ever read in a book, seen in a movie, felt in my life, and she is every emotion that lies in between those, and so very far outside those emotions I have ever witnessed or felt. This book will send me to hell, it was wrong, but dammit all if I didn't give a flyin' eff and turn against my own morals and self beliefs and find that shit HOT! And like a fiend I tore this shit up, I devoured every word, scene! Shit left me breathless!!!! I mean panting! I was asking myself WTF????? Shit, I don't even care wtf is going on, that is fuuuuuuckin', damn smexy! On a eh hum, serious side note, this book does bring some serious emotional issues to the table, if you have tough skin, roll with it, and you'll be glad you did. However, like I say before my twitter and FB updates, if you are not of age, or your morals and standards are higher than mine, walk on, do not stop, go. And you do not collect yo 200$ xp

Sins & Needles The Artist Trilogy by Karina Halle

Review by Kimmi:
Awwww shit this book was so good it was redic!  Ellie is the leading female character and she kicks ass! I love a strong, balls out leading lady, however what I love even more is a tatted up fine ass leading man. This book is funny, scary, heart wrenching, and devastating all at the same time. It left me breathless!

Poor Ellie was a child of grifters, and she turned into a grifter as a by product. Only thing though is her last scam kinda bit her in the ass,  (*Fav quote in the book, and its on page two! : "When I was a child, I was never in a town long enough to get enrolled in the softball team, which was a shame because as the (pool) cue cracked against this fat bastards bald head, I realized it could have been a second career. Hell it could even be a first career. I'm quitting the grifting game anyway.") So, she heads back to the only real home she's had and she falls into the path of her only true friend, ever. Oh Camden ;) And he doesn't look like the same pale thin, trench coat wearing, goth kid he was in high school. No no no he doesn't :) See Camden pic. Ahhhhhhh. Love you Camden :) I had been trying to fill the "that kick ass book" void since Francette Phal's "Beautiful Disaster" and this book filled it well! And I can't wait for #2 Shooting Scars :) The author Karina told me on Goodreads that in book #2 Shooting Scars to expect Camden to go straight up some Liam Neeson. Easily Sins & Needles grabs up 5-Awesome as hell beginning to a new series-Kimmi Stars

Harbour Falls by S.R. Grey

This awesome book was a gift from the author. She is a great friend of mine from Goodreads. I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic read. And I can't wait for book 2: Willow Point!

Wow! That was an awesome, exciting, and incredibly nail biting story. I was suspicious of everybody in the book, I felt like someone was watching me the whole time I was reading it. The author does a perfect job of painting gray shades and fog around the supporting characters that has you constantly questioning them and reading between the lines. I even caught myself trying to read in between the lines when there was NOTHING between the lines lol. I loved the chemistry between Maddy and Adam, it was hot, HOT. And I love LOVE the picture in my head of Adam that was created my Grey's words! Hot damn! Good lord baby Jesus! He was the perfect, purrrfect picture of what I needed Adam to be, where I quiet frankly did not give a damn if he did the crime or not, I still wanted in his pants, and I wanted to stay there ;) Great story, great setting, and I loved Maddy <- God love her, I just kept screaming at her, "It doesn't matter! Just leave it alone!" Lol. I was hardly to chap. 2 and Grey's words had me humming Phil Collin's "in the air tonight" and that was pretty dead on, though I didn't know it at the time. This book was a fun time, period. 

Seven Years of Bad Luck by J.L. Mac

Seven Years of Bad Luck by J.L. Mac
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Well, I just finished it and I have to say that this book was fantastic! It was funny, sexy, and an extremely exciting book! I loved Kat, my favorite books are from the first person pov, and Kat was just an awesome, hilariously funny, kick ass character. Ben? Oh dear Lord baby Jesus! I want Ben! Ben is my new book boyfriend! He is hot, smoking hot, with a fine ass dirty mouth, lol. He is demanding, authoritative, and he pushes, hard and fast ; ) This was a great read, there is a cliffhanger, however it doesn't leave you aching and frantic at the end, it just leaves you wanting more. Can't wait for the next book! Now I must go and devour the Internet for information on book 2!