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A Different Blue by Amy Harmon

Review by Kimmi

Sheesus Christ!!! It has been a very long time since I've read a tear jerker of this magnitude! Holy Shit! I have teared up in books before, who hasn't? The last book I read and reviewed and claimed was a tear jerker, "Ruined" by S. Pratt, yeah it doesn't have shit on A Different Blue! Right Now! And I mean right now! I need to insert a warning! If you get to around 65-70% in this book and you have plans to put the book down, DO NOT PICK IT BACK UP IN PUBLIC!!!!!!!!
Don't do it man! Just don't! Either continue reading, or pick it back up in a private (preferably insulated, and or sound proof) room. Heed my warning! I'm am only saying this to save your dignity as a grown ass woman!

Blue Echohawk doesn't know a damn thing about herself. Not the day she was born, her name on her birth certificate, nothing.......Her mind is in a constant emotional chaotic state. However Blue isn't a delicate flower, as a matter of fact she is the villain or arch nemesis of delicate flower. Blue is defensive, manipulative, and well, she's pissed. She's pissed at all the bull shit cards life has dealt her, she has secured her reputation in the exact way she wants to be perceived, and the ice and iron walls around her true self and her heart are stronger and more secure than damn Fort Knox. See Blue has no idea where her mother is, she has only ever known her father, he is the only family she ever had. And even though her father was a drifter, and she never went to school, she was left on her own to learn everything she needed, and she learned it from  PBS, thank god for Sesame Street! Her father did give her the one thing that continues to feed her passion, that allows her to feel peace, woodwork, carving and creating something beautiful out of a gnarled, bark covered, and knotted mahogany tree stump. They shared this love, they shared a quiet bond that required few words and theirs was the strongest bond either of them had ever had. So when she loses her father, the man she always called Jimmy, she slips into a state of depression that is so devastating it leaves her with a hole from the hallow of her throat to the pit of her stomach, with nothing but darkness filling the void.
When we step inside Blue's mind for the first time she is starting her senior year at 19 years old, behind in school because of her life as a drifter. With her reputation exactly the way she wants it, she doesn't have to deal with bullshit cheerleaders, or really any cliques at all. She doesn't give a shit what ANY one thinks of her. So walking into her last class of her first day, late, she throws her attitude up like a weapon, with her snug and tight as hell jeans, low cut top as armor, and her mask a face with layers of eye make up. However her new history teacher Mr. Wilson refuses to look the other direction, ignoring her and there fore letting her attitude and tardiness slide by unnoticed. With Blue's defenses on high alert she keeps the smart ass act going, poking fun and trying to contradict Mr. Wilson every chance she gets.
This book was way out of my norm, way out, lmao. Y'all know of my inner smut whore and how I usually try to appease her, however I let my instincts guide me, I judged this book by its cover, it called to me. I saw Blue on the cover and I wanted, no, I needed to hear her story. Her story is so much more than her own identity crisis, so much more than a teenage girl with a shitty life and a shitty attitude. Blue's story runs so much deeper than a lost soul trying to find its way. Her story has so many questions, how, why? Mostly how is she still so damn strong, when there is no reason left for her to be standing, much less still fighting.

“I can't keep up, Blue.” Wilson said softly. “I'm always reeling with you. Just when I think I know all there is to know, you reveal something that absolutely guts me. I don't know how you've survived, Echohawk. I really don't. The fact that you're still making jokes and wishing on streetlights is a bit of a miracle.”
“Remember that time in class when I asked you why you were so angry?” I remembered.
“I thought I had you all figured out, thought you needed to be brought down a peg. And then I found out why you were having such a struggle with writing your personal history.

While you continue to fall into Blue's story, feeling every jab verbally thrown at her as she hears "whore" and "skank" whispered behind hands. You feel every blow, blow by blow, to her self esteem that she receives from her peers, her teachers. The biting stab of pain when the only few people she seeks approval from, glare at her in disgust. Amy Harmon drags your ass through the muddy, gnarled tree infested, painful life story that belongs to Blue. Amy Harmon pulls no punches, she splits your soul in two,  just as Blue's soul has been split. And the only thing you can do, because you are so invested in Blue, is ride this wicked bitch out, and pray, pray that Blue finds the puzzle pieces she needs, that she finds the happiness, or at the very least, peace, for once in her life. I am going to end this review with a quote from the Blue's story, keep in mind that once I reached this point,  I had been snotty nosed, with hot fat tears soaking my pillow, and red swollen bloodshot eyes from crying for and hour and a half when I got to this quote, it tore though me so fucking deep I moaned, I fucking cried out! Sobbed so hard my ribs and stomach hurt from it.

"The scars on the wood were like the marks on my skin, and I found myself continually tracing them, as if removing them would signify a willingness to forget. I ended up enlarging them, so the lines and divets became mawing canyons and shadowy recesses and the gracefully stretching branches became twisted and tortured, like the clenched fists of empty hands."

Amy Harmon, girl! You freaking rocked my world, you shattered my heart after ripping it from my chest, and left me with a swollen red face with bloodshot and baggy lidded eyes today Mami! You also gave me a story that I will never forget, and one that will stay with me forever, so I say: effin hats off girl, and THANK YOU!
I give A Different Blue 5 Little Blackbird Blue Kimmi stars *****

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Mermaids Curse-Insatiable by Daniele Lanzarotta

Review by Kimmi

Well, I must say this is the first book I've EVER read where the lead character is a mermaid when we meet her......
Ladies and Biatches, please allow me to introduce to you a grown ass woman's version of The Little Mermaid, however this isn't our daughters Ariel, this is  Arianna.......
Arianna has been watching Blake since she was young, hidden in a patch of rocks near the island Blake's family owned, Arianna has watched and witnessed Blake when he thinks he is hidden enough to show his frustration, his anger, and his utter desperation to escape his world and his obligations.
The day of her arranged marriage and after her wedding to Bram the walls close in on her and in her need to breathe she races to the waters surface. There standing on her patch of rocks is a man in a suit, a completely dry suit. He knows her name as well as her deepest wishes and desires, when she refuses to make a deal with him he makes good on his end, vowing that he'll return for a payment she didn't sign up for......
Now with legs she is nearly drowned when Blake rescues her and pulls her to the beach.
The chemistry between the two is electric, even though Arianna is married, and Blake is set to propose marriage at his fathers demands to help along a business merger. Blake and Arianna can't themselves away from each other.
 Blake's fathers threats increase and Blake knows he cannot be with Arianna, so to keep himself away from her, his drinking becomes out of control. After an accident that leaves everything in the balance, Arianna is unsure what this means for her future, Blake's family is unsure what this means for the family........
After the accident, the tides change inside Blake, he is no longer willing to let his father dictate his life, he knows what he wants and for the first time ever he is going after her, Arianna.

How can a mermaid have true love in the human world, this isn't a child's fairy tale, this is an adults erotic story of impossible love, is even an impossible love enough to conquer all.......
I give Mermaids Curse 4.5 ocean blue glittery Kimmi stars !!!!

Black Knight White Queen by Jackie Ashenden

Review by Kimmi

You want to know what I love? Like REALLY love? When a story is so hot, that there is no other way for it to be told than letting that hotness, simultaneously having my inner smut whore raise her head asking "Oh Shit! Really!?!? Like its starting already!" *she commences into a purring hussy*
So, sorry, damn slut always pushing through and making her whorish thoughts know! Anywho, when a story is so erotic and HOT on a scale of epic proportions that the hot, thigh clinching, squirming in your seat, I cannot read this shit in public hotness occurs STRAIGHT OUT THE GATE!!!! 
Damn, you just really gotta love that shit, right? Alright, now are you ready for this? 'Cause it gets better! The intelligent reader in me also had her interest piqued by the author. 

Aleks is a man that is so broken that he is, and has been since before he was seven years old, beyond feeling or expressing any and all emotion. Where his heart should be, is nothing but a black empty hole, where his mind should seek companionship, or someone to share his thoughts, all his mind sees is a chess game, in every aspect, in every human interaction, he is always strategizing and trying to stay a step ahead.......

When Izzy Cornwall, a woman like none he has ever witnessed, with her heart on her sleeve and everyone of her emotions easily read on her stunning face, crosses his path, he is sure of one thing, the only thing he will allow himself to acknowledge, he needs a release, and she is the one for the job. 

Izzy is finally out from under her families grief, as well as her own, over the suicide of her sister. She no longer has too look into her parents eyes and read what they really want to know, why couldn't it have been her that day?
She no longer feels  invisible, and with the way this beautiful, yet sad eyed man looks at her, for the first time since she can remember, she is not only visible, but desired. And she has no plans to play this with a prude hand, she knows what she wants, and for the first time ever, she is going all out to get it......

Aleks isn't liking the way Izzy stirs not only desires but unfamiliar things that he refuses to acknowledge. 
Izzy feels the rein on his control slipping, and just when she catches a glance of the shattered man behind his perfected facade, something shifts, his eyes turn vacant, his words turn cold, the distance between them feels like a crater........
Can Aleks keep a hold on these feelings that Izzy evokes under control, can he keep his head straight and remember that she is only a chess piece, in this game that is his life, he knows its almost unheard of to check mate your opponent with out your queen remaining in the game.....
And Izzy knows she has finally found the one in the broken man that continues to evade her emotionally, so of she plays his game, but by her rules using sex, her only upper hand, can she find a way to keep her Knight, even with a heart as black as his........

Black Knight, White Queen picks up 5 super sexy, super brooding, super chemistry Kimmi stars!!!!!

Safe Word by Teresa Mummert

Review by Kimmi

This is one of the books that you mark your calendar's for, cross off the days, and chew your nails to the quick waiting for, and then a miracle happens! The heavens open and some epic shit occurs, right there on your kindle! Safe Word comes early! I haven't felt that giddy since that last Christmas that I believed in Santa! I swear I haven't! I shut off phones, locked myself in my room, stopped eating, bathing (It only took me a day to read it, so things didn't get bad!) and I cut off all communication with, well everyone. 

Ok, so now that know my mind frame going into this book, it is obvious that I am totally biased! I could have probably been given any two bit book and talked myself into thinking what I was reading was the shit. 

This story was an awesome story, I swear I freaking loved it! First of all it is the first book I've ever read that is strictly told by the male character's POV, and there really is nothing I love more than getting the chance to be inside a male character's mind! 

Colt is a bad ass motherfucker, but when your life has made you fight, scrap, and struggle every step of the way, there really is nothing to become but a bad ass motherfucker. Colt only has one happy and peaceful time in his life, and it was filled with Rose, the love of his life. Theirs was a short space of time, a love they kept hidden and used codes and Safe Words to communicate. Rain drops for no, Sunshine for yes. With their plans set in motion to run away to California together, he promises to take her to see the stars, however, like all things, the best intentions pave the road to hell. To Colts personal hell, where Rose runs away in the night with her family and leaves him behind. He stays in that shit town, waiting for her, knowing she'll return, he continues to take the abuse from his father, stays and watches his mother become nothing more than a hull of herself. He stays, waiting for his Rose......... but she never comes back.

Lily runs into Colt, flirting and teasing, and Colt cannot understand for the life of him what in the hell this chicks game is...... But shit if she wants to play, he'll play, *manacle laughter* by his rules, he needs another girl, they are already back on his ass wanting another girl, wanting the girls ransom money, and since Lily can't seem to keep herself off of him, she just paid for her front class ticket to hell........
Except, he's already handed her the ticket and buckled her in tight, and holy shit! Lily isn't just any wallflower, it's his Rose. She finally came back to him, but at the worse possible time.

Colt is pissed, he is pissed at her, he's pissed....... Why now? He spent years looking for her ass! Followed the trail all the way to New York where she just vanished! Colt wants to know what in the hell her angle is, and he is going to find out. She wanted this hell, she will have it. He treats her just like all the other girls, she is locked in a four wall, no window room, kept under lock and key. As much hate and anger he feels towards her, it can't keep the love and hunger from bubbling to the surface. There is a thin line between love and hate, but the line between hunger and anger is so damn thin it's fucking invisible. Then lets throw some diesel fuel on this already inferno by adding in the mob, bad cops, shady alliances, and Rose's dad has just busted out of jail and put a price on her head! Commence the utter most shittiest scenario you could ever imagine, and there is no way in hell they're getting out of this one! Time to say goodbye, in the only way he can, he uses their safe words.......
"It's a beautiful day, Rose. Nothing but clear skies." I laughed like I was losing my mind, tilting my head to the sky and closing my eyes.
"I wanted you to see the stars." I smiled sadly at her..........

When I finished this book I didn't know what to feel, Teresa Mummert had the power to bring me to my knees, kick me in the face and I'd have still begged for more. She didn't though. I really wish she would have too, of course I'm a masochistic freak sometimes, sooooo....

I give Safe Word 5 stormy day Kimmi stars*****

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Stay by S. Mulholland

Review by Kimmi

Whoa! Talk about a bad ass main Character! Alexandra takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. We meet Alex in the beginning of the story and then, all of a sudden Alex is getting her ass beat down by her abusive mother. But does she cower? Does she just lay there and let the beating commence? Hell no! Alex gives just as good as she gets all the while with a smirk on her bloody lips and a glint in her blackening eye, and she makes damn sure her mother knows, you can break my bones bitch, and you may split my skin, but you will never break my spirit!
I freaking LOVED this chick! Alex is one of my most favorite characters! If she were real, we would totally be BFF's! 

Once Alex's life is finally her own, she knows that now her life is finally starting. Her spirit blossoms and flourishes and for the first time ever, not only is her spirit her own, but her body is her own as well. She moves in with her friend and roommate in the college dorms and she is having a blast living this awesome new life and finally coming fully into her own.
Then she falls, literally, in to the love of her life's arms. Jason blows into her life and heart and she immediately knows, she never stood a chance. She already knows he is her one, from the moment she first laid eyes on him. They have a whirl wind, all consuming, and perfectly beautiful romance, then....... poof, he's gone. Left with nothing but memories, Alex does what Alex has always done, she picks herself up, and moves on, except this time she has to move on with out her heart, because it left with Jason, the night he disappeared. This story tore my heart from my chest! I cried for Alex even more than Alex cried for Alex. My heart split and shattered for all the terrible injustices that the fates threw at her. However low and hopeless her life seemed, Alex still fought, tooth and nail, every step of the way. She fought for her life, fought to keep her soul her own, but she fights the hardest for the memory of the only man she'll ever love. 
As time goes by Alex knows she will never have what she had with Jason. So she does exactly what Jason told her to do, she moves on. And the only consistent man around her, Zac is who she decides to move on with. Zac is always there when she needs him, or even when she doesn't need him. Zac is kind, and quiet, and as stable as she can probably ever get. So when Zac pops the question, she sees no reason to say no. Jason is nowhere to found, so if she can't have Jason, why not say yes to Zac. However, the crazies never show themselves until they have you locked in tight. This is a new dawning on Alex, as she realizes she ended up marring a fucking monster! Of course the fates would throw her in the middle of another catastrophe and now she is forced to relive the abuse now by the hand of her husband, instead of her mother. And just like with her mother, Alex refuses to let her husband break her spirit. After years and years of abuse, both physically and emotionally, she is getting pissed. Oh and her husband Zac, just like her mother, also gets as good as he gives. And she knows she can't stay in this hell much longer. She is starting to see the writing on the wall, and it's telling her "Alex, its time to get out!" So when Jason returns to her life, she grabs on, she grabs on to him like a damn life line, and she will NOT let go this time. That much is for damn sure. But the fates and her abusive ex husband have other plans for Alex, does she even have any fight left in her? Are there such things as second chances, real second chances? All she can do is what she always has done, stand up and fight, fight for her self, her new found happiness, and the man that she has always loved. The fates may continue to break her body. However, this time will she finally loose the last and final piece of herself, the most sacred part of her that she's always kept protected? Will she have enough fight left in her to step up and save her soul?
I absolutely loved this story! I started it and NEVER put it down! I felt like I was on a damn emotional roller coaster and I kept screaming to get off, but couldn't put it down! I am so excited to find this author, this debut book of hers easily just made me a life long fan! And I cannot wait and I am super stoked, for what she has in store for us next!!!!!

Stay by S. Mulholland easily gathered up 5 -Holy Shit! I love this lead character- Kimmi stars!!!!

Everyone please help me in welcoming one of my best friends Author S. Mulholland to LipSmackin' GoodBooks during Rachel's Big Birthday Bookie Bash for a book interview on her upcoming debut novel Stay

Hey Suly!! Thank You so much girl for having this interview with me on Stay, your debut novel that is coming out Friday, May 31st!

And I also want to thank the birthday girl, Rachel Olson for inviting us to her Big Birthday Bookie Bash and to wish our Rachy Baby a Happy Birthday *cheers, screams, and whistles*

1) Tell us about your book. How did you come up with the story?
-My book is about a couple that keep themselves at arm’s length because of their abusive pasts. They struggle to find each other—to stay together because of the one thing that they do not know they have in common—abuse. 
The story came to me when I was thinking about everything that I had been through in my life and how I had gotten to that point. I also thought about the experiences of those close to me…then I put those things together to create Alexandra and Jason. 
2) Do you relate to your main character, Alexandra? If so, how?
-I would say that the thing I can relate to the most is her don’t take crap from anybody’ attitude. We both have an instinct to always defend ourselves and those that we love. 
3) How did you get interested in writing New Adult Romance?
-I got interested in writing this Genre when I realized that my foul mouthed characters couldn’t be in the YA category. I have to say I love writing in this genre so far. 
4) What kind of research did you do for this book?
-Fortunately, I didn’t really have to do much research for this story. I probably shouldn’t admit this but the places and other things that you would think are made up are actually all real.
5) What's a typical working day like for you? When and where do you write? Do you set a daily writing goal?
-A typical working day for me is waiting for my husband to get home from work and then heading off to a CafĂ©. That’s where I do most of writing while I people watch and such. I do not set a writing goal at all. I find that it takes away the fun and spontaneity of writing, which is how I started doing this to begin with. 
5) What is the hardest part of writing for you?
-The hardest part of writing for me is the editing process. It’s brutal. You just keep seeing things that you want to change or add. It’s a never ending process but worth it in the end. 
6) What are you working on now and how does it differ from Stay?
-Right now, I am working on Jason’s story called Never Let Me Go. Although, I know that most people say that doing a book from the lead males’ perspective is like reading the first book all over again, I don’t think that’s entirely the case here. Those that read Stay, I think will understand what I mean. Even though, it would follow the same timeline, it would be Jason’s life and mysteries as opposed to Alexandra’s experiences. 

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Keeping Secrets by Kitten Jackson

Keeping Secrets and I just kinda fell in to each others laps yesterday, lol. Kitten Jackson had a spot on her blog tour open up last minute and she and I got together real quick, and yeah we danced, shaked our asses, and we danced, and shaked our asses some more then we got in an email frenzy, well she did, throwing books and book trailers and all kinda cool shit my way, meanwhile, I got on a FB, twitter, LipSmackin GoodBooks promo frenzy and started pimpin' like I've never pimped before! *Sighs* Then I sat my lil ass down and started reading Keeping Secrets, and this ladies and biatches, is my review..............

Review by Kimmi

Holy Motherfuckin' Shit! What in the FUCK just happened!?!? I........, I don't even know what to say right now, shit! Just give me a second, I need to pick my ass up off the ground and pull my heart out of Kitten Jackson's fist real quick and figure out what the fuck I just witnessed! What in the hell was THAT?!?

Alright, now. I guess I should tell you a bit about the story, yeah, we'll start there. Maybe once we get the ball rolling I'll shake off some of the fear that's frozen me stupid. Sheesus Christ, I swear!
This is a seriously psychotic and fucked, FUCKED up love story. This story made me question my morals (which, hell they already were pretty few and far between) and my self beliefs! And, I'm pretty damn sure I'm going to hell for even calling it a love story, but I really don't give a shit, 'cause that's what it is. It's wrong, so damn wrong. I can't even tell you how wrong, and I loved it! I tore through this shit like a fiend and loved every second of it!!! 

This bat shit crazy, masochistic, and totally fucked up love story belongs to Abbie and Greg, it isn't a love story that I envy, or one that I'd wish on anyone, however, it is theirs and theirs alone.
Their story isn't for the faint at heart, btw, if you hadn't gathered that from all the rambling that occurred up there ^

We begin the story with Greg, he has been on a hamster wheel, just going through the motions over the last 15 years. And he is getting sick and damn tired of it.
Greg's character is absolutely fascinating to me. His character has the ability to simultaneously make you cringe, twist your face in disgust, and, yes I'm actually fixin' to fuckin saying this, warm your heart and feel sympathy and compassion for him. You want to fix him so bad. You know he wants to be fixed, he doesn't like what he is, hell is tried to, no he DID, run from it before. He has more issues than half the psych ward down town. However his main issues begin with Sex. In order for him to become aroused, he has for the last 15 years, had to simulate rape. 
Society tells us that this is wrong, and if you need to hurt, or rape to reach orgasm, then you should probably see the nearest available psychiatrist. However! Yes, I'm defending him! In some circles, he would be called a Sadist, and if he were to stay in said circles, he'd probably be a bad ass, anywho, back to the point. As the story continues we find out that the only woman he ever loved Abbie, was his first, first victim, and his "first" first.
He recently found her again through Facebook and he has contacted her. He sees she isn't in a relationship, and decides he is ready to go back home. Johnny Moretti ran away from home 15 years ago after he drunkenly lost his shit and raped the love of his life and best friend. Yep, he knew he had totally fucked up, so he took off, gathered as much cash as he could, some clothes, and just took off. Johnny Moretti was supposed to have died that night, died, dead......gone. Greg Parker is a new man, in a new town. And he is ready to make something of himself. 
Now, 15 yrs later, Greg wants to go home, he wants back in Abbie's life. He looks NOTHING like he did the last time Abbie saw him, he knows she'll never recognize him. And he knows that she is the only woman for him, and with Abbie he can have the life he always wanted, he would never hurt her again. He loves her, how could he? He knows he can make it right this time! So he throws out the bait, sends Abbie a few messages thru Facebook, letting her know he's gonna be in town on business and that he may stop by her coffee shop. Plane tickets bought, he packs, he is so excited to be with Abbie again.......


Abbie has lived in Pensacola her whole life. After her grandmother passed away a few years back she inherits her home and coffee shop. She renovates both, and directs the coffee shop in a new and up to date direction. She has great friends, and life may have just gotten a little better. The hottie from FB, he said they'd met before, but she doesn't recall it, and with him being as fine as he is she finds that odd, he would've definitely stuck out in her memory, anyway, he just sent her a message, he'll be in town on business and will probably stop by the shop! 


When Abbie and Greg come together the chemistry is off the charts! She has never felt this way about any man! Abbie has a hard time keeping her head on straight half the time. And Greg knows he isn't leaving, he and Abbie are to right for each other, she soothes the beast in him, and for the first time in his life he is able to bring himself relief with out violent thoughts. Finally, he can have the life he was supposed to have.

Then things begin to get tricky, Greg's best friend Mark and his girlfriend turn up murdered. While Greg is in New York helping the family and grieving his best friend, Abbie's ex boyfriend attacks her, beating the shit out of her and tries to rape her. Greg gets both business and personal affairs settled in New York and heads back to help Abbie out after the attack. Besides a bruised and battered Abbie, their relationship begins to grow pretty quickly, he has told her he plans to move to Pensacola and she is out of this world excited! 
How can a woman heal a broken man over night? Fix all of his issues, 15 yr old issues, just by being with him, around him, and loving him. We know he's Keeping Secrets, and Abbie has a few of her own, so when the shit hits the fan, when the lid is ripped off of Pandora's box, is it even possible for Abbie to listen, much less forgive Greg? How long will Greg keep his beast on a leash, it's getting harder and harder to hold it back. Is everything as it seems? Has the light been shed on all things and shown to the reader? 
Ha, well hell I'm not telling ya! I will say, only because I love you, that when you are on Amazon/Smashwords or at your neighborhood book store, do yourself a favor and pick up BOTH Keeping Secrets I & II, because the only thing that got me through writing this review is that I know if I hurry this shit up I can go diving off into Keeping Secrets II: No More Skeletons! Because the cliffhanger in book one left me screaming, raving, and ranting like, well, like I did up there at the beginning of my review. Yep, just like that, lmao.

Keeping Secrets gets 5  -The most ugly, masochist, fucked up love story of all time- Kimmi stars! Those are always the best, 'cause those type of stars make ya know that you may have finished this story, but it's not finished with you.................

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Welcome Kitten Jackson's Keeping Secrets I & II Blog Tour to LipSmackin GoodBooks blog site!

Check out these links and the book trailer to Keeping Secrets! I'm almost finished with this awesome story, it is so damn white knuckled gripping kindle,  freaking me the hell out!  *screams, squeezes eyes closed, shakes head back and forth* SHIT! I'm not used to thrillers y'all! And this one is beating my ass!!! Alright! Off to go finish Keeping Secrets I go, I'll have my review up by noon! Thanks biotches!  MUAH!!! ~Kimmi 
 ;  )

Here's Keeping Secrets Book Trailer:

Keeping Secrets Available on Amazon & Smashwords:

Keeping Secrets II: No More Skeletons also available at amazon & Smashwords:

I'd like to thank Kitten Jackson for coming by LipSmackin GoodBooks Blog today for her Keeping Secrets I & II Blog Tour! Thanks Mami! Muah!  ~ Kimmi

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Playing Patience by Tabatha Vargo

Review by Kimmi

Holy Fuck! Why!!!! Why dear Lord baby Jesus!!!! WHY?!? Let me explain the travesty that occurred by allowing this elite superiority to rest for WEEKS on my kindle bookshelf, she was so dusty with electronic dust bunnies, I almost put her back on the shelf, but the cover pulled at me, and I, thank God,  opened her up. Teenage characters! There is my excuse. Yep, that's what held me back, Seriously! This is why I try to not read damn book descriptions, I'm not letting myself judge a book by its cover, instead I let my damn assumptions over ride my gut feelings! No more! I will judge every book, this day forward, by its cover and on my intuition, I solemnly do swear........

Holy hell reading this was like watching my heart be ripped out and screaming bloody murder! <- these were my thoughts by the end of chapter one!!! This story was sooo what I needed, you see I just finished Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan, and had myself in a horrid book hangover. However, it didn't last long, and for that I thank you Tabatha Vargo, you pulled me from the depths of despair and gave me even more to despair upon, and I loved every moment of it!

Zeke is a bad boy, a tatt'd up rocker from the wrong side of the tracks, when he isn't drinking enough liquor to numb the pain from his bruises and cracked bones, then he is getting stoned enough to make the ache in his chest left by his mother's death recede. Zeke is the guitar player for his band Blow Hole. And he always has a long line of ladies, err scantily clad loose ladies, that are anxiously waiting to see if he can play their bodies the way he plays his strings, play them well enough to make them scream. Zeke is so damn hot, oh my shitness! He is fuckin hot! He is beautiful, he is broken and he is a mothafuckin bad ass, and I effin LOVED him! Zeke not only piqued my inner smut whore's interest, but also a new inner personality woke up that I was unaware existed in my sick, twisted mind. HOLD THE PHONE PEOPLE, A NEW PERSONALITY IS ABOUT TO BE REVEALED! And she is an even bigger smut whore than, well my inner smut whore, she's Kimmi's inner smutty cougar! YES, Zeke pulled out my inner smutty cougar, and I found that crazy horny bitch dressed like a slut, right there in line with the rest of his groupies, wondering how to go about getting him him to start playing her strings! Shit! Sheesus Christ Cougar! Down girl! I'm trying to write a review here!  Sorry! She came flying out of no where! Lmao. Anywho, I LOVED the parts of the story where you get to read Zeke's POV, it made the story deeper, and added facets that allowed me under the surface and past just the way things seem, I really loved that Tabatha let's the reader get in side his head.


Snowflake fell into his life like an angel, too bad there isn't any room in his world for angels,  his life is nothing more than a miserable hell. So, he brushes her off, it seems time and time again. She'll get burned messing with him, and so he returns her to her shiny expensive side of the tracks, time and time again. But this snowflake is built from tougher stuff, he just doesn't see her yet, he sees linen and khaki, not Patience, the shattered and split girl. The girl that has stood in the bowels of hell since her 7th birthday for two things alone, to keep her dying mother happy and in the dark, and keep her sister safe by keeping the attention off of her and on Patience. 
Patience is unlike any character I've read, she is soooo strong, yet so utterly broken. She will take on the weight of the world, she would gladly be the only standing solder and still charge full force towards the enemy for those she loves. However her strength wavers and buckles at the smallest threat made her way.

"You know what I am? I'm shattered, that's what I am. There are tiny pieces of Patience scattered all over."
"I'd like a piece of Patience." He reached across the table and ran a finger across my hand.
"I don't know if I can give you a piece."
"Why not?"
"Because I don't know where they are." I felt my self frown at those words.

Snowflake aka Patience

Zeke tries his damnedest to keep this pure as the driven snow girl away and out of his world, but Patience is, well patient. She sees behind Zeke's armor of bad ass, drugs, sex, and rock n roll, she sees good, she is willing to wait him out, as long as it takes. However the more he comes around, and the closer they become, the more her own demons surface, and she realizes she can never be what he needs. Her fears are too strong, and her demons are things like beasts that cripple her, they leave her frozen in fear. This thing that grows between them, it can never grow, hell it can't even be. How can a broken, battered man and a fragile, shattered girl ever come together and be anything other than fractured and damaged? How can they ever be whole........

During this heart wrenching love story you follow the characters through their own personal hell, you are subjected to the terrible abuse that they've lived in for years, you stand at their side and cheer, you sit in the corner with them as they cry. You gain hope for them to lean on one another, to learn how to love and grow, to trust each other and to heal with each other. Each blow Patience or Zeke takes, you witness it and you feel it all the way to your soul. This is a pain filled and emotionally devastating story, and Tabatha Vargo easily hooks you on page one, by chapter two you are so emotionally involved and attached to her characters that you have no other choice but to ride this painful, sad story out until the the very, very end.
I give Playing Patience 5 -just rip my heart out and take a bite- Kimmi stars*****