Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Keeping Secrets by Kitten Jackson

Keeping Secrets and I just kinda fell in to each others laps yesterday, lol. Kitten Jackson had a spot on her blog tour open up last minute and she and I got together real quick, and yeah we danced, shaked our asses, and we danced, and shaked our asses some more then we got in an email frenzy, well she did, throwing books and book trailers and all kinda cool shit my way, meanwhile, I got on a FB, twitter, LipSmackin GoodBooks promo frenzy and started pimpin' like I've never pimped before! *Sighs* Then I sat my lil ass down and started reading Keeping Secrets, and this ladies and biatches, is my review..............

Review by Kimmi

Holy Motherfuckin' Shit! What in the FUCK just happened!?!? I........, I don't even know what to say right now, shit! Just give me a second, I need to pick my ass up off the ground and pull my heart out of Kitten Jackson's fist real quick and figure out what the fuck I just witnessed! What in the hell was THAT?!?

Alright, now. I guess I should tell you a bit about the story, yeah, we'll start there. Maybe once we get the ball rolling I'll shake off some of the fear that's frozen me stupid. Sheesus Christ, I swear!
This is a seriously psychotic and fucked, FUCKED up love story. This story made me question my morals (which, hell they already were pretty few and far between) and my self beliefs! And, I'm pretty damn sure I'm going to hell for even calling it a love story, but I really don't give a shit, 'cause that's what it is. It's wrong, so damn wrong. I can't even tell you how wrong, and I loved it! I tore through this shit like a fiend and loved every second of it!!! 

This bat shit crazy, masochistic, and totally fucked up love story belongs to Abbie and Greg, it isn't a love story that I envy, or one that I'd wish on anyone, however, it is theirs and theirs alone.
Their story isn't for the faint at heart, btw, if you hadn't gathered that from all the rambling that occurred up there ^

We begin the story with Greg, he has been on a hamster wheel, just going through the motions over the last 15 years. And he is getting sick and damn tired of it.
Greg's character is absolutely fascinating to me. His character has the ability to simultaneously make you cringe, twist your face in disgust, and, yes I'm actually fixin' to fuckin saying this, warm your heart and feel sympathy and compassion for him. You want to fix him so bad. You know he wants to be fixed, he doesn't like what he is, hell is tried to, no he DID, run from it before. He has more issues than half the psych ward down town. However his main issues begin with Sex. In order for him to become aroused, he has for the last 15 years, had to simulate rape. 
Society tells us that this is wrong, and if you need to hurt, or rape to reach orgasm, then you should probably see the nearest available psychiatrist. However! Yes, I'm defending him! In some circles, he would be called a Sadist, and if he were to stay in said circles, he'd probably be a bad ass, anywho, back to the point. As the story continues we find out that the only woman he ever loved Abbie, was his first, first victim, and his "first" first.
He recently found her again through Facebook and he has contacted her. He sees she isn't in a relationship, and decides he is ready to go back home. Johnny Moretti ran away from home 15 years ago after he drunkenly lost his shit and raped the love of his life and best friend. Yep, he knew he had totally fucked up, so he took off, gathered as much cash as he could, some clothes, and just took off. Johnny Moretti was supposed to have died that night, died, dead......gone. Greg Parker is a new man, in a new town. And he is ready to make something of himself. 
Now, 15 yrs later, Greg wants to go home, he wants back in Abbie's life. He looks NOTHING like he did the last time Abbie saw him, he knows she'll never recognize him. And he knows that she is the only woman for him, and with Abbie he can have the life he always wanted, he would never hurt her again. He loves her, how could he? He knows he can make it right this time! So he throws out the bait, sends Abbie a few messages thru Facebook, letting her know he's gonna be in town on business and that he may stop by her coffee shop. Plane tickets bought, he packs, he is so excited to be with Abbie again.......


Abbie has lived in Pensacola her whole life. After her grandmother passed away a few years back she inherits her home and coffee shop. She renovates both, and directs the coffee shop in a new and up to date direction. She has great friends, and life may have just gotten a little better. The hottie from FB, he said they'd met before, but she doesn't recall it, and with him being as fine as he is she finds that odd, he would've definitely stuck out in her memory, anyway, he just sent her a message, he'll be in town on business and will probably stop by the shop! 


When Abbie and Greg come together the chemistry is off the charts! She has never felt this way about any man! Abbie has a hard time keeping her head on straight half the time. And Greg knows he isn't leaving, he and Abbie are to right for each other, she soothes the beast in him, and for the first time in his life he is able to bring himself relief with out violent thoughts. Finally, he can have the life he was supposed to have.

Then things begin to get tricky, Greg's best friend Mark and his girlfriend turn up murdered. While Greg is in New York helping the family and grieving his best friend, Abbie's ex boyfriend attacks her, beating the shit out of her and tries to rape her. Greg gets both business and personal affairs settled in New York and heads back to help Abbie out after the attack. Besides a bruised and battered Abbie, their relationship begins to grow pretty quickly, he has told her he plans to move to Pensacola and she is out of this world excited! 
How can a woman heal a broken man over night? Fix all of his issues, 15 yr old issues, just by being with him, around him, and loving him. We know he's Keeping Secrets, and Abbie has a few of her own, so when the shit hits the fan, when the lid is ripped off of Pandora's box, is it even possible for Abbie to listen, much less forgive Greg? How long will Greg keep his beast on a leash, it's getting harder and harder to hold it back. Is everything as it seems? Has the light been shed on all things and shown to the reader? 
Ha, well hell I'm not telling ya! I will say, only because I love you, that when you are on Amazon/Smashwords or at your neighborhood book store, do yourself a favor and pick up BOTH Keeping Secrets I & II, because the only thing that got me through writing this review is that I know if I hurry this shit up I can go diving off into Keeping Secrets II: No More Skeletons! Because the cliffhanger in book one left me screaming, raving, and ranting like, well, like I did up there at the beginning of my review. Yep, just like that, lmao.

Keeping Secrets gets 5  -The most ugly, masochist, fucked up love story of all time- Kimmi stars! Those are always the best, 'cause those type of stars make ya know that you may have finished this story, but it's not finished with you.................


  1. WOOHOO!!! Kimmi, if anyone ever hit the nail on the head about this book, you did! You TOTALLY GOT IT! Thank you for such an awesome review, hot thang! LOVE, LOVE LOVIN' IT!! :)

    Gotta go take Peej to the vet will come back and praise later! <3 <3 <3


  2. Thanks so much Kitten! I am so glad you loved the review and that I got a chance to be apart of your blog tour ; ) We had a damn blast girl, a quick, and bit frenzied blast, but hey girl, it was a BLAST!!!! Thanks again Mami! Muah! ~ Kimmi

  3. Kimmi, I really hate you sometimes! Oh, don't act like you don't know why! You lure me over here and you know dang well I'm going to read your freaking review and go straight to Amazon, dammit! I better find a Kimmi pot of gold here for me sometime... and soon!

  4. Kimmi, I wanted to tell you again that I SOOOO enjoyed our little Keeping Secrets party! You're so much fun! I can't wait to read what you think of Keeping Secrets II! Keep up the great work, girl! And stay in touch! :)
    Hugs & love,