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Beautiful Disaster & Redemption The Bet Series by Francette Phal

Review by Kimmi:

With the new release of Francette Phal's Undone, I had to go back and re-read Beautiful Disaster and the sequel Redemption. And Holy Shit! I knew they were good, and they are always the first books I recommend when someone asks for a real, raw, so damn good it's sick read. But freaking hell! I can't believe it, but I'd forgotten just how fucking good these two books are!!!! Let me put it this way, when I started my blog, I started it for Beautiful Disaster. No one knew about this book, oh yeah they knew about the other BD, however anyone I talked to hadn't heard of this BD. So, that's when I started out on my quest, to get the books that new authors, Indie authors, self publishing authors, authors no one had heard of, and I wanted (even if it was whispers among the screams of the other blogs) I wanted to get the word out, spread it as far as I could. With that being said, most of the review you are about to read is from my baby reviewing days, lol. Redemption's review is one I wrote today.... Here ya go:
Kimmi's Review from back in the day......
Um..... The best book I read all year! Ok, so I'm not gonna give you the whole book summary thing, what I will tell you is I spend more than $200 a month by clicking that damn buy now with just 1 click button, (meaning I read A LOT!)  I read YA books every now and then and this is what I thought I was walking into, however, this is not that book! This is no where near that book.
First of all the lead character in this book Elle evokes more emotion than any other character I have ever read, her story is a devastating, heart breaking, gut twisting story, yet she grows and turns something that could be ugly into something beautiful and strong. Ohhh, and my Nicholas.
Nicholas, is the male lead character, and in this book Nicholas is, I shit you not, the hottest damn alpha male I've EVER read, like hotter than Deuce in Undeniable, he's more complicated than Christian in 50, Nicholas is a perfect DNA formula of Nick from "The Devil's Eyes", and  Deuce from "Undeniable", and Christian Grey from "50" all mixed together (- thank u, I'll have 2 please) and the crazy part here is he is only freakin' 18! Between Ellie's POV, and Nicholas's POV, this book had me laughing, smirking, cheering, sobbing, saying "oh hell, I'll be damned that is HOT!", then I'm cheering again, then jaw to the damn floor: WTFH?, then my mouth in an 0 shape, screaming SERIOUSLY?!?!?!, and then more sobbing, then crying silently and talking to Ellie like she can here me, (it happens sometimes when the book evokes it, ok?) Anyway, don't do what I did,(buy the book and let it sit on the Kindle backburner) this is a buy now! RIGHT NOW w/ 1 click ;) and read it NOW, inhale it, devour it, eat that shit up with a serving spoon! I'm so jealous of you dear reader of reviews, I remember what it was like not knowing. And I'll never forget what it felt like opening this treasure page by page. (yes I am absolutely crazy, this is what great books do to me, dammit don't judge!)
Beautiful Disaster easily gets
5-Melrose Place on crack cocaine-Kimmi Stars!
You're an Asshole Nicholas!

Redemption by Francette Phal
(Book 2 of the series The Bet)
Review by Kimmi
Jesus Christ! Seriously! *In a screeching voice* Are you fucking kidding me!!!! What the hell? What the hell was that? That, I tell you ladies and gentleman was hands down, easily the most infuriating, pissed me off, best, worst, greatest and the most satisfying damn sequel EVER!!!!! I bet <- did ya catch that? The series The Bet, and now I'm, never mind, I bet you read Beautiful Disaster, then Redemption and you'll repeat verbatim my first six sentences of this review *smirks*
>Stop right now, stop reading dammit if you haven't read Beautiful Disaster! Spoilers up ahead! STOP READING!!!<
Ellie, all grown up
We meet up with Ellie 9 years after Nicholas tears her heart out, shreds it, and spits it at her. And she is doing ok, now with three kiddo's in tow instead of one, she is a school teacher and has reunited with her parents. With a strong support system Ellie was somehow able to pick herself up after the devastation Nicholas had wrecked havoc on her. She puts herself through school, graduates, and does a kick ass job of being a mom. Now, with Devlin in her life, and a permanent fixture for the last three years, when talk of engagement comes up it isn't surprising. But what Ellie can't figure out is the moment Devlin pops the question, why is it Nicholas Grayson is the first thought that pops into her head? And why does she want to say no?
When Ellie and Devlin's engagement party turns into more of a business party or a who's who for Devlin and his family Ellie is discouraged but does what is expected of her and plays her part........
When Devlin is just about to introduce Ellie to the mega billionaire that Devlin has been jumping through hoops for to get in his businesses corner, Ellie's world both splits in two and turns on its axis with nothing more than the clearing of a throat from the man standing behind her.
 Nicholas the Business Mogul
Nicholas Grayson. She knows to the marrow of her bones that is the man standing behind her. She feels his body, she feels him, even at a foot away. When she turns to greet him at Devlin's introduction, she is barely able to keep her shit together. And then Nicholas does what of course Nicholas will do, asks to only have a dance with the soon to be bride, Devlin is quick to thrust his fiancĂ© at the business mogul, all smiles in fact. It takes Nicholas less than 30 seconds to gracefully guide and dance Ellie off the dance floor and behind a marble column, he has her shoved up against it and commences to take exactly what is his, what has always been his, what will always be his, Ellie, her heart, her soul, her body it has already succumbed to Nicholas.
After their moment of fuck yeah that's hot! Ellie gains her wits and strength and pushes him away. She will marry Devlin, she will not bend to Nicholas again.
Nicholas however already has plans..... It doesn't take him long at all to produce very thorough plans that involve Ellie being his once again. Nicholas has only been utterly shocked once in his life, and it was Ellie who shocked him, but no... Not this time, he knows her game and he will call her hand and up the ante on this bet.
And Nicholas will be damned, if Ellie doesn't throw him another curve ball and leave his plans falling down around him like a house of cards. Staring into his own face at nine years old, his son. And coming up behind his son, the most beautiful little girl he has ever seen in his life, the perfect mix of both Nicholas and Ellie..... Twins, all these years.... All the milestones he missed, he wasn't there for.....
If he had known 9 years ago when he was digging that knife and twisting it for good measure, to keep Ellie away, he would have never, ever left. He was only trying to save Ellie from his demons, from himself............
Ummm, yeah... Like I said, Best. Worst. Greatest. Most Satisfying. Sequel. Ever!!!!
Redemption I betroth you 5-the king of sequels-Kimmi stars *****

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