Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sins & Needles The Artist Trilogy by Karina Halle

Review by Kimmi:
Awwww shit this book was so good it was redic!  Ellie is the leading female character and she kicks ass! I love a strong, balls out leading lady, however what I love even more is a tatted up fine ass leading man. This book is funny, scary, heart wrenching, and devastating all at the same time. It left me breathless!

Poor Ellie was a child of grifters, and she turned into a grifter as a by product. Only thing though is her last scam kinda bit her in the ass,  (*Fav quote in the book, and its on page two! : "When I was a child, I was never in a town long enough to get enrolled in the softball team, which was a shame because as the (pool) cue cracked against this fat bastards bald head, I realized it could have been a second career. Hell it could even be a first career. I'm quitting the grifting game anyway.") So, she heads back to the only real home she's had and she falls into the path of her only true friend, ever. Oh Camden ;) And he doesn't look like the same pale thin, trench coat wearing, goth kid he was in high school. No no no he doesn't :) See Camden pic. Ahhhhhhh. Love you Camden :) I had been trying to fill the "that kick ass book" void since Francette Phal's "Beautiful Disaster" and this book filled it well! And I can't wait for #2 Shooting Scars :) The author Karina told me on Goodreads that in book #2 Shooting Scars to expect Camden to go straight up some Liam Neeson. Easily Sins & Needles grabs up 5-Awesome as hell beginning to a new series-Kimmi Stars


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  2. Great post. Loved this book too.
    Looking forward to On Every Street!! (: