Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Raw by Belle Aurora

Review by Kimmi XoXo 
HOLD THE DAMN PHONE! First of all... WTF was that?!?!?! Secondly... It has been a long, a VERY fucking long time since a book has had me tripping over myself, swiping pages, pissed one second only to be flustered and turned on the next trying to figure out how to get the leather strap of Twitch's belt around my neck during sex...
Don't ask! Just read the fucking book! Like I mentioned, long damn time, too fucking long, I love, LOVE when a book fucks me up, and Raw didn't just fuck me up, it slammed me face first against a wall, yanking my pants around my ankles, promptly bent me over and raped the fuck out of me all the while making me call it Daddy and beg for more. And just like a good little smut whore, I did. This motherfucker just soared to my number one most favorite books of all time! And I'm not just saying that because it gives good head, I'm saying it because... for the first time in a LOOONG time, it fucked my head up good ;) And I'm sick and twisted, because I dig that shit. Don't walk, dammit RUN to 1-click this bitch, NOW! Raw successfully stole my ♥ and 5-Twitch...Can you please wrap a belt around my neck and fuck me like you're mad at me- Kimmi Stars ★★★★★

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Madeleine Abducted by M.S. Willis

Review by Kimmi XoXo
Wow! That was sinfully divine. Fucking superb. So damn close to perfection... If not for the slight mar of absolute malicious, sickening, and nefarious mind fucking that occurs on every conceivable page!

Shit... I'm sorry but you know, that may be an understatement. I wouldn't really call it a SLIGHT mar. Madeleine Abducted's pages are not so much slightly tarnished... I should be a bit more clear... They closely resemble the scarred and wilted burnt flesh of those who may reside in... Umm, let's say Hell. M.S. Willis executes a literary fucking masterpiece with a writing style that is unparalleled. Unlike anything I've ever read in my lifetime.
Son of a fucking BITCH!!! Madeleine Abducted is probably not a book that you want to fuck around with. Why? Because, this book was terribly dark, obscenely raw, and wonderfully hard core. Obviously appealing to my poor, neglected inner smut whore. However, if you are squeamish, or a little faint at heart... I would suggest that YOU *Grabs your chin, forcing your eyes to mine* Either fucking prepeare yourself, I'm serious bitch. You better but on your damn warrior game face, or get yourself a fifth of something 80 proof because you are going to fucking need it!
Also, I have to say that I freaking started this series all wrong, I read Joseph Fallen first, then fell into Madeleine. The good news is that bitches like me prefer to do things all wrong. Because... whenever wrong turns into right, and it is rare, it makes it so much sweeter. I'm not sure if I loved the order I read the books, or the fact that I did it, and got away with it, lol. Either way, I will suggest you read Joseph Fallen first, then Madeleine Abducted. I liked the chronicle order more than I think I would have liked a prequel story after finishing Madeleine.
Now, if I may speak honestly, I'm fairly certain prior to reading this, that I was probably going to hell, but now having finished Madeleine Abducted, I know without a shadow of a fucking doubt my soul is bound for the bowels of hell. Why, you ask? Because after all of the abuse, all the vile attacks, and molestation that my mind endured, tortured by the mesmerizing words of M.S. Willis *Falls to slave stance, knees smack the floor, hands in lap, head bowed before I whisper*
"May I speak, Master?"
*Looks up with a salacious grin and wicked gleaming eyes*
I know now that I'm going hell because I loved every fucking minute of the preverted, kinky, and immoral, yet elegantly descriptive and beautifully written tale that consists of a shy and quiet cellist who wields an instrument that dwarfs her in size. Her innocence and pureness creating an internal light that captivates the monsters that not only prefer the dark, but are the imbodiment of pitch blackness themselves. Madeleine's only fault at falling victim to the men that rule hell is her demure guilelessness. For the devils son, her light is a contrasting enigma that he finds himself bewitched by. So entranced by her music and the polar opposite of anything he's ever known, he forgets that while he may be the son of evil, that will never stop evil from being a malicious motherfucker.
Aaron has been playing this clandestine game of chess with his father for as long as he can remember. Yet when his father Joseph uses Madeleine as a pawn in their insidious game unexpectedly, the lines are draw and sides are chosen.
This just stepped up from being nothing more than a fucking game.
Satin himself has thrown down the gauntlet, while Aaron begins to wage a war.
His only pitiful hope is that his little light, his cellist, his Madeleine isn't lost in the remaining carnage of war thats about to bring hell to it's knees.

Madeleine Abducted recieves 5-Delicious little morsel of sin soaked decatence- Kimmi star's ★★★★★
Better 1-click now bitches, but heed my warning... You will NEVER be the fucking same.

Joseph Fallen by M.S. Willis

Reviewed by Kimmi:
Well... There wasn't one single fucking thing about WHATEVER I just read, that I was fucking prepared for. I read this before Madeleine Abducted because... Well I'm a dumb ass. Someone told me to 1-click, well there were a lot more sentence enhancers sprinkled around those words, but it was enough to have my ass 1-clicking and not asking questions!!!!

I was about halfway through when I realized that this was not in fact the first book of the series, but I didn't give a fuck! I was WAY too far gone into one of the darkest fucking books I'd ever come across. And there was no damn way I was walking away! M.S. Willis doesn't pull a single fucking punch. I kept trying to calm myself down, say that what was happening couldn't really be happening, there was no freaking way! Oh... Umm, I'm sorry. M.S. Willis don't play around, she goes for the jugular bitch!
There is a formula, we all know it, it's in all of our books. The city's change, occupations change (sometimes), and the characters names change. A+B=C. A=They meet, trying not succumb to the lure of lust and desire. B= They fall madly in love and everything is perfect until some shit happens, usually miscommunication or pride being the top two "offenders". And they split. C= Your HEA. There ya go folks, I've cracked the code!

Keep in mind this is the formula I think the author is working with here. Shit, she broke my heart once, then again, and to utter astonishment she shattered it a third time. So there's no way I'm not going to get C. She got off course a bit and I forgave her because I knew I was about to get vengeance. I could fucking taste it!!!

Here's the beautiful thing about reading a story by a new author. Sometimes when you're just so tired of reading the same thing. Eating dry toast, every damn morning. Sometimes that new author flips the script on you, and throws down a plate of sinful chocolate souffle! Bitches, I'm proud to announce, M.S. Willis took that fucking formula, wadded that bitch up, set it on fire before tossing it in a can full of gasoline! And from the bottom of my I heart! I thank you for that, M.S. Willis!

Now... let's talk about the book, shall we? I knew it. Once I reached 80% I knew this book was going to fucking rape the shit out of me and leave me abused, humiliated, and even abhorred at myself for giving it 5 stars. However when I rate or review a story I do so by rating the story the author fed to me. Even if I detested every fucking bite. This book literally fucked me up more than ANY other dark, raw story I've ever read. And that is saying something dammit. M.S. Willis delivers a dark read at a whole new fucking level. I ♥ dark, dark is my shit... the more twisted the better. Fuck, bring it! After I finished Joseph Fallen though, I'm not yelling 'bring it' any more. I'm on my knees begging for fucking mercy! Please give me rainbows and unicorns. Not death and darkness. *Curls into fetal position with Kindle... signing on so I can 1-click Madeleine Abducted* Fuck you! I'm trying to get a sliver of silver lining from this horrific darkness I'm in!
I'm weak. I'm worthless, and I'm a whore for M.S. Willis!!!!
Joseph Fallen nabs 5-Now that's what the fuck I'm talking about when I ask for dark!- Kimmi Stars ★★★★★

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Naughty Dreams: An Erotic Lesbian Romance (The Ellis Chronicles) by T.E. Robbens

Living in a small town comes with it's own set of rules, when you are a young woman who lives in a small Georgia town, one of those rules is to never show attraction to another woman.  It was an ordinary day at Ellis' work when that rule is broken when Ellis helps Katie, who comes to buy a present for her mother. Unable to get Katie out of mind soon Ellis can do nothing but dream of her  every night. Is the attraction mutual? Can Ellis find the courage to break the small town mindset or is she will remain to be haunted by a girl she can't have?

This is a sweet, yet steamy exploration of same-sex attraction. When you are younger attractions can be confusing, but even more so when you find yourself so drawn to someone who is the same gender as you are. I grew up in a small town and could related to the conflicted emotions Ellis experiences as she wrestles an attraction she unsure how to deal with.  If you are just starting to read lesbian novels or it's your first time picking up a same-sex novel, it's not overly graphic but still maintains heat throughout the story.There are a few steamy dream scenes so you truly feel like you are in Ellis' head as she journeys to figure out who she really is.  

This is my first time reading anything from T.E. Robbens, but I'm looking forward to checking out more of her stories. I really loved getting to know Ellis,Katie, and experiencing the attraction and playfulness between the two girls. I give Naughty Dreams 4 Stars!

Buy your copy here:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Her Dragon's Fire By Julia Mills

What if there were no mistakes in the Universe and there was one person made just to complete you? How long could you live without your mate and what would you do to claim them once you found them? In the Dragon Guards world they are the warriors that stand proud and fight enemies that threaten not only their kind but protect humans as well. After decades of battling the fighting takes a toll on your soul, but the Universe also holds a great reward for their service in the form of mate that completes them. 

In the second book of the Dragon Guards series, we are reintroduced to Aidan, a dedicated dragon shifter, as he works to claim his mate, a human woman named Grace.  

Grace is a brilliant and feisty lawyer who is used to questioning everything to get to the truth and justice of any situation. When she meets Aidan sparks fly between the two mates in a way she can't explain. A beautiful and muscled man the raises questions he can't answer.Hunted by an old enemy of Aidan's will she be able to trust her heart and the bond between herself and Aidan to survive? What price will the mates pay to save one another from a traitor who will stop at nothing to make Aidan hurt in every way possible, including kidnapping Grace?

I was a huge fan of the first book in the series, Her Dragon to Slay, and this book definitely didn't disappoint. There's a wonderful mix of romance and steamy erotic moments with action and battle so one element doesn't overwhelm the other. I'm a sucker for the fated romances and the journey of watching two people come together so this book held my attention from page one and still hasn't stopped. This is a fantastic second book and a great continuation in the series. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. If you are looking for a dragon shifter romance with action intertwined this is a great series! I happily give it 5 dragons:

Today is Julia's big release day(1/21/2014) so there's a party happening over on Facebook from 7-9 PM EST! There will be tons of prizes and you can get some of your questions answered by the author:
Her Dragon To Slay Release Party Link

Here's the book store links where you can pick up Julia's books

Her Dragon to Slay(First in the Dragon Guard series on sale on Amazon for 99 cents right now)
Her Dragon To Slay US Amazon Link

Her Dragon's Fire released today on Amazon
Her Dragon's Fire US Amazon Link

Friday, January 10, 2014

Die Trying by Nicholas Ryan

What happens when the a Zombie Apocalypse happens? In Nicholas Ryan's Die Trying we are introduced to Mitch Logan, Clinton Harrigan, and Mitch's brother Jed as they fight to survive a zombie outbreak. The Government has stopped fighting and it's now every man for themselves, can these men survive and what is the price they will have to pay to make it out alive?

 If you are looking for a zombie book I'd recommend this book, the story of survival and the hopelessness of supplies running out with no help in sight was compelling. There's plenty of action but this book also deals in the consequences of each choice the group makes and the emotions behind the scenes. There's zombie books out there that will talk about fighting zombies but few talk about what happens when you face the decision of leaving the only safety you've had because you are running out of food and your only chance of survival may also be a trap. 

I hadn't read anything by Nicholas Ryan before this but I'm definitely going to keep my eye out on this rising star. You can pick up your copy of Die Trying on Amazon here, also be sure to check out Ground Zero for more Zombie action here

For this zombie thriller, I give Nicholas Ryan and Die Trying 
       5 zombies!