Tuesday, February 12, 2013

With Everything I am by Kristen Ashley

I cannot call this a book, however what I will term this is an enchanting and beautiful love story. This story dropped me to my knees. It took my breath way and left me a in a wilting, weeping, boneless heap of a hot mess! I have read well over a hundred Paranormal romance novels, and I must say this was hands down my FAVORITE!
Ahhhh Callum. I love you with everything I am :)


To quote my Goodread friend, Mersina, "Oh my SHITNESS that was good!" This was a book that I knew I was going to like, I mean, read the reviews, you know it's going to be good. However, by the end of Chap. 1, I started to read it slower, I began to let the words and the emotions, and the magical imagery draw me in, and the storytelling made me stop, and slow my roll, no skimming, and I SLOW read this book. I let every sentence soak in, and I savored that shit, every word Callum said to Sonia, I let his silky, husky yummy words wrap around me like a fuzzy warm blanket, or Sonia's snow white cashmere robe ;) This book was the sweetest, sexiest, saddest, happiest, dammit this was the BEST DAMN Paranormal romance I've read!  Seriously if you haven't read it, read it. Do not forsake yourself this beautiful treasure!!!!

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