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Everyone please help Kimmi & Lil' Max welcome Jill Elaine Hughes with The Literati Author Services to LipSmackin' GoodBooks for The Domino Effect Blog Tour!!!!!!!

Everyone please help Kimmi & Lil' Max welcome Jill Elaine Hughes with The Literati Author Services to LipSmackin' GoodBooks for The Domino Effect Blog Tour!!!!!!!

LipSmackin' GoodBooks is excited to be a part of Naughty Nights 2nd Anniversary Blog Hop! And to help promote Mark Davis the author of Erotic Midnight Musings Vol 1: Domination & Lessons for Steve, LipSmackin's Kimmi has a chance for you to win a 25$ Amazon Gift Card!

For your chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Leave me a little comment below that includes your name, email address, and if you've been LipSmackin' Naughty or just reading a GoodBook nice these last few nights.

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And now the time has come this evening, for Kimmi to do, well what I do:
 Ok my fellow smut whores, kinky, sexy biatches, and the ladies as well, of course...Start marking your calendars and counting down the days, yes ladies only 4 days until Erotic Midnight Musings Vol:1 Domination & Lessons for Steve hit the shelves!!!
Are you ladies ready to fall in love with this new and upcoming author? Once you enter his world of erotically charged and sensual writings....... when you get your first taste of his captivating and panty dropping will never be the same girls. Don't say I didn't warn you, *laughs* once you get inside the sexy mind of Mark Davis, you're going to be hooked, without even knowing he laid the bait to capivate you and your every desire, your every wicked wish. And he does so effortlessly with every single one of his words, and on every single sinfully sexy as hell page.....
 Erotic Midnight Musings
Volume 1: Domination
Mr. Mark Davis gives us his anthology of erotic poems in volume one of Erotic Midnight Musing: Domination
A Sexy Little Sample
His Crop
She shivers as he enters
He walks across the room
Hears the rustle of his clothes
In the flickering candle gloom

She has her legs spread wide
Laying on her back
Stands over her with a crop
Runs the tip along her crack

The moisture from her pussy
Is spread across the tip
Then he moves it to her mouth
Rubs the juices on her lip

With his foot he spreads her wider
To expose her throbbing clit
Then her body jumps, she screams
As he hits the crop on it

Each whack brings her closer
Hands to her breast she gives a squeeze
She waits for his permission
"Oh, Master let me cum now please."

The crop is such an instrument
He moves from clit to nipple
He watches her hold on
Watches her emotion ripple

Till the begging in her eyes
That erotic glassy sight
He orders, "Cum for me my girl
Cum with all your might."

~By Mark Davis from Erotic Midnight Musings
Lessons for Steve
Book description:

His friends have left Steve alone at their holiday camp. He decides to visit the local craft market and discovers the mysterious Katelyn displaying her vast array of leather products. The sexy leather clad woman notices his interest in her products and invites him to help her pack her wares away after the market closes. He’s surprised and intrigued when she invites him back to her country house.
He soon discovers she has a rather kinky side and has some hands on demonstrations planned for him. His lessons begin. The next day Steve is anxious to continue but Katelyn has a busy day planned, but assures him they’ll see each other again before his holiday ends.
A forgotten phone gives him the excuse to call Katelyn and a further meeting is planned for the next day. Steve's friends arrive back and the only other single in their group Lucy surprises him with a gift. Her thinking of him touches him and they arrange to meet later that day however, Lucy gets a call that changes her plans.
A disappointed Steve enjoys the rest of the day with his other friends then goes off to bed early; his head full his forthcoming meeting with Katelyn.
What happens when he visits her to retrieve his phone will change his life forever.
Book Trailer for Lessons for Steve
Who doesn't love book trailers? No one, that's who ; )

-To keep up to date information on Mark's new releases and to check out his erotic, sexy as hell, and panty soaking poetry....... follow this link to fall into the rabbit hole aka Mark Davis's blog:


Everyone please help Kimmi & Lil' Max welcome Jill Elaine Hughes with The Literati Author Services to LipSmackin' GoodBooks for The Domino Effect Blog Tour!!!!!!!

Welcome Jill Elaine Hughes and Literati Author Services to LipSmackin' GoodBooks for The Domino Effect Book Blog Tour. We have an awesome Kindle and Gift Card giveaway to share, The Domino Effect Book Synopsis, links to pick up your copy as well as links to follow Jill Elaine Hughes and stay up to date with her novels and what she has coming up next. LipSmackin' GoodBooks Lil' Max got a chance to read an advanced review copy and her Raving Review is also below! Y'all have fun, and thanks so much for stopping by today! Muah!  
I don't know about y'all, but I always like my dessert BEFORE my meal, so lets start this party off with the goodies ; )

Click the Link Below for your chance to win a Kindle & Gift Card:

The Domino Effect Synopsis:

Twenty-one-year-old college student and aspiring journalist Nancy Delaney’s nose for news smells a hot story idea when it comes to international playboy and artist Peter Rostovich. But as she works to get her story, she soon becomes intimately entangled with the mysterious Rostovich, who finds her irresistible. He becomes Nancy’s ticket to sexual awakening, and she soon discovers she has an appetite for bondage, too.
And there’s far more to Rostovich than just his art — he’s involved in a strange, violent criminal underworld that kidnaps Nancy and spirits her halfway around the world, where she’s held prisoner and made to serve as private Dominant-for-hire somewhere in the former Soviet Union. Will the sexual powers Rostovich helped awaken in her be Nancy’s only hope for escape?
Lil' Max's Review for The Domino Effect by Jill Elaine Hughes:

Review by Lil' Max
This book definitely breeds my inner dominant begging to get out! Not only are the BDSM sex scenes enough to make you feel the crack of the leather whip *thwack* OHH God, but there’s also quite a mystery brewing in here.  Nancy is a 21 year old hard working, virgin with no fashion sense that rooms with Hannah her sexy, rich, promiscuous best friend born with a silver spoon in her mouth.  They are both aspiring writers, but Hannah already has a job writing art reviews for a small magazine publication and Nancy hasn’t popped the cherry yet either so to speak. 
Hannah pawns off an art opening on Nancy to go the Opera with her man and that’s when Nancy’s whole world gets turned upside down.  She meets Peter Rostovich a rich mysterious artist from the Ukraine with a KINK.  This man never gives art critics the time of day, but when Nancy stumbles across his path he finds her appealing.  He wants to give her a taste of what he thinks she is dying for *evil laughs* little does he know she’s a virgin. Not some little shy, quiet, nervous girl, Nancy is an aggressive panther once Pandora ’s Box is opened.   Not only did she surprise me, Shit she surprised her damn self.  
Nancy goes to the stupid art opening for Hannah very reluctantly but her life will never be the same after.  She lands an awesome job opportunity that turns into so much more.  When the art opening gets shut down for indecent exposure, she leaps at the opportunity to report the exclusive story to the press.  As Nancy sets out to get the story of the mysterious artist no one has been able interview, she uncovers some shady possible criminal shit he is mixed up with.  He wants Nancy to solve a mystery for him as well and as she investigates, Nancy also discovers some dormant sexual desires that have no problem shall I say rising to the occasion.  I have read many, MANY erotic books and let me tell you my imagination doesn’t hold a flame to Nancy’s FLAMING ASS EROTIC dreams.  If it did, why would I read?  I wouldn’t need to! 
Peter is a made man.  He is very wealthy now, but how he got that way is yet to be discovered? He came to the US when he was 15 and became an “entrepreneur”.  Whatever he did to get where he is now has banked some major favors that he can call in at the drop of a hat!  
He is not a typical bad boy in the sense that you would think like Cash Davenport or Cabe (Hawk) Delgado tatted up and riding motorcycles, but he is BAD by far and definitely mixed up in some crazy shit.  Now his past business ventures may be coming back to haunt him.  And when Nancy started digging around trying to solve his mystery, she finds herself caught up in a sex trafficking ring in the Soviet Union that she has no idea how to escape other than to embrace her inner Dominant and hope like hell it will set her free.  I give this 4.5 BadAssMyteriouslyDirty stars!  
Are y'all ready to go grab your copy? Click the links below:
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:
Amazon UK:
Barnes & Noble:

Meet the Author of The Domino Effect Jill Elaine Hughes:
JILL ELAINE HUGHES is a professional journalist, playwright, memoirist, and fiction author. She has written for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, Washington Post, Cat Fancy magazine, New Art Examiner, and numerous other media outlets. Her plays have been widely published and produced by theaters in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, the United Kingdom, and Australia. She is also the author of several New Adult fiction books. Ms. Hughes also writes erotic fiction under two pen names: Jamaica Layne and Jay E. Hughes.

To follow Jill and keep up to date on upcoming news, click the links below:


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LipSmackin' GoodBooks has The Cover Reveal for Unbreakable by Rebecca Shea

LipSmackin' GoodBooks brings you The Beautiful Cover Reveal for Unbreakable by Rebecca Shae:
Unbreakable Book Information:

Title: Unbreakable
Author: Rebecca Shea
Expected Release Date: July 30, 2013
Genre: New Adult/College/Coming of Age
Cover Created by: Sarah Hansen Okay Creations
Cover reveal organized by: Shh Moms Reading
Find Unbreakable and put it at the top of your TBR list on Goodreads:
Unbreakable Book Synopsis:
Jessica Harper is the epitome of perfection. She’s a good daughter, makes excellent grades, and always strays on the safe side of life. The last thing she thought would ever happen was falling in love with her best friend’s brother. But sometimes fate just has a way of bringing two people together.
Wide receiver for the University of Arizona, Gabe Garcia, seems to have it all. When his feelings for Jessica come to surface, Gabe will give up everything to be with her.
But what happens when a tragedy abruptly changes the course of your life? For Jessica and Gabe, everything they thought they knew about each other will be questioned. Sometimes, there are scars in life that are cut too deep to completely heal.
Will their love prove to be unbreakable, or will it shatter and prove fate is just another lie?
*This book contains mature subject matter and is not intended for those under 17 years of age.*
Unbreakable's Badass Book Trailer:
A Special Teaser from Unbreakable :
I stand there, nervously tugging at the hem of my top when he stands and walks toward me. Pressing his body flush against mine, grabbing my hips he whispers, “Miss me already?” He’s so close I have to tilt my head to look up at him. Timidly, I slide my hands up his bare chest and around the back of his neck. With piercing eyes he stands staring down at me intently. My breathing is shallow, and nerves swarm in my belly as I gently pull him down to me.Looking up at him, I close my eyes as he presses his lips to mine. Slowly he moves his lips back and forth across mine. His tongue finds the smallest opening and urges my lips apart, and his kiss becomes more intimate. I gasp as he alternates between light, gentle and intense, deep kisses. My legs shake slightly as my body is overcome by the intensity of this moment. We are both breathing erratically when he drags his lips away from mine.“I should go,” I say in a hush.Pressing one last kiss to my lips he whispers, “I don’t want you to.” I reach behind me grasping the doorknob, “I know, but I need too.” I slip out of Gabe’s room and cross the hallway back to mine.

About the Author of Unbreakable: Miss Rebecca Shae

Rebecca Shea lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her family and her first “kid” her beagle, Miles. From 
the time Rebecca could read she has had a passion for reading and books. Rebecca spends her day working full-time in the financial industry as a marketing manager. Born and raised in Minnesota, Rebecca moved to Arizona in 1999 to escape the bitter winters. When not working or writing, she can be found on the sidelines of her boys football games, or watching her daughter at ballet class. Rebecca is fueled by insane amounts of coffee, margarita’s, Laffy Taffy (except the banana ones), and happily ever after’s.

~To keep up to date info, or contact Rebecca, here are her FB, Twitter, and Goodreads links:

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Now and Forever by HJ Bellus

Review By Lil Max

HJ first let me say Thank You for writing such a Bad Ass book!  I take my hat off to you girl, mad props! Now that I’m done with my shot outs let me just tell you how this book reads! Imagine sitting in a room with me and Kimmi and listening to us re-count one of our crazy life adventures.... Vegas perhaps.  Right?  I know cuz we use cuss words as Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives especially!  And with that let me tell you about this Bad Biotch Milly.  She ain’t no quitter.  She has not had a “good” life but she isn’t gonna sit on her ass an mope about it! NO she takes life by the horns and in her words has a case of the the Fuck it’s! 
Which I know I can attest having on more than one occasion Okay!  Milly (Amelia) went from straight rags to riches and not just in the sense of money.  Her trailer trash ass, drugged out parents left her at the age 5 to fend for herself.  Luckily her Poppy was there to take her in and care for her.  She ended up going to college and meeting who she thought was her “Prince Charming”.  He had everything! At least that's what she thought, hell with him being smart, successful, charming, nice ass body, “panty-melting smile” and amazing in bed.....  I mean what more could you want right?  Wrong,  after about a year his true color came shining through to the “The Bastard” he really was.  A Lying, cheating ass munch!  The only thing keeping her in this horrible relationship was his mother, Francis.  She was the mother Milly never had.  They acted more like best friends or sisters though.  They did almost everything together.  After her passing, Milly had no desire to keep up the fa├žade of this broken marriage any longer.  She has no idea what she wants to do with her life but she knows she doesn’t want to stay with him.  As she prepares to leave with nothing,  Karma walks in the door and slaps “The Bastard” in the face.  With her bucket list and a 5 million dollar inheritance from her MIL (mother-in-law) Ha Ha ! Bastard! Milly sets out to find what life has in store for her.  Despite her horrific childhood and F’d up marriage she doesn’t play the victim.  She doesn’t bitch, moan or complain how F’d up her life has been and use it as a crutch or excuse to not do anything with her life.  She pulls herself up by her bootstraps and keeps trudging on.  She starts to check things off her “list”.  One of which is owning her own store.   She picks a little hick town in Colorado to open her shop.  This isn’t your regular retail shop with one or two specialties.  It’s eclectic, with a speciality full coffee bar, clothing, jewelry and that she mostly made.    
She never expects to find another friendship like the one with her late MIL, but then she walks into Lacey’s hair shop.   They instantly bond.Milly is living her dream and life it’s better than she ever expected.  She thinks twice about that when she crosses paths with a sexy farmer and his adorable daughter at a town Halloween gathering.
It really doesn’t take much time for these two to hit it off.   The Sparks start to fly pretty quick!   Cree is a full-time farmer and single parent.  He devotes his entire life to his daughter and holding down his family farming business.  Will he be her HEA? 
The family she never had and didn’t know she even wanted?  I will leave that for you to find out and not in a cliffhanger sort of way.  More like go check this out for yourself.  This is only the 2nd book I have ever read from a debut author and been like....SERIOUSLY this is a debut author?!?!? GTFOH this a grandslam book and HJ knocked that shit outta of the park!!!  It was real!  I will tell you it will make you laugh your ass off, cry your eyes out and have to change your panties a time or two so it well worth reading.  

 But don’t take my word for it go one-click that shit.  This is definitely  5+ BadAssRealTalkDebutGrandslammingDirty Stars

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Fading by E.K. Blair

Review by Kimmi
This focal point in this book deals with an intense and traumatic situation. Afterward Candace's light begins darkening and some time and healing are both needed,  the reader follows this process with the story and it is an inspiring journey. I loved the male lead Ryan, even though we don't meet him until 50% into the book. He's sweet, caring, and would do anything for Candace. His character is so tender and patient for her. Even though Ryan had a tough childhood and a mean as hell father he still went on to become a great man and make something of himself. I also loved Candace's friends Jace and Mark, they are great character's and a very important support system that Candace really needed during the time she is falling apart and rebuilding of herself.

Here is where I have to add to this review the part I had a few issues with. I didn't care for Candace's character very much. I certainly understand she had a hell of the most devastating manner delivered to her, but she really does nothing but cry, this is totally understandable in real life, but not something I want to read about page after page. And it seemed to me that her character never truly grows stronger. She uses Jace WAY to much, and he is constantly enabling her. The plot was strong at first, then it seemed to drag, Candace's character is best described as a lost ship at sea, just floating around aimlessly with no direction and no desire to overcome what has happened to her. I was finally rewarded after a good third of reading the book when Ryan steps in and began to take charge of some things.

I would've liked for Candace to grow a pair and do what she should have done in the beginning. Don't get me wrong, there are somethings that Candace holds dear to her, her dedication to ballet, her resilience to work and keep her grades up in school are admirable. However I was really pissed off at the way she reacted to Ryan's big secret. She constantly takes and expects so much from him, she depends on Ryan for so much without ever giving him an inch, and when he comes clean with this minute secret, that is a blatantly obvious secret that should not have surprised her, but when she learns his secret she loses her shit on him, and doesn't once think about things from his perspective or take his feelings into consideration. And then her blame game commences. 
Another of my problems with this story is that there is SO MUCH filling, or padding done by the author. There were entire pages, sometimes chapters that added absolutely nothing to the plot. It was just ramblings of Candace's day to day activities: I woke up, put on this, and I did my hair and makeup. I worked today. I went to school, there were times when we go through her whole 3 hours of ballet practice, or a whole party, learning every one's drink, every party goer, and as the reader you think "oh shit! bad guy is so fixing to pop up..... ehhh, nope, nothing happened. She just went to a party that took me 45 minutes to read about." It really took away from the story as a whole. There were several scenes that could've been shortened or deleted altogether and would not have made a difference on the outcome of the book. 
I absolutely hate giving negative reviews, and I really don't want this to be a negative review. I hope it will be taken as constructive criticism. This story had an abundance of potential, and the basis was an exceptional story that was both emotional and thought provoking. Had it been more clear and cut straight to the point, it would have been an amazing book and easily one of my all time favorites. So with all that said, I give Fading 3 Kimmi Stars for the perfect execution of writing a horrible and very traumatic scene, and the three main supporting characters Jace, Mark, and Ryan.

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Real Ugly by CM Stunich

Review by Kimmi:
CM! What in the hell was that? *arms crossed tight over my heaving chest, left foot tapping, left eye brow arched to my hair line*
In our interview I professed my undying love to you *ugly sob escapes my throat* I proposed marriage to you!
What in the....*shrieking voice* WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!

Jesus Christ on a cracker Kimmi! Get your shit together! *slaps left then right side of my face*

Naomi is about as broken and fucked up as a character can get, she has hit rock bottom and it all started 6 years ago, and because of him....... She hasn't been whole emotionally or mentally since then if she is truly honest, but why be honest, when all that does is hurt even more. Right now the only thing she has that gives her solace is her Wolfgang guitar, when she gets on stage she may force herself hold back where her voice is concerned, not wanting to out sing or out shine the lead vocalist 
Hayden, in her band but when the time comes for her riff, she fuckin shreds it,  playin and picking at the strings as fast the adrenaline that rushes through her, and when her inner Rock God emerges she finally gets the high that she craves, the high that's so damn good, all the coke, weed, and pills in the world can't make her feel the way she does, doing what she was made to do.
Naomi is a badass chick, she's a loner too. Having loved only 3 things her entire life, and all three left her broken and shattered, she knows she'll never love again, hell she refuses to. Her shoulders are stacked with regrets, with secrets. Secrets so big they could tear her already fragile world apart with just a puff, or an exhale of breath.
She is still trying to figure out why the fuck the fates, or whoever the hell decided to put Turner back in her life, however as far as she can tell the asshole doesn't remember her from Adam, so as long as she stays out of his way, even though he is the lead singer of the band that is heading up this tour, she'll be just fine. As long as he stays ignorant to who she is, there is no way she'll fall in love with him again, no reason he needs to know that when he left her, he left her in a hell that she still feels the heat from, the ache that remains in her heart isn't there, and if it is, she can and will keep it locked down and in its place. Life sucks, and her's is a train wreck with carnage all around, so what? That sure as hell isn't new.

Turner can't stop himself, this damn little guitar player for one of the bands that are touring under his keeps niggling her way into his thoughts, under his skin. And she is such a damn bitch that he doesn't know if he wants to pop her across the mouth, or fuck her against the wall. He stays stoned 90% of the time, but he soon realizes the weirdest shit..... in his very seldom sober moments he keeps getting snippets of a memory, buried from along time ago, of a girl who's face is the only one he remembers, out of hundreds, hell, even the girl that was in his bed last night he couldn't pull up her face if his life depended on it, however the more time he spends not smokin a joint, snortin' a line or chuggin' from the bottle of whiskey, the more clear his memory becomes, and with that the clearer Naomi's face becomes in these snippets....... He knows she is hiding something, shit he smelled secrets on her since she first caught his eye, and yes she keeps being a bitch, and she continues to push him away, always talking shit, trying to cut him down to size. Let her, he really doesn't give a shit, if she only knew that he'd honed in on her ass, and once Turner Campbell, Rocking Roll God,  fixes his sights on what he wants, oooh, he's gonna get her, it's only a matter of time.
Turner Campbell

Turner Campbell

When Naomi's secretes are revealed one by one, her world gets tilted and then spirals out of control, she can't stop who or what is coming, all she can do is warn those around her, and wait........
And in the eye of the storm, will it be Turner she grabs onto like a life raft for comfort to ease the upcoming pain? Hell no, she doesn't need anybody, never has (besides that one time, and that didn't work out) and she never will need anybody. Just like she's always done, she can take care of herself...........
CM Stunich rocks yet another awesome story out, with every gritty, raw, angsty, ugly detail on full disclosure, every bloody wound is left gaping open for you to walk by and see,  gawk at,  every shredded heart, and split apart soul CM leaves on display, leaves them all out in their bloody hot mess for the reader to grasp the entirety of just how Real Ugly this story was written to be......

I gotta give this 5 stars, 5-CM Stunich you better make this right!- Kimmi Stars

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Moving Forward by Erika Taylor

Review by Lil' Max
This story is one of pain, love, lust, desire and trust.  The author keeps you guessing the entire time! I mean you can predict a few things but what actually happens is never what you would expect.  I was frantically reading so fast that my damn eyes were getting dry from not blinking. Erika sucks you in and spins you around and around so much you have butterflies in your stomach! Then she slows the pace allows your feet to touch the ground, let's you marinate for a minute before WAM! Ha ha! You are then in the next unexpected twist.  I have never read anything like this before. It was mind boggling in the awesome as hell way, I stayed tense, full of anticipation and need for the entire freaking time. The sex in this book? Holy Shit! It was off the charts HOT!  And the family dynamic really hit home for me.  Whew! Ok, now for some book deets:
Jesika was a sweet girl that fell in love with her high school sweetheart. The typical story, lost her virginity, got married, had a baby and the whole nine. Then (totally not so typical) her too perfect life, is ripped up from under her feet like a magician doing a trick with the table cloth. It was WAY more than she thought she could ever handle. You know that feeling you get after a real life crisis happens, the feeling that you may not recover from the devastation you have encountered, well that was Jesika’s life until she meets Derek.  She was just going through the motions and trying to survive her husband’s death and then.......... she saw him, this sexy firefighter at her son’s school.  Something clicked when she laid eyes on him.  It woke up whatever was lying dormant in her for so long. Passion, desire, and a lil attitude girlfriend! *snaps finger from head to toe*.  
Then her best friend drags her to a concert, and she sees the hot firefighter from her son’s class room.  He’s the drummer in her favorite band WHAT WHAT! Hell yeah! Derek just got DAMN HOT! Immediately sparks fly between them and they don't ever stop.  They have a magnetic field between them, driving and pulling them together, and neither are fighting the pull.
Derek had been in enamored with Jesika since he first laid eyes on her.  He saw her at her most vulnerable state.  He is a hopeless romantic.  He had his heart broken once before.  It was bruised and stomped on and then thrown out on the highway like road kill.  He vowed not to make the same mistake. He is a firefighter in the area so he has seen Jesika around a time or two.  He also plays in a band with his brother, but he never expects to see Jesika when she comes to one of his shows. So, when he sees his chance with her he grabs it, with both hands!
Now while these are the main characters, just like Will and Grace they need their co-stars to make you laugh you’re freaking ass off.  Enter Mallory and Seth stage left.  Mallory is Jesika’s best friend.  She is a down to earth chick. She tells it like it is, she’s crass and she just doesn’t give a DAMN!  She is Jesika’s rock and the only reason why Jesika has made it through the terrible tragedy if losing her husband.  When she drags Jessica to the local band’s show, she spies the lead singer Seth and is hot on his trail.  Can we say Rock Star Groupie?
Seth is Derek’s older brother who has spent his whole life protecting Derek.   Making sure he had everything he needed and trying to stay one step ahead of the game.  Seth is the rebel type. Not to be tied down of course, so being the lead singer in the band is perfect.  Being in this band is something he has dreamed about doing since he was a kid.  They play local gigs and Seth’s big dream was to make it big and get out of the little small town they grew up in.
So you know how you try to make yourself look good on a first date and you may embellish something about yourself?  Well, with the connection Jesika and Derek have, they could read each other so well they knew that the other one was holding something back.  As this tangled web unfolds the question is can the secrets of their pasts keep them from pursuing a happily ever after? I can’t really delve too much into the details 'cause Erika did such of good job of adding twists and turns that I would give it away and I don’t want to spoil it for ya!! Ehem so on that note, I give this 4.5 BadAssDirtyTwistedStars for keeping me on my toes to the bitter end and keeping it HAWT as hell with the sex scenes.  I can’t wait to see what Seth and Mallory’s story will bring us in the next installment!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Epilogue by CJ Roberts

Review by Kimmi:

*A huge sigh in contentment* I loved this book, it was was like double fudge icing on an already iced cake. An extra ending that I didn't know I needed.
I absolutely fucking loved Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark. These books had the perfect balance of dark and scary as hell, light bright enough to fill the nooks and crannies, and a solid hand guiding you firmly and safely by the small of your back to absolute mayhem and bat shit insanity, that somehow makes complete and utter sense. Ha ha, ya still following me ;)
I didn't get to review The Dark Duet books because I wasn't reviewing books when I read them, but had I been able to, I would have been hard pressed to find the words to adequately express how badass and (oh yeah, I'm going there) life changing The Dark Duet books are while reading them. They're the epitome of the books that you want to unread just so you can read them again.
And now for the icing on the icing, Epilogue.......
Completely written from Caleb's POV. I really could end the review right now if you've read The Dark Duet, I could say "Completely written from Caleb's POV, ENOUGH SAID!" And you would high tail your ass to Amazon Kindle and order this book before you could finish "Caleb's POV" part in my review. You want to know how I know this? Because that's all it took for me, my really good friend Mel was txting me and her txt said "so hey, I'm freakin so damn excited about Epilogue coming out in a couple of months girl! Aren't you?" In my mind I'm like "Epilogue? What the hell is Epilogue?" So I txt back, "yeah girl but I'm even more excited about blah blah" she says "GIRL! Epilogue... the unexpected third book from The Dark Duet is ALL in Caleb's PO......."
I'm not sure what else her txt said, I was on amazon pre-ordering that shit, It was so bad I tried to pre-order it more than a dozen times! Lmao! It kept telling me "you've already made this pre-order" I'm all "DAMMIT! Just let me buy it twice! I need two! No, 5 copies on my kindle! I don't know why just give it to me!!!" Sorry I got waaay off course, ok now, back to Caleb.....

So Seduced in the Dark ended (I thought) perfectly. I was very happy with the ending, I felt satisfied and rewarded for all the shit I had to go through w/ Livvie's poor tortured self. 
However, when I started Epilogue I realized yes, The Dark Duet ended perfectly, and I was satisfied, but why just be satisfied when I can gorge myself, eat until I'm so full I may get sick, drink until I'm shit faced drunk, have sex until I can't walk straight for days........

Well? Why the hell not? That's what Caleb's story gave me, and I loved every second inside his head. I loved his side of the story, I love his twisted thoughts and his dominant mind frame. 


He is an Alpha male of fucking epic proportions! And every one of those 209 pages is all him! Ha ha, hell...........yeah! I can't go to much into a book description w/ out spoiling the first two books for those of you who haven't read them, and those of you who have, ehhh I'm pretty sure you walked out somewhere up there at or around POV *laughs* So, readers who need to read The Dark Duet, go and snag your copies and read them, then go grab Epilogue and come be fat, drunk, and well the rest of us heathens ;)
I give Epilogue 5-I love this side of the coin as much as the other side- Kimmi Stars *****