Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beautiful Disaster by Francette Phal

Review by Kimmi:
Um..... The best book I read all year! Ok, so I'm not gonna give you the whole book summary thing, what I will tell you is I spend more than 200$ a month by clicking that damn buy now with just 1 click button, (meaning I read ALOT!)  I read YA books every now and then and this is what I thought I was walking into, however, this is not that book! This is no where near that book. First of all the lead character in this book evokes more emotion than any other character I have ever read, her story is a devastating, heart breaking, gut twisting story, yet she grows and turns something that could be ugly into something beautiful and strong. Ohhh, and my Nicholas. Nicholas, is the male lead character, and in this book Nicholas is, I shit you not, the hottest damn alpha male I've EVER read, like hotter than Deuce in Undeniable, he's more complicated than Christian in 50, Nicholas is a perfect DNA formula of Nick from "The Devil's Eyes", and  Deuce from "Undeniable", and Christian Grey from "50" all mixed together (- thank u, I'll have 2 please) and the crazy part here is he is only freakin' 18! Between Ellie's POV, and Nicholas's POV, this book had me laughing, smirking, cheering, sobbing, saying oh hell, I'll be damned that is HOT, then I'm cheering again, then jaw to the damn floor: WTFH?, then my mouth in an 0 shape, screaming SERIOUSLY?!?!?!, and then more sobbing, then crying silently and talking to Ellie like she can here me, (it happens sometimes when the book evokes it, ok?) Anyway, don't do what I did,(buy the book and let it sit on the Kindle backburner) this is a buy now! RIGHT NOW w/ 1 click ;) and read it NOW, inhale it, devour it, eat that shit up with a serving spoon! I'm so jealous of you dear reader of reviews, I remember what it was like not knowing. And I'll never forget what it felt like opening this treasure page by page. (yes I am absolutely crazy, this is what  great books do!)
Beautiful Disaster easily gets
5-Melrose Place on crack cocaine-Kimmi Stars!

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  1. FANTASTIC review! I couldn't agree more! BEST book I've read in a LONG TIME!