Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Seven Years of Bad Luck by J.L. Mac

Seven Years of Bad Luck by J.L. Mac
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Well, I just finished it and I have to say that this book was fantastic! It was funny, sexy, and an extremely exciting book! I loved Kat, my favorite books are from the first person pov, and Kat was just an awesome, hilariously funny, kick ass character. Ben? Oh dear Lord baby Jesus! I want Ben! Ben is my new book boyfriend! He is hot, smoking hot, with a fine ass dirty mouth, lol. He is demanding, authoritative, and he pushes, hard and fast ; ) This was a great read, there is a cliffhanger, however it doesn't leave you aching and frantic at the end, it just leaves you wanting more. Can't wait for the next book! Now I must go and devour the Internet for information on book 2!

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