Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Real Ugly by CM Stunich

Review by Kimmi:
CM! What in the hell was that? *arms crossed tight over my heaving chest, left foot tapping, left eye brow arched to my hair line*
In our interview I professed my undying love to you *ugly sob escapes my throat* I proposed marriage to you!
What in the....*shrieking voice* WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!

Jesus Christ on a cracker Kimmi! Get your shit together! *slaps left then right side of my face*

Naomi is about as broken and fucked up as a character can get, she has hit rock bottom and it all started 6 years ago, and because of him....... She hasn't been whole emotionally or mentally since then if she is truly honest, but why be honest, when all that does is hurt even more. Right now the only thing she has that gives her solace is her Wolfgang guitar, when she gets on stage she may force herself hold back where her voice is concerned, not wanting to out sing or out shine the lead vocalist 
Hayden, in her band but when the time comes for her riff, she fuckin shreds it,  playin and picking at the strings as fast the adrenaline that rushes through her, and when her inner Rock God emerges she finally gets the high that she craves, the high that's so damn good, all the coke, weed, and pills in the world can't make her feel the way she does, doing what she was made to do.
Naomi is a badass chick, she's a loner too. Having loved only 3 things her entire life, and all three left her broken and shattered, she knows she'll never love again, hell she refuses to. Her shoulders are stacked with regrets, with secrets. Secrets so big they could tear her already fragile world apart with just a puff, or an exhale of breath.
She is still trying to figure out why the fuck the fates, or whoever the hell decided to put Turner back in her life, however as far as she can tell the asshole doesn't remember her from Adam, so as long as she stays out of his way, even though he is the lead singer of the band that is heading up this tour, she'll be just fine. As long as he stays ignorant to who she is, there is no way she'll fall in love with him again, no reason he needs to know that when he left her, he left her in a hell that she still feels the heat from, the ache that remains in her heart isn't there, and if it is, she can and will keep it locked down and in its place. Life sucks, and her's is a train wreck with carnage all around, so what? That sure as hell isn't new.

Turner can't stop himself, this damn little guitar player for one of the bands that are touring under his keeps niggling her way into his thoughts, under his skin. And she is such a damn bitch that he doesn't know if he wants to pop her across the mouth, or fuck her against the wall. He stays stoned 90% of the time, but he soon realizes the weirdest shit..... in his very seldom sober moments he keeps getting snippets of a memory, buried from along time ago, of a girl who's face is the only one he remembers, out of hundreds, hell, even the girl that was in his bed last night he couldn't pull up her face if his life depended on it, however the more time he spends not smokin a joint, snortin' a line or chuggin' from the bottle of whiskey, the more clear his memory becomes, and with that the clearer Naomi's face becomes in these snippets....... He knows she is hiding something, shit he smelled secrets on her since she first caught his eye, and yes she keeps being a bitch, and she continues to push him away, always talking shit, trying to cut him down to size. Let her, he really doesn't give a shit, if she only knew that he'd honed in on her ass, and once Turner Campbell, Rocking Roll God,  fixes his sights on what he wants, oooh, he's gonna get her, it's only a matter of time.
Turner Campbell

Turner Campbell

When Naomi's secretes are revealed one by one, her world gets tilted and then spirals out of control, she can't stop who or what is coming, all she can do is warn those around her, and wait........
And in the eye of the storm, will it be Turner she grabs onto like a life raft for comfort to ease the upcoming pain? Hell no, she doesn't need anybody, never has (besides that one time, and that didn't work out) and she never will need anybody. Just like she's always done, she can take care of herself...........
CM Stunich rocks yet another awesome story out, with every gritty, raw, angsty, ugly detail on full disclosure, every bloody wound is left gaping open for you to walk by and see,  gawk at,  every shredded heart, and split apart soul CM leaves on display, leaves them all out in their bloody hot mess for the reader to grasp the entirety of just how Real Ugly this story was written to be......

I gotta give this 5 stars, 5-CM Stunich you better make this right!- Kimmi Stars


  1. Kick ass review, Kimmi! CM is good and this almost... ALMOST sounds better than the Never series,but I don't know. I loved all 3 Never books
    and will certainly read the 4th, but dammit. I don't get anything done when I read your friggin books CM!!!!

    Okay, so I'll have to get this one, of course we all knew I would any freaking way, but damn if your review doesn't make me want to drop everything and dive in!

  2. Awww, Melisa! I'm so so sorry babe, I just call 'em like I see them, and this is a MOTHAFUCKIN MUST READ!! Yes! Drop everything! Good! You are on the right track :) CM does NOT let us down......easily ;)

  3. Looks & sounds awesome! I've bought it, now just got to get to reading it! ;)

  4. Bex thanks so much for taking the time to read my review! This was an awesome read! CM Stunich easily does it again with absolute perfect execution! ~Kimmiđź’‹
    Brenda you will not be disappointed! Real Ugly blew my mind and left me begging for more!!! Thanks girl, Kimmi :)