Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Never Too Far by Abbi Glines

Review by Kimmi
5 solid gold stars *****

OMG!!!!!! This book was everything I wanted it to be, I waited so, so very patiently for this sequel. You see, my dumb ass went off into "Fallen Too Far" not knowing it was going to leave me at the end swiping my finger across my Kindle for a SOLID 20 minutes while saying "this isn't the end, this can't be the end, Nope, not the end, my Kindle is malfunctioning, because THIS CANNOT BE THE END!!!!!" My cheese slid a little off my cracker on that tragic day, lol. However, all is now right in the world. Never Too Far is the epitome of a nice tall glass of water <- (Rush) and damn it girls I was thirsty! Thirst quenched, I can now relax, at least until the third book comes along and tears my world down around me again. 


  1. Wow - I have just visited the blog after seeing your exchange with Cari Quinn on facebook and I have to say you write and extraordinary review. Expect to see me here more often - love your work.

  2. Thanks so much Sasha for the compliment.


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