Friday, February 22, 2013

Only In Time by Kelli McCraken

Review by Kimmi

Oh, WOW! That was such a sweet, enchanting story : ) It takes a powerful author to draw you into a story, capture your love for her characters and cause you to invest emotions and deep feelings for them.  Kelli does this with the absolute grace that leaves you as breathless and fulfilled as a 500 page novel would. I loved Jonah and Ally's Story. My heart jumped practically out of my chest with each chance encounter they shared because I just knew this was it, they where finally going to ease their heartache, even if it will be for a moment, a night. Ohhhhhh no, no, no. So sorry this story isn't >300 pages baby, but you still have to work for it reader. But thats the "it", Kelli doesn't just throw it out there, you will read her story at her pace. It's hers and she told it well. I can't wait to find the other stories in this series "Mystic Antiques". If this is just a taste? WHOA, think about the whole cake ;  )

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  1. I loved the book and couldn't put it down! and wanted more:)