Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Penmort Castle by Kristen Ashley


Can I get a HELL YEAH? Can I get a MFing HELL YEAH?!?!?!? First question I asked myself immediately after Chap. 1 was "Why the effing bloody hell did I wait so long to start this AWESOME Kristen Ashley BAD ASS Mother trucking book!?!"  Oh, yeah. I remember, because the reviews for this bad to the bone ass book SUCK! High in tit they Suck! Is it at sometimes lengthly? Yes, but, BUT, this is where the gravy is, and if you aren't from the South, baby you don't know, the GRAVY is where its at. The GRAVY is the meat of it, the core of it, it is IT ;)

Good Dear Lord, Cash............ I want to find a flour tortilla big enough to wrap you in and EAT YOU UP, while calling you Daddy ;) Sheesus, Shit MAN! You make me want to shave my head, get a tat at the nape of my neck of a target symbol, then I'd regrow my hair out so that you could yank said hair in said target.

This is again an epic and beautiful love story told by my girl Kristen. And of course, low and behold, she yet AGAIN knocks it out of the freggin' ballpark.

Again I'll remind that I'm not much of a recapper, but I will say, this shit knocked me on my ass, had me laughing, crying, cheering, sobbing (like a bitch) then gripping my Kindle with a white knuckled grip in STRAIGHT UP FEAR, like, FEAR for my life (or my fictional character Abby's life, WHATEVER!) This is good ish ya'll! Damn Good ish ;) I hope you let yourself have as much fun with it as I did.

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