Saturday, February 23, 2013

Painted Faces by L.H. Cosway

Review by Kimmi:

Holy Hell that book knocked me on my ass! I'm a labor unit nurse and had already read 3 books the day I started Painted Faces, I was just going to settle into bed and read a chapter or two and then go to sleep, I had to wake up at 5 am the next morning and work a 12 hr shift. Seemed like a great idea at the time. No, not a great idea, it was a terrible idea! I started it and kept telling myself, just one more chapter, well at 4:45 am, I couldn't freaking read one more chapter. That's right I read through the whole night and did not even realize I had lost the whole night! So I got up showered and went to work my 12 hour shift w/ NO SLEEP. And all I could think about was I gotta get back to my book!!!!! 

So, I finished it today and I have to tell you: Oh My God I LOVED IT!!!!! First of all I love the way L.H. Cosway writes the story so that you are inside Freda's mind, literally. Her every crazy thought in her inner monologue you get the pleasure of reading. She is so damn funny! She had me rolling lmao! Her witty and quirkiness is absolutely hilarious and adorable. I would have loved this story if she was the only character in the book, but she's not ;  )   You see there is icing to this lovely book cake, and its sparkly and delicious icing, and his name is Nicholas. OK, so I must be honest here, I've had this book for a while sitting in my kindle collecting electronic dust because the reviews I read had me hesitating to start it, I like my men rough around the edges, with dirty mouths, and seeping sex from their pores, NOT in drag. I let my damn mind, yet again, get in the way of starting this as soon as it hit my kindle. Fear not Kimmi, lol I started it and damn am I glad I did. Nicholas is freaking HOT! While not in drag he is what I want my book men to be, sharply dressed, oh God his freaking hair! Everything about him, HOT! When I got to his first show I was thinking "How the hell is this hot?" "How the hell is this author doing this?" And somewhere in the book, I just quit giving a damn and ate this book up! I LOVED this story, it was so wonderful. 5+ stars FANTASTIC! Don't let the book description or the reviews make you hesitate, tear into this delicious book cake, like NOW! You won't regret it!

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