Sunday, April 21, 2013

Losing Me, Finding You by CM Stunich

Review by Kimmi

I waited anxiously for this book! I counted down the days and mentally crossed out each day in my mind calendar. The build up was so intense on Saturday the 20th I almost had a damn panic attack, lol.

Now for my review, I really did like this book, really I did. I liked getting the POV of both Amy and Austin, the books that give that to the reader are hands down always the best, in my opinion. However, when I finished the book I had to sit and think for a while. I was conflicted and couldn't explain or work out in my head why. Much less put it into words.
At the beginning me and Amy were not meshing, at all. That is probably my fault because went into this book with out any idea about it other than there was a MC, and a hot as hell tatt'd up alpha male, Wham, I was sold, no need to tell me anything else. So I just dove into it thinking the female lead would be a badass like Never was in CM Stunich's Never series. Yeah, no, she is not, not at all.

Amy Cross
Amy is a 21 yo woman still living with her parents and still VERY MUCH under their thumb. He father is a controlling, pompous hypocrite as well an abusive father. And to top that off he's the towns minister. Amy has always yielded to his wishes, and with her condescending mother in the back ground she really has no one in her corner. After years of being threatened to toe the line drawn by her parents and the towns small minded bible thumpers, she reaches a (very small) breaking point and gets a (even smaller) rebellious streak. Instead of avoiding the motorcycle men that rally in her town once a year, she walks her little cardigan wearing, below the knee skirt self right into the middle of the MC crowd. Each and every one of these people look at her like she is an alien. While she is admiring a pretty motorcycle Austin walks up behind her, and her life changes in that moment, forever. She just doesn't know it yet.

Austin can not believe this little sweet thing is leaning over checking out a bike. Where in the hell, errr heaven? Did this little innocent little southern girl come from? All he knows is two things, one: he wants to own her. Two: he'd bet a million bucks shes a virgin. And he really likes that about little Miss Amy. He asked her out for drinks, but he has a feeling she is going to be a hard one to catch, she's not the one night kind of girl, she's the marring kind. And he is NOT.
Austin Sparks

Amy and Austin come together and light up the hot charts like the damn 4th of July. And it is sooo good, and sooo down right dirty! The smut whore in me was purring like a kitten! I loved it! 

But see there is this other bitch, Mireya, and this is where I think my conflicts begin, I don't like her whole character, she is a tough cookie, she has a shitty past, but I don't like that Austin has had no problems leading her on for the last decade, it was ding in his character for me. More of my conflicts lie in the Pres of the MC, any SONS fan knows, you can't have a weasel running a MC, at least with out hell to pay, and usually quick, mean Dante's levels of hell. However, the MC members just continued to lamb along, even with all of these HUGE red flags and alarm bells that all the members try to skirt around.
I guess I wanted Austin to not be forced to take control, I wanted him to just do it, like all of our other MC book lovers.
I hate this review sounds negative, I really do. Because I did like the book, I liked it A LoT! It was fun as hell to read, and it is a fantastic launching pad for a kickass series that I'm excited about. I loved the chemistry between Amy and Austin, I loved their story and most of all I loved the end of this book. Losing Me, Finding you is exactly that, Amy looses herself, but in loosing herself, she finds her true self and she finds Austin, along with a love so awesome that it was worth being lost for, to find.
Losing Me, Finding You is a must read! And I give it  4 chrome and tattooed Kimmi Stars ****


  1. So I have never read CM Stunich but am right now going to check the author out along with this read. It sounds like a whole lot of fun!

  2. Leti you will not be let down by CM Stunich! She is an awesome author. I recommend her Never series to all my friends! Tasting Never is the first book in the series.

  3. Awesome review! And you always pick the best PICS! I'm 31% into the novel right now and I want to beat Amy and Christy's parents! They claim they're christians but, they're the spawn of satan! I'm soo rooting for Amy to get the hell out...

    Ha! And get some real undies at Victoria's Secret! LOL. Ditch those lame ones!

  4. Hell yeah Finding Forever! Bunch of damn simple minded crazies in that town! I'm so glad you liked my review! Thanks so much girl :)
    Muah! Kimmi