Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fallen To Far by Abbi Glines

The love I immediately felt for this beautiful book took me by major surprise. In all honesty, I purchased this because, well, lets be honest, the cover was freakin' HOT! lol. However I was pleasently surprised, and quickly inthralled and bewitched, I was in love, with this fantastic, smexy, nail biting cliffhanger book. Right now? Right now I'm feigning like an addict, waiting as patiently as I can for book#2 Never Too Far............

Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

Blaire's on her own now, she has not a dime (ok, a twenty dollar bill) to her name. Her mode of transportation in now sporting an E where the gas tank indicator is. She ends up depending on her father's help in her trying times. However, Daddy's not home, see right after she got off the phone with him Dad bounced, left the country w/ her momma's replacement, aka, her new step mom, and Rush's biological mother Step mother is a self proclaimed Groupie's baby momma, hence Rush's bad ass name ;). Rush however wants NOTHING to do with Blaire, and tuck's her in the pantry "house keeper's" room. But poor, sweet, thankful Blaire thinks things are lookin' up. Blaire just needs to get a job, make some money and she'll be good, outta Rush's hair and making her own destiny, paying her own way.

Blaire's self deprecation slaughtered me, her need to fix everyone and help anyone seriously made me feel like a selfish, vain, POS.  And then there is Rush, his Daddy has paved his way in life (monetarily speaking) and his mom has paved out just enough room to keep herself out of his way and let him do as he pleases.

However, what Rush wants for his pleasing, is Blaire. She is everything he has never known, her goodness is a myth in his world. But Rush has a mouth like the devil and the body of an angel, and when he looks at her, it down right scares the shit out of her thats she's gonna fall to far.................. I am waiting like CrAzY for Never Too Far! This cliffhanger shot my nerves, I kept looking the bottom of my Kindle and seeing 98% 99%, and thinking ( this isn't wrapping up, wrap it up, come on wrap it up!!!) awwww hell cliffhanger. So as of now, I'll wait, try to be a good girl, yeah right, and wait for Never Too Far.

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