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Wethering the Storm by Samantha Towle

Review by Kimmi:
I anticipated this books release since I heard the whisperings that Samantha Towle was going to write it. I absolutely LOVED The Mighty Storm, book one. It sent me on a rock star book search, find, and read kick that lasted for months. However the rock stars were never as badass as Jake, and the lead female characters were never strong enough to stand next to, much less stand up to her rock-n-roll man. At first when I heard about this book being in the works I was a bit apprehensive, because well you can't, or at least I hadn't found and read a book yet that could measure up to TMS. So with our HEA (happy ever after) at the end of The Mighty Storm I couldn't understand why go back to it..... why fix something that isn't broken?
Ahhhh, because HEA doesn't always stay HEA, that's why. And TMS may not have been broken, but Samantha wasn't finished with Jake and Tru's story either.

It took me a while to figure out what Samantha was trying to add to the story, and WHY was she adding to it, but HOLY SHIT AND FUCKITY FUCK,  when it slapped me in the face everything was crystal clear.  And I realized there was no other option but to write Wethering the Storm. Tru may have made it through The Mighty Storm, but can she weather the Storm that is Jake Wethers life? The life of fame, fortune, women.... hell sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll? Is Jake finished with it all and really ready to settle down? Or when the shit gets rocky does he do what he has always done....RUN?
Wethering the Storm nabs 4-Damn I loved this unexpected and totally needed sequel!!!!- Kimmi Stars★★★★

Mark Davis has not one but two HAWT new releases: Snow, A Winter Romance & Stormy Love

Review by Kimmi:
First of all I MUST, MUST add this link to "Unchained Melody" by U2.....
Ok, now that I have that done, lmao..... Let's begin, shall we?
Well, well, well..... The erotic poet that gets me all hot and bothered with his anthologies in Erotic Midnight Musings pulls another trick out of his hat..... he is also apparently a fantastic, kick ass, romantic storyteller as well.
Get dinner cooked, served and cleaned up quickly and put the kiddo's to bed early ladies. Pour your self a nice glass of wine, and cozy up in your favorite chair and get ready for these sinfully sweet and sexy stories.
These short stories, Snow, A Winter Romance and Stormy Love had me giggling, laughing out loud one minute, and then tingly and hot the next, they even had me a little misty eyed at times.... I would blame the misty eyes on allergies but truthfully it was that silly romantic I thought had died and I'd buried her ass under this smut whore shield I wear so proudly (sneaky bitch didn't die after all I guess, lol.)

In Snow, A Winter Romance the story of Christina and Walker was so, so very sweet, romantic, and heart warming, and the steamy scenes had the snow and cold chills the author describes melting right off my kindle. Mmmm hmmm! Whew! I loved their story!
And I'll be damned, just off the Snowy short story I honestly thought it couldn't get any better..... Ahhhh, yeah I was wrong...... very, very wrong.
Stormy Love, Angela and Rob's story, has not only awesome, in depth characters and a lovely and enchanting storyline of their own, but also a touch of history that adds so much to this romantic adventure. I absolutely loved Angela's character, she has a 'pull your boot straps up and get it done' attitude that is positively captivating.  And Rob's character is so courteous and he is such a gentleman that you can't help but fall ass over teakettle in love with him. Again,  I'm not sure why I am surprised, but Mark Davis has taken me on two very romantic, sexy, and charming tales this evening first with Snow, A Winter Romance and then with Stormy Love. I must say I am going to miss my favorite witty nickname I used for this author in my previous reviews for Erotic Midnight Musings, Vol 1&2, lol. I guess I can't call him this century's Poe, Dom style any longer. His storytelling is too superb to leave him in his previous Kimmi typecast, because this author has more than just one hat it appears, and many, many more tricks to surprise us with.
Both Snow, A Winter Romance and Stormy Love snatch up 5-I your stories as much as your poetry-Kimmi Stars ★★★★★

And because I don't want to take away from the gentle and beauty that originates from the authors story, the link to "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers:

The SKALS Series by Adriana Noir, Kudos sister, there really is no other way for me to pay tribute to hands down, the BEST series and also the BEST author I've seen create a DEBUT SERIES of this magnitude.

So allow me to roll out Kimmi's glittery, confetti covered, hot pink and purple carpet for The SKALS Series by ADRIANA NOIR

Sinister Kisses (Book 1; SKALS)
Review by Kimmi:
Holy Shit what in the hell was that? I needed a moment to regain my self composure after I finished this crazy as hell, demented, psychotic, mind boggling asylum, ehhh I mean book, yeah book. This story is one of those rare stories that is so twisted and mindfucking awesome you almost can take it. Thank you, Thank you SOOOOO much Adriana Noir for not holding back, thank you for every raw and gritty detail, thank you for the complexity of each and every character, and most of all thank you for the complete and utter disastrous train wreck that this book is, yet the thought of looking away NEVER crossed my mind. This story hits you very quickly like a frontal attack and it doesn't pull ANY punches! With that being said, if you are under the age 18, or are faint at heart, walk away now. You couldn't handle making it to 30% in this book. 

Taylor is the sweet girl from the wrong side of the tracks, but she works hard and takes care of herself. She is one of the most awesome main characters I have had the pleasure of reading. She is fiercely loyal, but a bit too naive for her own good. With sexy Sebastian making an entrance in her life, she is certain she could easily fall head over hills, but she has no idea what is at the bottom of that hill, if she did she would have been running like hell was chasing her in the other direction. So, Sebastian has to rein in and use patience, something he isn't used to doing. However he will bid his time until he has Taylor exactly where he wants her.


Sebastian is hands down the most complex, intriguing, and maniacal character I have ever read. He goes from laughing and tickling his niece with love in his eyes to carving a mans face up like a jack o lantern with a sinister smirk on his lips, and he does this so gracefully and calmly it makes your blood run cold. He had my emotions twisted in so many different directions I didn't know up from down, hate from love, or wrong from right.  I didn't know where in the hell he was coming from or going to next. He and his evil actions and calm coldness made me freak out, then like a flip of a switch he shows sweet and concerned love for Taylor or his niece and nephews. He seriously had my emotions all over the damn place. I can honestly say he scared the ever living hell out of me. I was afraid for Taylor, hell I was afraid for anyone and everyone around Sebastian. No one, and I mean no one was safe from his manic ministrations. 
On the other side of that coin of his is a sincerely loving protector and provider, albeit in his own odd way. His only concern is to protect Taylor and keep her in his life because she is the only soothing balm that can give him the peace and still calm he has never experienced in his life. For the first time ever, he wants to be a good man. For her he wants to be the man that she fell in love with, but is he too far gone? Is he too tainted with the evil stains of his past?
5-Fucking hell yes, I Love this ish, give me more Adri!!!!!!- Kimmi Stars *****
Bound by Vengeance (Book 2; SKALS)
Review by Kimmi:
Well, just like the first book this one has also left me with a "What the hell was that?" look on my face. I am divided, one Kimmi is hollering "Hell yes! Holy Shit! That was so fucking good, so what I wanted and needed it to be and everything in between! Sebastian Baas is back, and baby he is back in black! Straight out the damn gate, as soon as Sebastian struts his ass out on the pages of this book ACDC's Back in Black was screaming and pulsing around him (in my mind, not the book). He is still the same Seby we love to hate, a charming, manacle, confident, sexy as shit mothafuka! That is still just this side of psychotic....... He is a character, that for the first time EVER I can't find a picture to portray what Adriana Noir has used her words to paint! I can't! I found a kinda Seby for my review of Sinister Kisses but it left me uneasy because it wasn't quiet ALL that Sebastian Baas truly is. He is unlike any character I've read, I know I keep saying that but shit I feel like I can't get it across to you, ok, let me try, ummm, we are going to get a mixing bowl and add men to it, ehhh, Ok, first Jericho Barron's, add him, for the tough leader, and a guy you don't dick around with, then add some Caleb from Dark Duets for the slightly mentally unstable and need to control everything facet of Seby, and we  gotta throw some Grey in there for the tailored suits and upper hand he keeps in bed, ok, mix all of them up and guess what, yeah, no. Still not strong enough to describe this man! Dammit! Sorry, but honest to God, you will have to read this series to grasp the utter magnitude that Sebastian's character truly beholds.
My not quiet Sebastian but as close as I can get pic:

                  Not quiet Seby, but sexy
Oh and bless her poor heart, Taylor. Baby girl I just don't know what to tell you, I want to tell you to run like hell in the other direction away from this man while you beat his ass into a bloody pulp while simultaneously fucking his brains out. This is not a cross roads ladies, he has brought me to an epic autobahn intersection that is a total clusterfuck of intersecting roads, paths and train tracks with no working red, green, or yellow lights!!!!
Ok, now here is the other side of Kimmi, remember? Before all of that rambling you just waded through up there, I said I was divided, yeah ok, so this part of me has had it rationally explained (you know by the rational Kimmi, lmfao) that just because you think you want something, doesn't mean you need it. I know I am just the reader, lmao, and I have to let Adriana take me where she wants me to go but the id in me, the irrational child, is screaming at the top of her lungs and stomping her feet demanding rainbows, unicorns, babies and wedding bells!!!! However Adriana is not as maliciously twisted as Seby, she does not leave you hanging in the balance of a cliffhanger that you are certain you won't live through. She puts some pieces together, just enough to keep us little addicts fed but not enough to keep us away and clamoring for the third book in this series!
*Side note, this review is one of those reviews where not only my Tourette's came out, but apparently a second personality (that I was unaware existed) surfaced as well, so I would like to apologize for the clusterfuck this review is, It's just that, well sometimes when a book is just too good, and the bat shit crazy bitch in your head is fixing to take you down if you don't let her out, it's best just to not fight her, and let that crazy bitch out ; )   So I did.
I give this fan-fuck-tastic book 5 charmingly psychotic Kimmi stars *****

 Edge of Obsession (Book 3; SKALS) 

Review by Kimmi:
Dammit I just........ I just don't even know what you want me to say here, I really don't. If you have been following this series, please..... stand up, state your name, and tell me WTFH you want me to address at this SSAA meeting <-- that would be the abbreviation for Seby SKALS Addicts Anominous .
If you haven't been following this series, stand up, walk out and don't come back until you've read all three books. When you are all good and addicted like the rest of us, THEN tell me WTFH do I say?!?!?!
Seby is still Seby, I came VERY close to committing  homicide on a fictional character AGAIN. Adriana Noir doesn't stop, nor does she hold back AGAIN. This book was just as mind blowing, choke holding, bat shit twisted, crazy as book 1 & 2, however this time...... Adriana does the UNTHINKABLE!!! She left me on a razors edge cliff hanger!!! Oh yeah.... she did! Cut the rope, took the survival kit, winked and walked the fuck AWAY!!!! WHY!!! Why would you do this to me?!?!?! Do you like to see me freaking lose my marbles?!?! You are just as bad, sick, and twisted as Sebastian!!!! Just please, please tell me you won't leave me here for long, I can't take it! Put me out of my misery! Just push me off or pull the trigger, but don't leave me hanging here for long!!!!!!!!
Damn it I love this series, yes I know, you've had to read that 101 times in this big, long review, but just like I can't find the pic that embodies Sebastian Baas, I cannot stress that enough to fully explain to you how BADASS this series is!!!!!!
 Edge of Obession gets 5-I cannot believe you left me like this- Kimmi Stars *****







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Wha.. What ?!?!?!?!? LipSmackin' GoodBooks swiped up THE Cover Reveal for ........The Darkest Joy by Marata Eros!!!!! Oh.... Hell yeah I did ;P

THE DARKEST JOY Cover Reveal........

Author: Marata Eros
Expected release date: February 18, 2014
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
Age Group: New Adult
Cover Designer and website (if available): Simon & Schuster
Goodreads URL to title (if applicable):
Book Description:
A sexy and poignant new adult novel from New York Times bestseller Marata Eros, about two lost souls who find each other in the wake of tragedy, only to learn that love may not be enough to heal the wounds of a dark and tortured past...
Twenty year-old Brooke Starr has escaped the aftermath of a brutal tragedy by abandoning her music studies and moving north to take a summer position as a part-time deck hand on a deep-sea fishing boat. When her survivor’s guilt becomes unbearable, Brooke realizes there's only one thing she can do to finally erase the pain.

Deep sea fisherman, Chance Taylor, has just wrapped his guitar set at the local saloon when he sees the silhouette of a young woman in repose, the full moon highlighting her shadow as she plummets from a pier too high for diving... into water too cold to survive. Without thinking, he plunges in after her, saving Brooke from drowning.
As Chance works to save her from her own emotional fragility, Brooke finally begins to learn how to save herself. But when their chemistry begins to consume them, Brooke withdraws. She’s determined to be the master of her own destiny... until the past catches up with her in a cataclysmic plan so dark, so final... it threatens their love and their very lives.
Author Bio and Pic (if available):
Marata Eros is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of dark, romantic new adult novels, including A Terrible Love and its companion novel A Brutal Tenderness. A passionate writer who loves interacting with her readers, Marata lives in South Dakota with her husband.
Author social media links:

LipSmackin' GoodBooks has the Cover Reveal for Finding Forever by Melisa Hamling and Lil' Max's Review of Finding Forever

Everyone please put your hands together not only for one of the best story tellers I have ever had the pleasure of reading, but also one of my dearest friends and her upcoming new release Finding Forever..........
And now for what we've all been waiting for..... The Reveal of Finding Forever's Cover:

Finding Forever Blurb:
Through the splinters of glass, I see his face, the one who has this hold on me, on my soul and I know he holds the key to something I have yet to learn.
Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it. Morgan Master’s is about to find out that what you wish for doesn’t come in a perfect little package. 

Plummeting off the side of the mountain wasn’t the escape Morgan had planned. Or was it? Disconnected from who she was, where she came from, Morgan knows she’s in a hot mess when the lines blur between two worlds. What is real and what is imagined? Her inner struggle to find herself and to learn the truth, leads her into the arms of Ben, the perfect little package she once wished for, but doesn’t remember it.
Ben is Morgan’s solace, her guide through her state of confusion, offering comfort and love to degrees she is certain she has never known before. Longing to stay in the heavenly bliss, something keeps pulling her back, a little at a time.

When Morgan’s world crumbles, she endures weeks of heartbreak. She must decide between this life, or go in search of the unknown, in search of reestablishing the love she had for the man who helped her survive. What must she sacrifice to find him? Does he really exist? What will she uncover when she goes in search of Finding Forever?
And now it is time for Lil' Max's review of Finding Forever:
Oh, Good Gawd Melisa Hamling!!!!! Holy, Holy, WOW this book was freaking awesome!!!!! It was a magnetic whirlwind of life, love, friendship and determination. I wish I would have read the book blurb before starting it, but then again.... nah, I'm glad I didn't. I felt like I was going through the story with Morgan. Struggling...fighting... between reality and fantasy. I mean can you actually make your dreams come true? Can you live in the fantasy of a perfect world or is it really all in your head? A place set up in your mind to help you cope with reality. Morgan is just living, going through the motions of day to day life... going to work blah, blah, blah…oh and also dating a complete and absolute total douche bag that is banging her so called best friend behind her back. Not too much to write home about. Until her life changes completely when she is in a horrible accident that lands her in a coma. Morgan ends up in the most beautiful place. It’s filled with friendly vivacious people, and COLOR.... lots of beautiful color. However, when everyone around you knows what's going on and you don't, the frustration is unbearable. I felt like screaming WTF is going on and will somebody please clue me in!!! Here again the author makes me feel that I am right there in the story with Morgan. I felt like me and Morgan were putting pieces of a 5000 piece puzzle together, but it really was the most beautifully painted puzzle picture, lol. The authors descriptive words and phrases are so vibrant, active, and colorful. Melisa also uses these expressive terms to create nightmares that are so vivid. I mean WOW!!!!! Really, the best way to explain her rich writing style is to say... it was absolutely enchanting.
And then, Morgan is ripped away from that Oz and forced to go back to having a fucked up asshole of a boyfriend, and to go back to that after having someone who adores EVERYTHING about you and ONLY you? It is more than a hard pill to swallow and Morgan's insecurities begin to take root and seep into her head. However once Morgan realizes who her soul mate truly is, she makes it her life goal to get back to him, get back to Ben......... at whatever cost. 
Ahhhhh, Ben. Ben is the epitome of gorgeous. All it took was just one look into his eyes and Morgan was drawn to him with an incredible force. Had she dreamed of him? She had to, hadn't she? He seemed so familiar.  His scent was entrancing and unforgettable. And despite Morgan's frustration in piecing together this Picasso called her life Ben's touch was a smooth, soothing balm to her through it all. She didn't know how to interpret her feelings for him or his feelings for her... until it was spoken. I mean we've all been there right? You think you're reading all the signs right, but everyone second guesses themselves at some point.  When you know how someone really feels about you and it is mutual, and they verbalize that SHIT, Oh. My. GOD. That's it! Throw in the towel because you are a goner. You eat. Sleep. Breath. Nothing but them. It’s everything you always wanted and now it's finally yours.  So what do you do about that?  Damn it you wrap your arms around him and never let him go, but what if you couldn’t do that?  What if that was out of your immediate control?  It would be like ripping your heart right out of your chest. Morgan is in a tug of war with her life, her future, her fate.  What it was and what it is, but mostly what is REAL and what does she want now.  It’s all playing out right in front of her. The question is will she be able to figure it out and truly find her forever?  Well? I'm not telling you!!!! So put it on the top of your tbr list, go get it and find out because you will love it!!!!!  I give this 5-BadAssDirty-LoveHasNoBoundries-Stars!

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Shayla’s Story by Beverly Preston

Review by Lil' Max:
I read this book and I didn’t even know it was part of a series.  I like that because I got to the end and after the acknowledgements I found out there was a prequel and another story coming out after this one in the spring.  Right of the bat, I was reeled into this book.  I was thinking Shayla was gonna be this timid and introverted girl that didn’t stand a chance against any kind of confrontation. Well… Let’s just see about that shall we. Shayla is carefree and easy going. 
Her childhood was less than stellar and she has managed to create a better life for herself with her Uncle’s help. Her uncle is THE Tommy Clemmins, A-list stud movie star.  She has a boyfriend, Mathew whose family is well known. Hell his Momma is the Mayor! So she hasn’t done to bad for herself considering her upbringing, but something is lacking in their relationship. They don’t really spend any QT together unless it is some function to benefit his mother’s campaign.  Shayla is tired of all of Matt’s excuses to spend time together and is shocked as hell when he proposes on Thanksgiving in front his whole bourgie (pronounced boozshie) ass family.  The thought crossed her mind after dating for almost 2 years that they would progress to the societal next level, but she wasn’t just gonna jump on the wedding train considering how things had been going.  So she tells Matt she needs to think about it instead of just giving him the answer he wanted. That’s right gurl don’t just settle! Sorry, I couldn’t help but give Shayla props! Ok so anyways, Shayla takes a trip to Italy for her Uncle’s highly hush hush wedding to the one woman who finally settled him Tess. Since Shayla works for her Uncle she knows how the paparazzi works, she has to  help Tess and her kids deal with what not to do and what the hell to expect from the conniving paparazzi.   In the midst of all this, Shayla finds she is instantly physically attracted to Tess's son John. 
He is an arrogant, smexy, over bearing, six foot tall hunk of a man.  Shayla is torn on whether or not she should settle for what she has with Matt?  During her stay in Italy, her and John connect on more than a physical level although the sparks fly and the flames burn high and mighty and the bomb drops like Hiroshima when they touch.... is it enough? Can you really fall in love that fast or is this just what it’s like to some on the regular? John is Hot no doubt about that, and his size is intimidating to most except Shayla of course!  He has a big heart and is all about protecting his family.  After his dad passed away, he became the man of the house and stepped right into the role quite well.  So 3 years later when his mom starting dating playboy Tommy Clemmins, John opened a can of whoop Ass on him.  He didn’t want to see his mother hurt after going through the loss of his father and Tommy’s reputation definitely preceded him.  This little tiff between the guys is what made Shayla go off on John the minute she laid eyes on him.  She got right up in his face and let him have it.   John on the other hand thought it was cute and I think it fueled his attraction to Shayla.  He was the type of guy to go after what he wanted.  He knew that Shayla was on the fence about her relationship with Matt, but he wasn’t about the miss his chance.  He just asked for one weekend to get to know each other better.  He didn’t know he was gonna fall so hard.  After the weekend he had no idea where that left him and Shayla was it enough? Hmm well if you wanna find out go on ahead and one click that shit.  It will be well worth it to find out.  I give this 5 BadAss was one weekend enough DirtyStars!!!

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Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters

 Review by Kimmi:
OH MY GOD!!!! This is hands down the debut book that trumps, kicks ass and beats down any and all others debut books in the history of all debut books.  Pepper Winters delivers superbly with the grace and execution of seasoned writers with more than 20 years of experience. I have been hearing whispers and rumors of this book for quite awhile, and once it hit my kindle it took everything in me not to quit mid way through Shooting Scars and tear off into Tears of Tess, I literally had to leave the FB world and go off grid so that I wouldn't fall into the temptation that is Tears of Tess.

I started this book at 2 am in the morning and literally read it constantly until sleep over took me, my house work went undone, suppers in my house consisted of delivered pizza. I'm not kidding you, went I bathed, my kindle came with me, lol.
Holy motherfucking shitness Batman! Wow, wow, fucking hell WOW!!!!!
This story is so unlike ANY other story you'll EVER read! I am still having trouble wrapping my mind around it and come up with the correct words to explain this book in all it's epically proportional AWESOMENESS!!!!! And even if I tried, even if I stared at The End for 2 weeks, I would still fall short as a reviewer to grasp the words I am searching for to give this book the review it demands and deserves.

Tess is my kinda bitch, she's kickass, strong, kind hearted, with a rebellious streak a mile wide. The things her body desires are things she doesn't understand but still her body demands and this leaves her confused. With a boyfriend that is more comparable to prince freaking charming, she tries again and again to to either lure him into these sexy yet taboo desires or squelch them all together. 
After being shot down by Brax, her boyfriend, yet again, she knows she needs to be happy with the love and contentment that their relationship is built on. So she throws herself into having fun with him on their Cancun vacay. But after a little exploration of the Mexican city leads them to a little watering hole for a quick drink, Tess's life is irrevocably altered. Brax gets his ass beat down in the restroom and Tess gets kidnapped and thrown in the belly of hell called human trafficking and sex slavery. After fighting her captors tooth and nail for who knows how long, she hears the three words that have scared the shit out of her since this all began, "You've been sold."

Q is easily one of the most complex and complicated characters I've ever had the utter thrill and excitement to read. Christian Grey move the hell over, because Q. Mercer is all kind of fifty shades of fucked up.
Oh. My. God. I wanted to wring his neck one second, then the next let him wring mine, from behind while rocking my damn world bent over a pool table! Sheeeeeiat!!!! Jesus Christ this motherfucker can take a belt to my back side any damn day of the week and twice on Wednesday's and Sundays!!! Again, I am at a loss of words to accurately describe the complete and utter mind fucking deliciousness and debauchery that is Q. Mercer.
I'll close this review by saying, Fifty, This Man, and Bared to You was preschool, kindergarten, play time at recess compared to Tears of Tess. Pepper Winter's, baby girl you didn't just deliver with this mind blowing debut, you knocked that shit out of the park with a gotdamn GRAND SLAM, mami!!! You ruined me, raped me, bruised me, slammed me against the wall and literally left me fucked for any and all other authors, and like the good little smut whore that I am, I both applaud you and thank you for that. Now to all my followers and review readers, put this on the top of your to do list, and the second, the very moment at midnight on release day, you 'buy now with 1 click', forgo work the next day because you ain't sleeping that night, you are getting your mind blown and your world rocked off it's axis.
Tears of Tess gets 5-WTFH THAT DEBUT BOOK IS THE DEBUT BOOK OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!-Kimmi stars ★★★★★

Shooting Scars by Karina Halle

Review by Kimmi:

I have been anticipating this books release for what seemed like freaking forever!!! I loved, LOVED Sins & Needles, but it's damn cliff hanger at the end left me crippled and desperate and begging Karina Halle or MORE!!!! Shooting Scars was everything I wanted it to be and so fucking much more, and what made it even better than Sins & Needles was that the cliffhanger didn't kill me or leave me a hot flipping mess.
With Ellie being taken by Javier with threats to Camden, his ex wife and his child, Ellie is forced back into a past she had ran from six years ago, a past that is coated and covered in everything Javier. On the roller coaster of hell Ellie discovers the reason behind Javier forcing her back into her hellish past. He has a gift for her, a gift wrapped in revenge and retribution. However vengeance is something Ellie isn't interested in anymore.
After Ellie is ripped from Camden he soon learns that Javier has not only pulled the wool over Ellie's eyes, but his entire exploitation was nothing but smoke and mirrors, card tricks used to get Ellie back right where he wanted her. Now on the run and in a race against time, he has to get the woman of his dreams back . Come hell, high water, or a trail of blood and carnage left in Camden's wake, he becomes a man that even he doesn't recognize anymore, with every new city he is losing the goodness in him that first caused Ellie to fall in love with her Camden. Now with time running out, and the goodness in his soul dwindling, will he make it back to Ellie in time, or will everything that matters to him be lost?
Loved, LOVED I freaking LOVED this damn second book in The Artist Trilogy! Now please!!! Dear lord baby Jesus, please don't make me wait too long for the conclusion of this bat shit crazy, mad house of betrayal, lust, revenge filled, break neck speed, action packed series!!!!
4-Hell yeah! That sequel kicked ass- Kimmi Stars ★★★★

To read Kimmi's Reviews on the other books available in The Artist Trilogy see the links below:
Sins & Needles (book 1):

On Every Street (An Artist Trilogy Novella):

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Oh My Shitness!!!! Yes I did!!!! LipSmackin' GoodBooks snatched up Mine by Katy Evans Cover Reveal!!!!!!

The Cover Reveal for Mine by Katy Evans....


Ok now to pay tribute to Real by Katy Evans:

If this CrAzY shit took you on half the WWWTTTFFF?!?!? Ride it took me on, oh Dear God.... if please any of us smut whores with half a soul left.......Please begin to pray ;) Oh I get on my knees.....lmao

Ok...... here ya go..... Kimmi's review for Real, please, NO REALly keep in mind Katy Evans had just tilted my axis, fu€ked me up one side of a wall and down the other and all the while I found myself mumbling..... I'm not doing so much pimpin' ....I do believe I resemble the street walker, but I SEE NO PROBLEM with that.... at all!! lmao ;)
Real by Katy Evans:
Review by Kimmi:

Mine by Katy Evans book blurb:
In the international bestseller REAL, the unstoppable bad boy of the
Underground fighting circuit finally met his match. Hired to keep him in
prime condition, Brooke Dumas unleashed a primal desire in Remington
“Riptide” Tate as vital as the air he breathes . . . and now he can’t
live without her.
Brooke never imagined she would end up with the man who is every woman’s dream, but not all dreams end happily ever after, and just when Remington needs her the most, Brooke makes a discovery that forces her away from the
ringside. Now with distance and darkness between them, the only thing
left is to fight for the love of the man she calls MINE.

All freaking right, here ya go........ your pre-order 'buy now w/ 1 click' links, YAY!!!!