Meet Our Reviewers!

Meet LSGB's Kimmi aka Kimber… Or bitch, smut whore, whateves, I'll probably answer to it ;)
I started LipSmackin' GoodBooks on Valentines Day in 2012. I was so busy reading like a crazed smut whore I didn't realize ALL of the books I was tearing through were written by indie authors, nor did I understand how hard it is out there for indie authors. After I read Beautiful Disaster by Francette Phal I went running through the streets of ALL the blogs I followed and no one knew where I could find this author and stalk the shit out of her. When I realized that even the big named blogs that I love and follow, that I go to for my next read hadn't heard of this author, I dug deeper and found out she wasn't the only one. There were hundreds of authors that I'd fallen in love with, posted my review on Amazon and Goodreads and went on and they too were not getting the credit they deserved. I somehow fumbled my way through creating LSGB blog, then a Facebook page, and commenced 1-clicking, reading, and reviewing one book at a time. After I would post my review on my blog I would bounce from Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter to Facebook— And Pimp my mothafuckin heart out! That's how I came to be in the book community. Today I am an author, a blogger, and a book pimp… However, most importantly I am and will always remain a book whore.
My reviews are crass, excited, and funny. I always try to add a flip to my review script giving each review a theme of sorts. However, because I only allow myself 5 minutes to write a review immediately after finishing a book, sometimes my reviews just come out looking like the musings of a mad reader, lol. But I always get my damn point across! GO 1-Click NOW, Bitches!!!! 
Xoxo~ Kimmi

Meet LSGB's Amy!!!

Amy Rachiele is a military spouse and brat who spent many years volunteering and on staff for the Army National Guard and Department of Veteran Affairs with Family Support, Family Readiness, as well as, Families of the Fallen. Amy devoted 10 years to teaching English to at-risk students in the Providence School System. She holds a Master's degree from Rhode Island College in English and Secondary Education. Amy published book one in the Mobster Series, Mobster’s Girl, in 2012, and has continued to self-publish since. Her novels have climbed to the bestseller lists nationally and internationally on for romantic suspense and family saga. She is an active member of New England Independent Writers and has volunteered her time at her local library facilitating a writer’s group in the hope of inspiring other writers. Amy hosts a public access cable show called Book Talk. Besides writing, she enjoys scrapbooking, sewing, and traveling. Amy lives in Massachusetts with her son and husband.

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