Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pandora's Box by Gracen Miller

Review by Kimmi

What the HELL was that? Pandora's Box didn't gently bring me to my knees is knocked me straight on my ass from across the room! There is so much happening in this story I needed a moment to gather my wits and self composure before I could write this review. This book caught my eye, or the cover did, lol. I skimmed over the book description and though "Yeah, this sounds like a pretty good start to a series that may have potential." SHIT! This book came flying out of the gates like a badass that owned the effin' runway! I never thought I could have so much fun with a bunch of hellion's. And I'm not big on demons, quite frankly they scare the shit out of me, Paranormal Activity had me sleeping with every light in the house on for 3 months, and Lord help me if I woke up at or around 3am (the witching hour), I'd freak the eff out : P And that was just the first Paranormal Activity, I never watched the others, I learned my lesson. So just in the first 2 chapters of Pandora's Box my nerves and neck hairs were standing on end. I thought  "Oh hell what has Gracen gotten me into!" lol. But then when Nix rocked back on the balls of his feet after knocking on Madison's front door I was thinking, "OK, well, I'll risk night terrors for a fine ass cocky flirt, who wouldn't?" Once the Birmingham's came into Madison and Amos' life it was on like mother freaking donkey kong, shit started happening left and right. I could barely process what had happened in one chapter before the next chapter had my jaw hittin' the floor! It's one badass, non stop, you can't catch your breath from one moment to the next explosion of "Holy Shit is this really happening?" Pandora's Box did not lay a foundation for a series, it built a freaking Empire of epic proportions for this series. I cannot wait for book 2 Hell's Phoenix! Gracen Miller has set the bar extremely high, and I have a damn good feeling she will not disappoint! 


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