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Of Love and Deception by Melisa Hamling

Review by Kimmi:
There has only been one other book besides Of Love and Deception that has literally enthralled me, bewitched me and demanded my heart and soul to believe that I have become the character in the book. I can't say it's the Journey I have taken with the character, because I have been with many characters in their journeys. It's some thing else, something I can't put my finger on or explain. All I know for certain is it's extremely astonishing and emotionally gripping. There were times when I was reading this story and I just wanted to scream at Melisa WHY!?!?!?! Please for the love of God! Make this insanity STOP!!!!! Make sure your heart strings are buckled and keep your emotions inside the vehicle at all times because this is one hell of a devastatingly emotional madhouse roller coaster. And when this bitch starts rolling, you don't even know its coming, it's been mostly an easy read and all things are really looking up. Of course there are a few little waves that rock the boat here and there, but all things considered, life for Daniella is pretty darn perfect, and then she is thrown into the deepest pits of hell, and no one is there for her. No one. 

It's hard as a reader to be so emotionally dedicated to a character, because when you find yourself so devoted to a character their lows are physically felt with terrible depression and sadness, however their highs, ahhh, you feel those highs just as perfectly as the character, you tingle with their first kiss, you hear the wedding bells and feel just as beautiful as she does in her gown. And dammit THAT is where the magic in reading is! 


In the beginning I kept thinking this is a bit slow, things are moving at a snails pace here. But there is a method to this authors madness, unlike most books that are pretty much following the same pattern or formula: insert character name here, insert city here, insert occupation and meet-cute here. Melisa is laying down a foundation for the reader, then she begins the structure, so that when the shit hits the fan the reader is so emotionally involved that they will never turn away, they can't turn away. As ugly and scary as it gets, baby she hooked you in the beginning and you were not even aware you were hooked, much less that she had laid out the bait and you greedily chomped it up! This story was on a different playing field from any other I've read. It's cliche but, to compare it would be to compare apples and oranges. I loved it, every damn word, every damn paragraph and chapter. This is the type of story that sticks to your soul, and even after you have read a hundred new and different books, where all the names and story plots blur together, this story, Daniella and Cruz's story, you remember. You remember and can recall every nuance and every emotion. I give Of Love and Devotion 5 emotionally tangled and angst ridden Kimmi stars *****

Real quick, I'd like to add an insert here :) I know! You LOVE my inserts don't you!!! Lol. As a registered nurse I give the author huge kudos and *fist pump* Melisa your medical terminology was point on! And as a L&D (Labor & Delivery) RN, I say way to go Melisa! You did a fantastic job of portraying all things concerned L&D. From medications, procedures and to the main fact that: NO, a woman's labor and delivery is not a beautiful thing, and it fo damn sure ain't fast, lol.

Author interview with Melisa Hamling by Kimmi from LipSmackin GoodBooks

Goodmorning! I would like y`all to meet  very good friend of mine Melisa Hamling, the author of the latest book I've read Of Love and Deception. Melisa and I met somewhere in the virtual world between FB and Goodreads and became quick book besties gabbing about characters and the books we love.Little did I know my new Book BFF was not only reading books with me but writing her own! Finally when curiosity got the best of me one day I asked her what was taking her so long to finish a book we were reading together and she told me she was trying to get her own book together. I was absolutely floored! Here my new book BFF is always kind and commenting on my reviews and making my chest puff with pride, mean while she's been over there being an Author! Lol, so I asked her is she would send me something. She sent me her book Of Love and Deception and was kind enough to do an  author interview for my blog. So, without further ado, I give you Kimmi's LipSmackin GoodBooks author Interview with Miss Melisa Hamling:

1) Can you give me a brief biography on yourself and tell me where your inspiration comes from to create your stories and characters?

In my head, I’ve been writing all my life. Ha! But I really started my journey in 2009. My biggest inspiration are people, all types and ages. I like to speak to the heart, trigger numerous emotions, and in the end, I hope I’ve left my readers satisfied.

2) What are you working on right now?

I’m working on the first of the two and a half books I wrote back in 2009. Finding Forever is a trilogy I hold close to my heart. To me, it’s the greatest love story that develops in a world I’d want to live in. A world that doesn’t exist… or does it?

I decided to put the two, and partially written third, books aside to write another story, which came about after a headline on the news that sparked my interest. Twenty Weeks is the title, and the first novel I wrote in third person POV, and the first novel I published. The subject is controversial and I knew what I was up against. Any story about abortion is a gamble and people will either love it or hate it. But! There are two sides to every story, and there will be a sequel, Less Than Twenty, which can be read without reading Twenty Weeks.

Of Love and Deception, A romantic suspense and my currently published novel, well, that took a while to write. You see, I have a very awesome critique partner who works me hard! She’s straight forward and doesn’t spare my feelings, ha! But she’s great. (Rach, you know I love you!)

3) What is your most favorite and least favorite aspect of writing a book?

I love coming up with new creations. The plot and the conclusion are usually immediate and that’s where I start. Sometimes it’s a crazy dream, something I’ve heard on television, or a devastating event. Everything that comes to mind, I add to an outline. Some authors start at chapter 1 and move forward in order. I’m not one of them. I start in the middle of the story and flesh it out forward and backward, depending on what ideas form in my head. See why I need an outline?

I hate writing the blurb!

4) If you could give new and upcoming authors your shiniest pearl of wisdom, the one that you hold dearest, what would it be?

Write for the sake of writing. Never give up! And always, ALWAYS use a critique group. They’re there to help you improve your writing skills.

5) Do your characters have a face before you begin writing them? Have they ever been based on an actor/actress? Or do your characters begin as a blank canvas that becomes more clear and develop physically while you are writing?

My characters tend to form in my head before I begin to write about them. Sometimes I change them as I go. Of course, there is always an actress or an actor that I can relate them to as far as appearance, but their personalities form as I write. Take Sammy Sawyer for an example. In Twenty Weeks, she is a minor character and Maya’s (heroine) enemy, but she’s about to tell her story in Less Than Twenty. While she was the kind of girl I would have hated, I’m really starting to like her now that her story is forming. Yes, even us authors hate some of our characters, but we can also learn to love them and make them redeemable.

Of Love & Deception’s Meg, however, is a different story. Same goes for Blake. Enough said :b.

6) Can you name any authors that influenced you to become a writer and inspired your writing style?

We can be influenced by other authors, but I think we all have our own writing style. I can’t say one author in particular has been an influence and lately, I tend to read all Indie, although I’ll still pick up a published author.

As far as horror, Stephen King is it. His books are so much more terrifying and intense vs the movies.

Romance is my favorite. Erotic, Adult, NA, or an occasional YA subgenre.

7) If you could make any one of your characters nonfictional, who would you chose and why?

Morgan Masters from Finding Forever! I’d so love to travel in her footsteps. You’ll have to experience her story to know why. The second book is my favorite, but I can’t talk about it. Not until the first book is published.

8) While writing do you set yourself an allotted amount of time per day, or do you just follow the voices in your head?

I follow the voices in my head. I tend to write better when my characters tell me where to go. I write more on the weekends and read during the week.

9) Can you tell us which character, of ANY book you would want to be, and ANY character from ANY book that you would snag up as a husband if he wasn't fictional?

Absolutely. Not! There are too many hawt book boyfriends to choose from! I can, however, tell you who my favorite dark character is. And that would be Caleb from CJ Roberts Dark Duet series. He’s a redeemable character after you understand what he went through and why he was the way he was. I would NOT want to walk in Livies shoes to get him though. That’s some scary sheeeeooooott!

Hm. I do love me some Dallas in the Beyond Series. He’s all kinds of delicious! And naughty. Filthy, dirty naughty! But there are so many drool worthy male leads that it’s hard to choose just one. :b

And because of your reviews, I’ve been buying way too many hawt books with hawt males! Thanks!!!!

For more information on Melisa Hamling and her books you can find and follow her on these sites:
Blog: twitter:!/melisamhamling facebook: Goodreads: Add it to your tBR! of love and deception Amazon Barnes & Noble Goodreads Add it to your TBR!

Kimmi's Review for Of Love and Deception will also be posted this morning, with HAWT, HAWT pics of course!

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Restraint by Erica Chilson

Review by Kimmi:

Oh My God, I can not believe these words are fixing to fall from my mouth, err fall from my fingers to my key board ;) OK, ARE YOU READY?!?!
Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian, baby, my book man of all book men, your story was so just Trumped, you sir, my fine Christian Grey, have been replaced.
Ladies and Gent, haha, scratch the Gent. Ladies something WONDERFUL happened in the book world today, it hasn't happened to me since April of last year when I began Fifty, got to page 84, and knew my life would never be the same. And that WONDERFUL that happened you ask? It's called Restraint and its by Erica Chilson. And thank the BDSM fates, she has so many books in this series, and baby I'm just at the tip of this Iceberg! I am so freaking excited about this series y'all!!!!! I cannot believe this fucking awesomeness has been out there all this time and I knew NOTHING about it! Shame on you Amazon! When I asked for similar books to fifty I was NOT LOOKING for a damn YA book about puppy love and teen boys! I wanted whips, chains, straps, and yes Master! And not once did you lead me to Restraint! I scoff at you Amazon, spat on you and SCOFF! Quite honestly I can't even explain this book. It's so effin good I am at a loss of words! Kimmi is speechless!!! <- this needs to be documented, seriously, it's a historical moment. Just go my faithful readers of my reviews. Go Now! Shit, Stop reading and Go to amazon download your ebook, or run to your nearest book store and buy book one and two NOW! Don't leave with out book two, there is a cliffhanger, and you don't want to be left with just that! Believe Me!



So Restraint gets 5 CONGRATS you just blew FSOG out of the water stars! *****

Now lets look at some Hawt Pics of Kat & EZ...........

Rockin' the Boss by Jamie Salisbury

Review by Kimmi:
Ok ladies, after the dinner table is cleaned up, the kids are bathed and in bed, kick you husband out of the living room and turn off his damn ESPN. Then get yourself a glass of wine and snuggle up on the couch for this fun, sexy, fast read. This Novella contains some if not all of the following:
Ashleigh, a widow that still has a lust for life, born from a wealthy family, she has always taken care of her own, however now she has to pick up the pieces and hot mess her husband left behind of their business. And the best way to do this is to solidify her main client, Max. He is where the money is, he is both a Rock God and an Entertainer of epic proportions, he is like Prince, no last name needed. Just Max.

Max, a British accent having, sexy as hell, charismatic Rock Star! And guess what, he is smitten with the Boss lady that's in charge of his career, she manages both the promotions and decisions. And she keeps the media storms at bay, or as best as one can.

Lisa, a bat shit crazy, delusional fan of Max's that Ashleigh's deceased husband hired. And Lisa wants Max, and isn't taking the clues or warnings that her feelings are not reciprocated. So then, awe hell breaks loose and lets just say her cheese slides off her cracker, ALL the way off! And Commence the explosions, shit storm, and fire works!

This was a fantastic read that I read WAY to fast! Ashleigh and Max are HOLY SHEEEIT! Hot! Loved this story! Can't wait to read more from Jamie Salisbury :)
Rockin' the Boss gets 5 sippin wine, mommy gets a HOT read while snuggled up on the couch STARS! *****

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Beauty in the Breakdown by Natalie Baird

Review by Kimmi:
I usually don't bother with books that have less than 4.5 stars because let's be honest there are thousands of books out there that I can not wait to tear through! So with that said, I took a chance on this book, some of the reviews I found were harsh, and I was a bit nervous, however this book was a chance I'm damn glad I took!
This was a stellar fun book, Alexa, the main character has a quick wit and a sharp tongue. She was freaking awesome! She is a classic woman that likes to live in her sheltered life and she rarely goes outside of her comfort zone. If you don't know her or you haven't pissed her off, you'd look at her and think she was shy or possibly a bitch that thinks shes to good. However once you get to know her, see behind her mask, or if you piss her off, lol, you find out she is fiercely loyal, and takes no shit. She can read your character quicker than you can see past her "shy, too good" facade.

Alexa's boss tells her to meet with the notorious rock god bad boy Jackson Brent, Jackson wants to run an expose in the magazine she writes for "The Beat". This is an opportunity of a life time, this story can put her on the map. She'd be set for life! But this is going to throw her so far out of her comfort zone, she's unsure if she'll be the same woman once the story is done. During her meeting with the rock god, *coughs* I mean Jackson, he informs her she will need to follow him on his European Tour for the next 4 weeks. She will be his shadow. Alexa heeds the warning bells and red flags, she knows she can't do this! This isn't Alexa, this isn't her life. There is no way she can do this.

*I'd like to add an insert here, if you'd give me a second. Now I know what you are thinking right now. Ummm Kimmi, yeah see I read this book about a year ago, instead of Jackson his name was Jake, and in stead of Alexa her name was Tru, And it wasn't Beauty in the Breakdown, it was The Mighty Storm, ok, ok. I hear ya! But now you hear me, this book may have some of the same ingredients, but it is NOT the same cake, hell it's not even cake! It's molten lava chocolate brownies! It is its own, trust me. Please. Back to the review, now lets shake this brownie up and get to the molten lava part ;)
Jackson Brent, *hard swallow, then sigh*

Tall, Dark, Hot, and oh come on he's a freaking Rock Star! My favorite book men have 1 of 3 occupations: Rock Star, MMA/UFC fighter (or hell really any kind of fighter, lol), or he is in a MC ;)
Jackson is the epitome of Hot. When he's not on stage, he exudes sexual energy, and he has a British accent <- No! I swear I'm not making this shit up, he has all of this awesome molten lava hotness all rolled into him. Now, put all that on stage, read how he inhales the power from the crowd, and he turns 10 foot tall and bullet proof! When Alexa sees him perform for the first time she says "Wow, it's like he's a god" the girl next to her says "No babe, he's even better, he's a Rock Star!"
This was a really great book, it was similar to other rock star books, but come on, they are all similar. I loved the chemistry between Alexa and Jackson, it was good, so damn good, mmhmm!

And I don't care what the other reviews say, this is ish was a fun and DIFFERENT Rock and Roll read! I give it 4.5, no 4.75 rockin' Kimmi Stars!

Restore Me by J.L. Mac

Review by Kimmi:

HOLY SHEEEEIT! That was so motherf#%king off the CHAIN, that it was REDIC! Do you hear me!?!?!
Real quick, sorry this review is probably going to be all over the damn place. My mind is running 90 to nothing with adjectives and expressions to explain the absolute effin AWESOMENESS that this book is!
Insert * Now, if you have not read Wreck Me, book 1 of this series by  JL Mac stop reading this review NOW! Seriously! STOP!  Do not Pass Go, Do Not collect 200$, you take yourself to the nearest book store or computer to get your ebook of Wreck Me NOW!
Ok, where to start? I refuse to even hint at any spoilers so my review is mostly going to focus on what this book did to me, my mental status (which was already shaky from Wreck Me, lets be honest here!), and the physical and emotional turmoil this story wretched from my soul! You already know Jo's life has always been just shit, you got the jest of that from Wreck Me, and I'll be damned if the fates haven't taken enough away from her and wrecked enough havoc in her life, those effers still are not done! Karma is a wicked bitch to  Jo and she apparently hasn't gotten the memo that she HAS HAD ENOUGH! The story starts off where Wreck Me ended, and I shit you not I cried the first 2 chapters, sobbed, ugly, I mean UGLY cried, yeah, snot, the whole nine. Then I thought I saw a glimpse of hope, to have my heart shredded again. If I was Jo, I'd just quit, sometimes life's just not worth it and I'd be sayin' "Yeah I just would rather not, peace out!"

But that's not how our Jo is, she is, just as she always has been a strong, bad ass chick, and when life has her down about as far as she can get, she just says "Time to stop whining and make shit happen." Hell she's done it once, she'll do it again.  

Oh look another insert!
* Seriously gals, in the world of sequels and the "next book" we have been living in. The world where we awaited anxiously for the up coming new released sequel, only to begin them and realize it was an utter waste of energy because the book we had been waiting for was waa waa waa, FAIL! *
This sequel was a breath of fresh air, by chapter two I actually let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in! This sequel is a sequel of freggin EPIC proportions, it was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be, it was everything and more. Was it hard to read, yes. But there has ever been anything easy in Jo's life so far, so why would it be in the sequel? The highs and lows on this mind, heart twisting roller coaster had me all over the damn place. However with all that being said, It was nothing short of perfect, splendidly, agonizingly, PERFECT! 

And are you ready for the best? IKR?!?! Yeah, there's more, Ladies!!! I have a sneaky suspicion that Restore Me isn't the last we will be seeing of this balls to the wall series! JL Mac is such a lovely and giving author, and also a diabolical mastermind that leaves us ecstatic and screaming WHAT?!?!  &  Oh God WHY!?!?! All in the same chapter!

Now, Go, commence forth my  JL Mac lovers and my review readers, go mark your damn calenders right now, begin the count down Ladies!  Restore Me is coming April 30th !  And also, do what I did and re-read Wreck Me. We'll call it your homework ;  )

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Losing Me, Finding You by CM Stunich

Review by Kimmi

I waited anxiously for this book! I counted down the days and mentally crossed out each day in my mind calendar. The build up was so intense on Saturday the 20th I almost had a damn panic attack, lol.

Now for my review, I really did like this book, really I did. I liked getting the POV of both Amy and Austin, the books that give that to the reader are hands down always the best, in my opinion. However, when I finished the book I had to sit and think for a while. I was conflicted and couldn't explain or work out in my head why. Much less put it into words.
At the beginning me and Amy were not meshing, at all. That is probably my fault because went into this book with out any idea about it other than there was a MC, and a hot as hell tatt'd up alpha male, Wham, I was sold, no need to tell me anything else. So I just dove into it thinking the female lead would be a badass like Never was in CM Stunich's Never series. Yeah, no, she is not, not at all.

Amy Cross
Amy is a 21 yo woman still living with her parents and still VERY MUCH under their thumb. He father is a controlling, pompous hypocrite as well an abusive father. And to top that off he's the towns minister. Amy has always yielded to his wishes, and with her condescending mother in the back ground she really has no one in her corner. After years of being threatened to toe the line drawn by her parents and the towns small minded bible thumpers, she reaches a (very small) breaking point and gets a (even smaller) rebellious streak. Instead of avoiding the motorcycle men that rally in her town once a year, she walks her little cardigan wearing, below the knee skirt self right into the middle of the MC crowd. Each and every one of these people look at her like she is an alien. While she is admiring a pretty motorcycle Austin walks up behind her, and her life changes in that moment, forever. She just doesn't know it yet.

Austin can not believe this little sweet thing is leaning over checking out a bike. Where in the hell, errr heaven? Did this little innocent little southern girl come from? All he knows is two things, one: he wants to own her. Two: he'd bet a million bucks shes a virgin. And he really likes that about little Miss Amy. He asked her out for drinks, but he has a feeling she is going to be a hard one to catch, she's not the one night kind of girl, she's the marring kind. And he is NOT.
Austin Sparks

Amy and Austin come together and light up the hot charts like the damn 4th of July. And it is sooo good, and sooo down right dirty! The smut whore in me was purring like a kitten! I loved it! 

But see there is this other bitch, Mireya, and this is where I think my conflicts begin, I don't like her whole character, she is a tough cookie, she has a shitty past, but I don't like that Austin has had no problems leading her on for the last decade, it was ding in his character for me. More of my conflicts lie in the Pres of the MC, any SONS fan knows, you can't have a weasel running a MC, at least with out hell to pay, and usually quick, mean Dante's levels of hell. However, the MC members just continued to lamb along, even with all of these HUGE red flags and alarm bells that all the members try to skirt around.
I guess I wanted Austin to not be forced to take control, I wanted him to just do it, like all of our other MC book lovers.
I hate this review sounds negative, I really do. Because I did like the book, I liked it A LoT! It was fun as hell to read, and it is a fantastic launching pad for a kickass series that I'm excited about. I loved the chemistry between Amy and Austin, I loved their story and most of all I loved the end of this book. Losing Me, Finding you is exactly that, Amy looses herself, but in loosing herself, she finds her true self and she finds Austin, along with a love so awesome that it was worth being lost for, to find.
Losing Me, Finding You is a must read! And I give it  4 chrome and tattooed Kimmi Stars ****

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

Review by Kimmi:

-Fresh from a heart break, shy gal in her twenties. She's tired of the old Sara, So, new town, new job, New York! Why not a New Sara?
-Sexy as hell Business owner and avid fan of art, He's got a British accent, has so much swag its redic! And he plays rugby, yeah rugby, Like Daniel Conn, men beating the shit out of each other in the mud for a ball, rugby. And what is the one thing he excels at, uhhh: SEX. He is damn good at sex!
-Rules: they only see each other on Friday night, never at either of theirs place, usually in public. No feelings, sex only. Period
- Raw, uninhibited, nails raking back, eyes rolled into your skull, biting, teeth clashing, HAWT Sex!

Yep, you take those ingredients, mix that shit up, and BAM! You got yourself a damn sexy, panty dropping, fun read ladies!

I loved Sara, your heart is just aching for her, you want her to break down those walls and bend her rules to let Max in, but dammit you understand her hesitance to do so too. The reader gets to follow her on her path of blossoming into the woman she would have been if her ass hat ex hadn't wasted 5 years of her life.
And Max is such an intriguingly erotic character! He's like the damn cherry on top of a fantastic sundae! Sluuurrrp!

I loved Beautiful Bastard, and for some reason I thought Beautiful Stranger was a sequel or continuation of BB, so when I started it I was disappointed, put in down after paragraph one, and read another book. Then thought"What the hell am I doing? If I love BB, then I'm throwing another book love away, these authors executed the hell outta Beautiful Bastard, there is no way this second book isn't going to kick ass!" Thank God for the part of my brain thats smart and rational! I love it when she kicks in! Because this book was off the damn chain, Hella good! BB caught me off guard when I was reading it, I didn't expect to like it as much as I did, but once I realized I was in book heaven I started to soak it up and love it. And once I got my shit straight and started Beautiful Stranger, I knew it was on like donkey kong, and that was going to LOVE this book! And yep, by chapter 2,
I was hooked!
5 smexy red glitter Kimmi stars! *****

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Review by Kimmi:

I absolutely loved this book! I loved these characters,  but what I loved more is,   I loved how much they hated each others damn guts on a basic and fundamental level. Their bantering,  I found it effin' hilarious! But what I loved most was when these two were at each others throats you didn't know if they were going to draw blood, or devour each other in a totally HOT way!

In all of my reviews I usually tend to yakity yak, blah blah blah, over how hot the main male character is, I will say, hell yes Bennett Ryan is effin hot, but the magic potion in this book contains two ingredients, Bennett & Chloe. There is a fine line between love and hate, and when these two come together they light up like the damn 4th of July! They are hot, the chemistry between them is unlike any I've ever read! Does it hurt that Bennett has a dirty mouth and calls her a filthy girl ? Hell effin NO it doesn't hurt, that shit is HAWT! And my inner smut whore ate that shit up, and loved every damn bite! Now go, read this, put it at the top of your to read list on Goodreads! You will not regret it!

Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

Review by Kimmi:
This one will leave you seriously devastated, heart broken, and screaming WHY?!?!?!!??!!
I'm fresh from a book hangover of epic proportions, I'd bought more than 12 books after reading almost 100 reviews on Amazon from my "Recommendations"
I'd like to add an insert here and say Amazon kind of sucks at recommending me books. Anywho, after all the reviews and book purchases, I started all the books, but didn't finish one until Beauty from Pain.
This book was not at all what I expected, it seriously blew me away! I loved both lead characters, Laurelyn & Jack. Their love story begins in the most unusual way, but while you follow them you get an awesome in depth front row seat to a blossoming love that can stand  the test of time.
Jack is a multimillionaire and he earned his millions by big player in the winery business. He isn't looking for love, marriage, or to start a family. His relationships are smothered in rules and boundaries, rule number one, we will never know each others identity, no names, period. Rule number two, we have an awesome time, where I will insure you have the best 3 weeks of your life, lavish you in gifts. Rule number three, when our time is up, we never contact each other again, Never.
Jack McLachlan

Laurelyn is fresh off the plane and ready to enjoy the next 3 months in a different country with her best friend, Addison, Addison's brother, Ben, and Bens friend Zac. Laurelyn knows Addison has plans for her to hook up w/ her brother Ben, but Laurelyn is not feelin' it, at all. However when Laurelyn runs into Mr. Tall, Dark, Suit when she's headed out of the bar they were at, she gets all beside herself with the magnitude of his confidence, swagger, and down right sexiness. But when she runs into him again at a vintage party and they share a dance, she can't lie, she is smitten. With plans for a date the next night, and butterflies amped to the 10th degree she is almost on cloud 9. ALMOST..... And then he goes opens his damn mouth, explains his intentions, lays out the rules, sets up the boundaries, and HAS THIS GUY LOST HIS EVER LOVIN' MIND!?!?!


Now,  why is she seriously thinking about this, he asked for three months, she'll only be in this country for 3 months. How can she say no? It's perfect, almost.
But when things between Jack and Laurelyn start to get more than hot in bed, when their lines blur, and rules bend and break, can they still walk away? Their time is coming to an end much faster than they want, and neither one of them can find the breaks, what will happen? Will they make the stand, can they say what needs to be said, to make this once in a life time love, stand the test of their short time?
This is a must read, 5 damn sparkly stars, and Thank you Georgia Cates, from ripping me from my book rut :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Real by Katy Evans

Review by Kimmi:
HOLY EFFIN' HOTTNESS BATMAN! That was a delightful surprise that's for DAMN SURE! Katy Evans writes this story and every single one of her words roll off every damn page screaming SEXY & SEX! This book took me to my knees like a perfect, epic, mindfuckingtastic RIPTIDE!!!!

This was a REAL damn good! And the characters are so HELLA REALly, really awesome to get to know! Katy Evans gives the reader very in depth characters and pairs them with an ASS KICKING story plot, creating the BEST DAMN TIME you have EVER had reading a book!

Brooke is the main female character, and, yeah I like Brooke. Yes, I was nervous at the beginning of the story, only because Brooke is shy and quiet. She had big dreams her whole life to earn an Olympic Gold Metal in sprinting. She worked her ass off training EVERYDAY, she didn't drink with friends in high school, didn't party, she had one goal: Gold Metal. She didn't know she spent more than half her life training to become the best that her body wouldn't allow. Brooke's knee tore to hell wouldn't have it right when she thought her dreams were coming true. She could taste the gold, her knee however had other plans. So when we meet Brooke, she has long since been striped of her life long dreams, gone to college for sports medicine and graduated. But Brooke's light was snuffed out the day her knee gave out. Spirit dimmed. Which brings me back to being nervous about her when I first met her in the story. I was worried she wouldn't be able to handle the RiiiiiiiiippppTiiiiiidddde that was coming for her and about throw her ass in a tailspin! When your main male character is a Fighter in the Underground fighting ring, Underground because he was so damn fierce and so much of a bad ass mother effer that he was kicked out of fighting in the Pro's. When he has sex spilling out of his mouth EVERY time he speaks, sex spilling out of his pores with sweat, even his breath is sex. I'm sorry, but if you have all that sexy fierceness wrapped into the male lead character, damn it Brooke you have to be one tough cookie not to crumble under the immense power of a man like that. Especially if he clocks your ass and claims you the first moment he lays eyes on you. Brooke girl you got to hold on tight as hell, or run for your dear life with a man like that! And our Brookey, she grabbed on like her damn life depended on it! And I was so freaking proud of her!!!!! YOU GO BROOKE! Grab Yo Man!

Okie dokie then, now this is where Kimmi is going to get a little tiny bat crazy, because now we are going to talk about Remington "Riptide" Tate. Holy Shit I swear to the Gods I have NEVER wanted a male character to as real as I want Remi!!!!!

Remi is possessive as hell, and so damn sexy, so damn HOT! sheesus, Kimmi is gonna call Remi "Shoxy"! His mere presence has his women fans orbiting around him like he is the fucking sun, and his men fans just either want to be near him, or be him. But he doesn't give a shit about the fame, the fans, he has one thing and one thing only in his sight, and that's Brooke. He'll tear through every man that steps inside the ring with him for her, he will spend any amount of money, and he will do it all, everything..... for her. He will have her, hell he already does, she just doesn't know it yet. But Brooke is scared and skittish, so he'll move as slow as she needs. So, to lure her in he hires her as his sports medicine specialist. She will be with him on his fighting tour for the next few months. (Gotta say here, Kimmi really wishes a Remi would swoop in and hire me for my nursing services, *sigh* but I'm a labor unit nurse, soooooo yeah, no hot as hell underground fighter would be needing my services, or at least the services that lead up to finger lickin' Remi)

Remington "RIPTIDE" Tate

Anywho, back to Real, sorry, totally got side tracked ; )
This bomb ass story is one of a very few, that when you start it, you are like a crack fiend. You read that shit HARD & FAST! Then before you know it you glance down and realize you just tore though the first 50% of the book. At that point you freak out a bit, because you don't EVER want it to end! So you slow down, slow way down, never put it down, hell no. You loose sleep, meals, but you never put it down. You slowly savor it, word for word, you soak in every sentence, because when you hit 50% of this book you know that when you finish it, it's over. And you KNOW you are not going to find another book that rips your breath away like this one for a looooong time.  I wish I could go "black" and forget I read Real so that I can read it again. But I can't, so you know what I am going to do? I'm going to do what I always do after I read a book of this off the charts caliber, I'm going to fall into my book rut, and spend WAY over 300$ on amazon Kindle scouring all these books, then start reading these books only to get 1/4 -1/2 of the way through them and realize they are not REAL, the characters won't be Remi and Brooke, and then I'll quit these rut books, and then buy more rut books! All hell y'all, here goes Kimmi. Into the biggest book hangover I have EVER had! It's probably going to be quiet on my end for a while  :  (