Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Soul Mate by Madeline Sheehan

I'm gonna shake things up with this book, because well it's Madeline Sheehan, and why not? This blog is going to follow my progress through the book. And it's probably gonna be a little more quirky, I tend to spazz mid book, and break into tourettes, so please excuse my dirty mouth, and pay no attention to the all caps while I am screaming.

After I've finished I'll put the wrapping paper and a bow on it w/ the overall review. 

Prologue, page 1:  Alright, I'm strapping on my seatbelt, and as I swipe my finger across my Kindle, I'd like to say, Ok Madeline, I'm following you yet again out of my box, I know I'm about to have a kick ass time. Here, here, here's my arm, no need to snatch it up, I'm coming, I'm prepared this time to be dragged, let me assume the position, alright lead the way Momma ;)


  1. Chap. 9:
    I must say I have no idea what the hell is going on, but I'm loving whatever it is! The 1070 AC love story and present day love story, I can't really zero in for 100% what is the link between them. I love both story's, and I really love me some Gerik ;)
    "I kissed you putin o. I knew then I was lost forever."

  2. Chap.13
    Ok Xan, you have piqued my sexual interest. Especially since Gerik is being an asshole!

  3. Chap. 24
    What the hell? This is not supposed to be happening! The book is called The Soul Mate! This is not legal or fated, WTH is going on here? Oh Lord.........

  4. Chap. 26
    Oh shit.....................

  5. Finished it!
    Wow, that was such a great adventure through an apocalypse period that is filled with magic, mythology, fate, soul mates, and a fine ass Viking named Gerik. LOVED IT! Can't wait to read My Soul To Take!