Friday, March 15, 2013

On Every Street by Karina Halle

Review by Kimmi

I really wished I hadn't read this book. Well, maybe that's not the right statement. I really wished I would have read this book first, then read "Sins & Needles" book 1 of "An Artists Trilogy". Because you see, I had damn Javier perfectly packaged in his little box that was wrapped in black paper and had a little red tag that read "VILLAIN". But I'll be damned if Karina Halle didn't just blow that whole box to smithereens. I did not want to have feelings for Javier, I didn't even want to know what Ellie / Eden felt for Javier. I didn't give a shit about thier history because he was a cheater and he wasn't Camden. However,  because I am freaking feigning for book 2 of this trilogy "Shooting Scars" I figured I'd use this little novella as a tiny hit, a little sip to curb the addiction eating away at me while I wait (patiently......hahaha yeah right!) for "Shooting Scars" to be released this summer. 


For me reading "On Every Street", was a terrible, great, and fantastically bad idea! Dammit I loved this book, and Lord knows I didn't want too, (or did I). I wanted Karina to make it easy on me, help me keep Javier in his black tagged box, or at least help me feed my hatred for him. But noooooo, she couldn't give me that. What she did give me though, and yes I am woman enough to admit now, was excatly what I really always want out of a book or series. She proved me wrong. She gave me Eden and Javier's story, it is a sad and beautiful tradgedy. It scratches past the surface you learn about while reading S&N, and it cuts straight to the heart, the bone of all the pain that Ellie has endured to become what she is in S&N. And I loved every second of it! "On Every Street" Karina Halle does that thing that only a few rare magical authors can do, she makes you own up to the fact that you freaking love to be wrong, to think and expect one thing then find out you were wrong and you realize that that makes it even more right! 
Ellie/ Eden
5-Eeeeek! Kimmi Stars and icannoticannoticannoticannot WAIT for "Shooting Scars"!!!!!  Now I shall return to my feigning ways, devouring book after book in hopes to curb this spreading addiction. I don't know about y'all, but Amazon is making a killin' off of me and my addiction, lol. ;  )

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