Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mark Davis has not one but two HAWT new releases: Snow, A Winter Romance & Stormy Love

Review by Kimmi:
First of all I MUST, MUST add this link to "Unchained Melody" by U2.....
Ok, now that I have that done, lmao..... Let's begin, shall we?
Well, well, well..... The erotic poet that gets me all hot and bothered with his anthologies in Erotic Midnight Musings pulls another trick out of his hat..... he is also apparently a fantastic, kick ass, romantic storyteller as well.
Get dinner cooked, served and cleaned up quickly and put the kiddo's to bed early ladies. Pour your self a nice glass of wine, and cozy up in your favorite chair and get ready for these sinfully sweet and sexy stories.
These short stories, Snow, A Winter Romance and Stormy Love had me giggling, laughing out loud one minute, and then tingly and hot the next, they even had me a little misty eyed at times.... I would blame the misty eyes on allergies but truthfully it was that silly romantic I thought had died and I'd buried her ass under this smut whore shield I wear so proudly (sneaky bitch didn't die after all I guess, lol.)

In Snow, A Winter Romance the story of Christina and Walker was so, so very sweet, romantic, and heart warming, and the steamy scenes had the snow and cold chills the author describes melting right off my kindle. Mmmm hmmm! Whew! I loved their story!
And I'll be damned, just off the Snowy short story I honestly thought it couldn't get any better..... Ahhhh, yeah I was wrong...... very, very wrong.
Stormy Love, Angela and Rob's story, has not only awesome, in depth characters and a lovely and enchanting storyline of their own, but also a touch of history that adds so much to this romantic adventure. I absolutely loved Angela's character, she has a 'pull your boot straps up and get it done' attitude that is positively captivating.  And Rob's character is so courteous and he is such a gentleman that you can't help but fall ass over teakettle in love with him. Again,  I'm not sure why I am surprised, but Mark Davis has taken me on two very romantic, sexy, and charming tales this evening first with Snow, A Winter Romance and then with Stormy Love. I must say I am going to miss my favorite witty nickname I used for this author in my previous reviews for Erotic Midnight Musings, Vol 1&2, lol. I guess I can't call him this century's Poe, Dom style any longer. His storytelling is too superb to leave him in his previous Kimmi typecast, because this author has more than just one hat it appears, and many, many more tricks to surprise us with.
Both Snow, A Winter Romance and Stormy Love snatch up 5-I your stories as much as your poetry-Kimmi Stars ★★★★★

And because I don't want to take away from the gentle and beauty that originates from the authors story, the link to "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers:

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  1. He is full of sirprises. His poetry intoxicates you.makes you sqirm in your seat. And now you see the romatic side of Marl Davis....can we say sweet also.....but I am sure he is going to rock our world again.....his poetry and his stories are and sexy. I loved you review....He is my favorite poet and I love his stories.