Monday, August 26, 2013

Shooting Scars by Karina Halle

Review by Kimmi:

I have been anticipating this books release for what seemed like freaking forever!!! I loved, LOVED Sins & Needles, but it's damn cliff hanger at the end left me crippled and desperate and begging Karina Halle or MORE!!!! Shooting Scars was everything I wanted it to be and so fucking much more, and what made it even better than Sins & Needles was that the cliffhanger didn't kill me or leave me a hot flipping mess.
With Ellie being taken by Javier with threats to Camden, his ex wife and his child, Ellie is forced back into a past she had ran from six years ago, a past that is coated and covered in everything Javier. On the roller coaster of hell Ellie discovers the reason behind Javier forcing her back into her hellish past. He has a gift for her, a gift wrapped in revenge and retribution. However vengeance is something Ellie isn't interested in anymore.
After Ellie is ripped from Camden he soon learns that Javier has not only pulled the wool over Ellie's eyes, but his entire exploitation was nothing but smoke and mirrors, card tricks used to get Ellie back right where he wanted her. Now on the run and in a race against time, he has to get the woman of his dreams back . Come hell, high water, or a trail of blood and carnage left in Camden's wake, he becomes a man that even he doesn't recognize anymore, with every new city he is losing the goodness in him that first caused Ellie to fall in love with her Camden. Now with time running out, and the goodness in his soul dwindling, will he make it back to Ellie in time, or will everything that matters to him be lost?
Loved, LOVED I freaking LOVED this damn second book in The Artist Trilogy! Now please!!! Dear lord baby Jesus, please don't make me wait too long for the conclusion of this bat shit crazy, mad house of betrayal, lust, revenge filled, break neck speed, action packed series!!!!
4-Hell yeah! That sequel kicked ass- Kimmi Stars ★★★★

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