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LipSmackin' GoodBooks has the Cover Reveal for Finding Forever by Melisa Hamling and Lil' Max's Review of Finding Forever

Everyone please put your hands together not only for one of the best story tellers I have ever had the pleasure of reading, but also one of my dearest friends and her upcoming new release Finding Forever..........
And now for what we've all been waiting for..... The Reveal of Finding Forever's Cover:

Finding Forever Blurb:
Through the splinters of glass, I see his face, the one who has this hold on me, on my soul and I know he holds the key to something I have yet to learn.
Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it. Morgan Master’s is about to find out that what you wish for doesn’t come in a perfect little package. 

Plummeting off the side of the mountain wasn’t the escape Morgan had planned. Or was it? Disconnected from who she was, where she came from, Morgan knows she’s in a hot mess when the lines blur between two worlds. What is real and what is imagined? Her inner struggle to find herself and to learn the truth, leads her into the arms of Ben, the perfect little package she once wished for, but doesn’t remember it.
Ben is Morgan’s solace, her guide through her state of confusion, offering comfort and love to degrees she is certain she has never known before. Longing to stay in the heavenly bliss, something keeps pulling her back, a little at a time.

When Morgan’s world crumbles, she endures weeks of heartbreak. She must decide between this life, or go in search of the unknown, in search of reestablishing the love she had for the man who helped her survive. What must she sacrifice to find him? Does he really exist? What will she uncover when she goes in search of Finding Forever?
And now it is time for Lil' Max's review of Finding Forever:
Oh, Good Gawd Melisa Hamling!!!!! Holy, Holy, WOW this book was freaking awesome!!!!! It was a magnetic whirlwind of life, love, friendship and determination. I wish I would have read the book blurb before starting it, but then again.... nah, I'm glad I didn't. I felt like I was going through the story with Morgan. Struggling...fighting... between reality and fantasy. I mean can you actually make your dreams come true? Can you live in the fantasy of a perfect world or is it really all in your head? A place set up in your mind to help you cope with reality. Morgan is just living, going through the motions of day to day life... going to work blah, blah, blah…oh and also dating a complete and absolute total douche bag that is banging her so called best friend behind her back. Not too much to write home about. Until her life changes completely when she is in a horrible accident that lands her in a coma. Morgan ends up in the most beautiful place. It’s filled with friendly vivacious people, and COLOR.... lots of beautiful color. However, when everyone around you knows what's going on and you don't, the frustration is unbearable. I felt like screaming WTF is going on and will somebody please clue me in!!! Here again the author makes me feel that I am right there in the story with Morgan. I felt like me and Morgan were putting pieces of a 5000 piece puzzle together, but it really was the most beautifully painted puzzle picture, lol. The authors descriptive words and phrases are so vibrant, active, and colorful. Melisa also uses these expressive terms to create nightmares that are so vivid. I mean WOW!!!!! Really, the best way to explain her rich writing style is to say... it was absolutely enchanting.
And then, Morgan is ripped away from that Oz and forced to go back to having a fucked up asshole of a boyfriend, and to go back to that after having someone who adores EVERYTHING about you and ONLY you? It is more than a hard pill to swallow and Morgan's insecurities begin to take root and seep into her head. However once Morgan realizes who her soul mate truly is, she makes it her life goal to get back to him, get back to Ben......... at whatever cost. 
Ahhhhh, Ben. Ben is the epitome of gorgeous. All it took was just one look into his eyes and Morgan was drawn to him with an incredible force. Had she dreamed of him? She had to, hadn't she? He seemed so familiar.  His scent was entrancing and unforgettable. And despite Morgan's frustration in piecing together this Picasso called her life Ben's touch was a smooth, soothing balm to her through it all. She didn't know how to interpret her feelings for him or his feelings for her... until it was spoken. I mean we've all been there right? You think you're reading all the signs right, but everyone second guesses themselves at some point.  When you know how someone really feels about you and it is mutual, and they verbalize that SHIT, Oh. My. GOD. That's it! Throw in the towel because you are a goner. You eat. Sleep. Breath. Nothing but them. It’s everything you always wanted and now it's finally yours.  So what do you do about that?  Damn it you wrap your arms around him and never let him go, but what if you couldn’t do that?  What if that was out of your immediate control?  It would be like ripping your heart right out of your chest. Morgan is in a tug of war with her life, her future, her fate.  What it was and what it is, but mostly what is REAL and what does she want now.  It’s all playing out right in front of her. The question is will she be able to figure it out and truly find her forever?  Well? I'm not telling you!!!! So put it on the top of your tbr list, go get it and find out because you will love it!!!!!  I give this 5-BadAssDirty-LoveHasNoBoundries-Stars!

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  1. Wow. Just wow, Badand! I'm kind of blown away by your review! Thank you, thank you! ♥♥♥♥♥