Monday, April 15, 2013

Real by Katy Evans

Review by Kimmi:
HOLY EFFIN' HOTTNESS BATMAN! That was a delightful surprise that's for DAMN SURE! Katy Evans writes this story and every single one of her words roll off every damn page screaming SEXY & SEX! This book took me to my knees like a perfect, epic, mindfuckingtastic RIPTIDE!!!!

This was a REAL damn good! And the characters are so HELLA REALly, really awesome to get to know! Katy Evans gives the reader very in depth characters and pairs them with an ASS KICKING story plot, creating the BEST DAMN TIME you have EVER had reading a book!

Brooke is the main female character, and, yeah I like Brooke. Yes, I was nervous at the beginning of the story, only because Brooke is shy and quiet. She had big dreams her whole life to earn an Olympic Gold Metal in sprinting. She worked her ass off training EVERYDAY, she didn't drink with friends in high school, didn't party, she had one goal: Gold Metal. She didn't know she spent more than half her life training to become the best that her body wouldn't allow. Brooke's knee tore to hell wouldn't have it right when she thought her dreams were coming true. She could taste the gold, her knee however had other plans. So when we meet Brooke, she has long since been striped of her life long dreams, gone to college for sports medicine and graduated. But Brooke's light was snuffed out the day her knee gave out. Spirit dimmed. Which brings me back to being nervous about her when I first met her in the story. I was worried she wouldn't be able to handle the RiiiiiiiiippppTiiiiiidddde that was coming for her and about throw her ass in a tailspin! When your main male character is a Fighter in the Underground fighting ring, Underground because he was so damn fierce and so much of a bad ass mother effer that he was kicked out of fighting in the Pro's. When he has sex spilling out of his mouth EVERY time he speaks, sex spilling out of his pores with sweat, even his breath is sex. I'm sorry, but if you have all that sexy fierceness wrapped into the male lead character, damn it Brooke you have to be one tough cookie not to crumble under the immense power of a man like that. Especially if he clocks your ass and claims you the first moment he lays eyes on you. Brooke girl you got to hold on tight as hell, or run for your dear life with a man like that! And our Brookey, she grabbed on like her damn life depended on it! And I was so freaking proud of her!!!!! YOU GO BROOKE! Grab Yo Man!

Okie dokie then, now this is where Kimmi is going to get a little tiny bat crazy, because now we are going to talk about Remington "Riptide" Tate. Holy Shit I swear to the Gods I have NEVER wanted a male character to as real as I want Remi!!!!!

Remi is possessive as hell, and so damn sexy, so damn HOT! sheesus, Kimmi is gonna call Remi "Shoxy"! His mere presence has his women fans orbiting around him like he is the fucking sun, and his men fans just either want to be near him, or be him. But he doesn't give a shit about the fame, the fans, he has one thing and one thing only in his sight, and that's Brooke. He'll tear through every man that steps inside the ring with him for her, he will spend any amount of money, and he will do it all, everything..... for her. He will have her, hell he already does, she just doesn't know it yet. But Brooke is scared and skittish, so he'll move as slow as she needs. So, to lure her in he hires her as his sports medicine specialist. She will be with him on his fighting tour for the next few months. (Gotta say here, Kimmi really wishes a Remi would swoop in and hire me for my nursing services, *sigh* but I'm a labor unit nurse, soooooo yeah, no hot as hell underground fighter would be needing my services, or at least the services that lead up to finger lickin' Remi)

Remington "RIPTIDE" Tate

Anywho, back to Real, sorry, totally got side tracked ; )
This bomb ass story is one of a very few, that when you start it, you are like a crack fiend. You read that shit HARD & FAST! Then before you know it you glance down and realize you just tore though the first 50% of the book. At that point you freak out a bit, because you don't EVER want it to end! So you slow down, slow way down, never put it down, hell no. You loose sleep, meals, but you never put it down. You slowly savor it, word for word, you soak in every sentence, because when you hit 50% of this book you know that when you finish it, it's over. And you KNOW you are not going to find another book that rips your breath away like this one for a looooong time.  I wish I could go "black" and forget I read Real so that I can read it again. But I can't, so you know what I am going to do? I'm going to do what I always do after I read a book of this off the charts caliber, I'm going to fall into my book rut, and spend WAY over 300$ on amazon Kindle scouring all these books, then start reading these books only to get 1/4 -1/2 of the way through them and realize they are not REAL, the characters won't be Remi and Brooke, and then I'll quit these rut books, and then buy more rut books! All hell y'all, here goes Kimmi. Into the biggest book hangover I have EVER had! It's probably going to be quiet on my end for a while  :  (

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  1. Ha! Love the rate R posting! Too funny! Okay, so this looks like a smexy read. I might have to get this one and read it next! I have so many books and keep buying more. I'm going to forget what I've got!


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