Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shayla’s Story by Beverly Preston

Review by Lil' Max:
I read this book and I didn’t even know it was part of a series.  I like that because I got to the end and after the acknowledgements I found out there was a prequel and another story coming out after this one in the spring.  Right of the bat, I was reeled into this book.  I was thinking Shayla was gonna be this timid and introverted girl that didn’t stand a chance against any kind of confrontation. Well… Let’s just see about that shall we. Shayla is carefree and easy going. 
Her childhood was less than stellar and she has managed to create a better life for herself with her Uncle’s help. Her uncle is THE Tommy Clemmins, A-list stud movie star.  She has a boyfriend, Mathew whose family is well known. Hell his Momma is the Mayor! So she hasn’t done to bad for herself considering her upbringing, but something is lacking in their relationship. They don’t really spend any QT together unless it is some function to benefit his mother’s campaign.  Shayla is tired of all of Matt’s excuses to spend time together and is shocked as hell when he proposes on Thanksgiving in front his whole bourgie (pronounced boozshie) ass family.  The thought crossed her mind after dating for almost 2 years that they would progress to the societal next level, but she wasn’t just gonna jump on the wedding train considering how things had been going.  So she tells Matt she needs to think about it instead of just giving him the answer he wanted. That’s right gurl don’t just settle! Sorry, I couldn’t help but give Shayla props! Ok so anyways, Shayla takes a trip to Italy for her Uncle’s highly hush hush wedding to the one woman who finally settled him Tess. Since Shayla works for her Uncle she knows how the paparazzi works, she has to  help Tess and her kids deal with what not to do and what the hell to expect from the conniving paparazzi.   In the midst of all this, Shayla finds she is instantly physically attracted to Tess's son John. 
He is an arrogant, smexy, over bearing, six foot tall hunk of a man.  Shayla is torn on whether or not she should settle for what she has with Matt?  During her stay in Italy, her and John connect on more than a physical level although the sparks fly and the flames burn high and mighty and the bomb drops like Hiroshima when they touch.... is it enough? Can you really fall in love that fast or is this just what it’s like to some on the regular? John is Hot no doubt about that, and his size is intimidating to most except Shayla of course!  He has a big heart and is all about protecting his family.  After his dad passed away, he became the man of the house and stepped right into the role quite well.  So 3 years later when his mom starting dating playboy Tommy Clemmins, John opened a can of whoop Ass on him.  He didn’t want to see his mother hurt after going through the loss of his father and Tommy’s reputation definitely preceded him.  This little tiff between the guys is what made Shayla go off on John the minute she laid eyes on him.  She got right up in his face and let him have it.   John on the other hand thought it was cute and I think it fueled his attraction to Shayla.  He was the type of guy to go after what he wanted.  He knew that Shayla was on the fence about her relationship with Matt, but he wasn’t about the miss his chance.  He just asked for one weekend to get to know each other better.  He didn’t know he was gonna fall so hard.  After the weekend he had no idea where that left him and Shayla was it enough? Hmm well if you wanna find out go on ahead and one click that shit.  It will be well worth it to find out.  I give this 5 BadAss was one weekend enough DirtyStars!!!

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