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The SKALS Series by Adriana Noir, Kudos sister, there really is no other way for me to pay tribute to hands down, the BEST series and also the BEST author I've seen create a DEBUT SERIES of this magnitude.

So allow me to roll out Kimmi's glittery, confetti covered, hot pink and purple carpet for The SKALS Series by ADRIANA NOIR

Sinister Kisses (Book 1; SKALS)
Review by Kimmi:
Holy Shit what in the hell was that? I needed a moment to regain my self composure after I finished this crazy as hell, demented, psychotic, mind boggling asylum, ehhh I mean book, yeah book. This story is one of those rare stories that is so twisted and mindfucking awesome you almost can take it. Thank you, Thank you SOOOOO much Adriana Noir for not holding back, thank you for every raw and gritty detail, thank you for the complexity of each and every character, and most of all thank you for the complete and utter disastrous train wreck that this book is, yet the thought of looking away NEVER crossed my mind. This story hits you very quickly like a frontal attack and it doesn't pull ANY punches! With that being said, if you are under the age 18, or are faint at heart, walk away now. You couldn't handle making it to 30% in this book. 

Taylor is the sweet girl from the wrong side of the tracks, but she works hard and takes care of herself. She is one of the most awesome main characters I have had the pleasure of reading. She is fiercely loyal, but a bit too naive for her own good. With sexy Sebastian making an entrance in her life, she is certain she could easily fall head over hills, but she has no idea what is at the bottom of that hill, if she did she would have been running like hell was chasing her in the other direction. So, Sebastian has to rein in and use patience, something he isn't used to doing. However he will bid his time until he has Taylor exactly where he wants her.


Sebastian is hands down the most complex, intriguing, and maniacal character I have ever read. He goes from laughing and tickling his niece with love in his eyes to carving a mans face up like a jack o lantern with a sinister smirk on his lips, and he does this so gracefully and calmly it makes your blood run cold. He had my emotions twisted in so many different directions I didn't know up from down, hate from love, or wrong from right.  I didn't know where in the hell he was coming from or going to next. He and his evil actions and calm coldness made me freak out, then like a flip of a switch he shows sweet and concerned love for Taylor or his niece and nephews. He seriously had my emotions all over the damn place. I can honestly say he scared the ever living hell out of me. I was afraid for Taylor, hell I was afraid for anyone and everyone around Sebastian. No one, and I mean no one was safe from his manic ministrations. 
On the other side of that coin of his is a sincerely loving protector and provider, albeit in his own odd way. His only concern is to protect Taylor and keep her in his life because she is the only soothing balm that can give him the peace and still calm he has never experienced in his life. For the first time ever, he wants to be a good man. For her he wants to be the man that she fell in love with, but is he too far gone? Is he too tainted with the evil stains of his past?
5-Fucking hell yes, I Love this ish, give me more Adri!!!!!!- Kimmi Stars *****
Bound by Vengeance (Book 2; SKALS)
Review by Kimmi:
Well, just like the first book this one has also left me with a "What the hell was that?" look on my face. I am divided, one Kimmi is hollering "Hell yes! Holy Shit! That was so fucking good, so what I wanted and needed it to be and everything in between! Sebastian Baas is back, and baby he is back in black! Straight out the damn gate, as soon as Sebastian struts his ass out on the pages of this book ACDC's Back in Black was screaming and pulsing around him (in my mind, not the book). He is still the same Seby we love to hate, a charming, manacle, confident, sexy as shit mothafuka! That is still just this side of psychotic....... He is a character, that for the first time EVER I can't find a picture to portray what Adriana Noir has used her words to paint! I can't! I found a kinda Seby for my review of Sinister Kisses but it left me uneasy because it wasn't quiet ALL that Sebastian Baas truly is. He is unlike any character I've read, I know I keep saying that but shit I feel like I can't get it across to you, ok, let me try, ummm, we are going to get a mixing bowl and add men to it, ehhh, Ok, first Jericho Barron's, add him, for the tough leader, and a guy you don't dick around with, then add some Caleb from Dark Duets for the slightly mentally unstable and need to control everything facet of Seby, and we  gotta throw some Grey in there for the tailored suits and upper hand he keeps in bed, ok, mix all of them up and guess what, yeah, no. Still not strong enough to describe this man! Dammit! Sorry, but honest to God, you will have to read this series to grasp the utter magnitude that Sebastian's character truly beholds.
My not quiet Sebastian but as close as I can get pic:

                  Not quiet Seby, but sexy
Oh and bless her poor heart, Taylor. Baby girl I just don't know what to tell you, I want to tell you to run like hell in the other direction away from this man while you beat his ass into a bloody pulp while simultaneously fucking his brains out. This is not a cross roads ladies, he has brought me to an epic autobahn intersection that is a total clusterfuck of intersecting roads, paths and train tracks with no working red, green, or yellow lights!!!!
Ok, now here is the other side of Kimmi, remember? Before all of that rambling you just waded through up there, I said I was divided, yeah ok, so this part of me has had it rationally explained (you know by the rational Kimmi, lmfao) that just because you think you want something, doesn't mean you need it. I know I am just the reader, lmao, and I have to let Adriana take me where she wants me to go but the id in me, the irrational child, is screaming at the top of her lungs and stomping her feet demanding rainbows, unicorns, babies and wedding bells!!!! However Adriana is not as maliciously twisted as Seby, she does not leave you hanging in the balance of a cliffhanger that you are certain you won't live through. She puts some pieces together, just enough to keep us little addicts fed but not enough to keep us away and clamoring for the third book in this series!
*Side note, this review is one of those reviews where not only my Tourette's came out, but apparently a second personality (that I was unaware existed) surfaced as well, so I would like to apologize for the clusterfuck this review is, It's just that, well sometimes when a book is just too good, and the bat shit crazy bitch in your head is fixing to take you down if you don't let her out, it's best just to not fight her, and let that crazy bitch out ; )   So I did.
I give this fan-fuck-tastic book 5 charmingly psychotic Kimmi stars *****

 Edge of Obsession (Book 3; SKALS) 

Review by Kimmi:
Dammit I just........ I just don't even know what you want me to say here, I really don't. If you have been following this series, please..... stand up, state your name, and tell me WTFH you want me to address at this SSAA meeting <-- that would be the abbreviation for Seby SKALS Addicts Anominous .
If you haven't been following this series, stand up, walk out and don't come back until you've read all three books. When you are all good and addicted like the rest of us, THEN tell me WTFH do I say?!?!?!
Seby is still Seby, I came VERY close to committing  homicide on a fictional character AGAIN. Adriana Noir doesn't stop, nor does she hold back AGAIN. This book was just as mind blowing, choke holding, bat shit twisted, crazy as book 1 & 2, however this time...... Adriana does the UNTHINKABLE!!! She left me on a razors edge cliff hanger!!! Oh yeah.... she did! Cut the rope, took the survival kit, winked and walked the fuck AWAY!!!! WHY!!! Why would you do this to me?!?!?! Do you like to see me freaking lose my marbles?!?! You are just as bad, sick, and twisted as Sebastian!!!! Just please, please tell me you won't leave me here for long, I can't take it! Put me out of my misery! Just push me off or pull the trigger, but don't leave me hanging here for long!!!!!!!!
Damn it I love this series, yes I know, you've had to read that 101 times in this big, long review, but just like I can't find the pic that embodies Sebastian Baas, I cannot stress that enough to fully explain to you how BADASS this series is!!!!!!
 Edge of Obession gets 5-I cannot believe you left me like this- Kimmi Stars *****







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  1. Wow! Thank you so much, Kimmi! I don't know what to say. (Other than I'm sorry and I promise not to leave you hanging for long!) Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement since day one. You rock. MUAH!