Sunday, April 28, 2013

Of Love and Deception by Melisa Hamling

Review by Kimmi:
There has only been one other book besides Of Love and Deception that has literally enthralled me, bewitched me and demanded my heart and soul to believe that I have become the character in the book. I can't say it's the Journey I have taken with the character, because I have been with many characters in their journeys. It's some thing else, something I can't put my finger on or explain. All I know for certain is it's extremely astonishing and emotionally gripping. There were times when I was reading this story and I just wanted to scream at Melisa WHY!?!?!?! Please for the love of God! Make this insanity STOP!!!!! Make sure your heart strings are buckled and keep your emotions inside the vehicle at all times because this is one hell of a devastatingly emotional madhouse roller coaster. And when this bitch starts rolling, you don't even know its coming, it's been mostly an easy read and all things are really looking up. Of course there are a few little waves that rock the boat here and there, but all things considered, life for Daniella is pretty darn perfect, and then she is thrown into the deepest pits of hell, and no one is there for her. No one. 

It's hard as a reader to be so emotionally dedicated to a character, because when you find yourself so devoted to a character their lows are physically felt with terrible depression and sadness, however their highs, ahhh, you feel those highs just as perfectly as the character, you tingle with their first kiss, you hear the wedding bells and feel just as beautiful as she does in her gown. And dammit THAT is where the magic in reading is! 


In the beginning I kept thinking this is a bit slow, things are moving at a snails pace here. But there is a method to this authors madness, unlike most books that are pretty much following the same pattern or formula: insert character name here, insert city here, insert occupation and meet-cute here. Melisa is laying down a foundation for the reader, then she begins the structure, so that when the shit hits the fan the reader is so emotionally involved that they will never turn away, they can't turn away. As ugly and scary as it gets, baby she hooked you in the beginning and you were not even aware you were hooked, much less that she had laid out the bait and you greedily chomped it up! This story was on a different playing field from any other I've read. It's cliche but, to compare it would be to compare apples and oranges. I loved it, every damn word, every damn paragraph and chapter. This is the type of story that sticks to your soul, and even after you have read a hundred new and different books, where all the names and story plots blur together, this story, Daniella and Cruz's story, you remember. You remember and can recall every nuance and every emotion. I give Of Love and Devotion 5 emotionally tangled and angst ridden Kimmi stars *****

Real quick, I'd like to add an insert here :) I know! You LOVE my inserts don't you!!! Lol. As a registered nurse I give the author huge kudos and *fist pump* Melisa your medical terminology was point on! And as a L&D (Labor & Delivery) RN, I say way to go Melisa! You did a fantastic job of portraying all things concerned L&D. From medications, procedures and to the main fact that: NO, a woman's labor and delivery is not a beautiful thing, and it fo damn sure ain't fast, lol.


  1. OMG! I freaking love the pictures! You're totally awesome!

  2. Wow! what a on-target review! Absolutely freakin' right. Melisa draws you in like an unsuspecting stroll through the romance aisle and you're all candy hearts and sweet puffs and then, Wham! the crazies come out and you're strapped to a rollercoaster and can't get off, not that you want to, but you're left hanging until the very end. Then it's all cooing and oohing again, because she never leaves you unhappy. :)