Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beauty in the Breakdown by Natalie Baird

Review by Kimmi:
I usually don't bother with books that have less than 4.5 stars because let's be honest there are thousands of books out there that I can not wait to tear through! So with that said, I took a chance on this book, some of the reviews I found were harsh, and I was a bit nervous, however this book was a chance I'm damn glad I took!
This was a stellar fun book, Alexa, the main character has a quick wit and a sharp tongue. She was freaking awesome! She is a classic woman that likes to live in her sheltered life and she rarely goes outside of her comfort zone. If you don't know her or you haven't pissed her off, you'd look at her and think she was shy or possibly a bitch that thinks shes to good. However once you get to know her, see behind her mask, or if you piss her off, lol, you find out she is fiercely loyal, and takes no shit. She can read your character quicker than you can see past her "shy, too good" facade.

Alexa's boss tells her to meet with the notorious rock god bad boy Jackson Brent, Jackson wants to run an expose in the magazine she writes for "The Beat". This is an opportunity of a life time, this story can put her on the map. She'd be set for life! But this is going to throw her so far out of her comfort zone, she's unsure if she'll be the same woman once the story is done. During her meeting with the rock god, *coughs* I mean Jackson, he informs her she will need to follow him on his European Tour for the next 4 weeks. She will be his shadow. Alexa heeds the warning bells and red flags, she knows she can't do this! This isn't Alexa, this isn't her life. There is no way she can do this.

*I'd like to add an insert here, if you'd give me a second. Now I know what you are thinking right now. Ummm Kimmi, yeah see I read this book about a year ago, instead of Jackson his name was Jake, and in stead of Alexa her name was Tru, And it wasn't Beauty in the Breakdown, it was The Mighty Storm, ok, ok. I hear ya! But now you hear me, this book may have some of the same ingredients, but it is NOT the same cake, hell it's not even cake! It's molten lava chocolate brownies! It is its own, trust me. Please. Back to the review, now lets shake this brownie up and get to the molten lava part ;)
Jackson Brent, *hard swallow, then sigh*

Tall, Dark, Hot, and oh come on he's a freaking Rock Star! My favorite book men have 1 of 3 occupations: Rock Star, MMA/UFC fighter (or hell really any kind of fighter, lol), or he is in a MC ;)
Jackson is the epitome of Hot. When he's not on stage, he exudes sexual energy, and he has a British accent <- No! I swear I'm not making this shit up, he has all of this awesome molten lava hotness all rolled into him. Now, put all that on stage, read how he inhales the power from the crowd, and he turns 10 foot tall and bullet proof! When Alexa sees him perform for the first time she says "Wow, it's like he's a god" the girl next to her says "No babe, he's even better, he's a Rock Star!"
This was a really great book, it was similar to other rock star books, but come on, they are all similar. I loved the chemistry between Alexa and Jackson, it was good, so damn good, mmhmm!

And I don't care what the other reviews say, this is ish was a fun and DIFFERENT Rock and Roll read! I give it 4.5, no 4.75 rockin' Kimmi Stars!

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