Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Dark Light Series by SL Jennings

Review by Kimmi

Ok, what in the hell? Where do I even begin with this review? First of all don't just buy book 1, this is a series that forces your commitment, so just go ahead and buy both books "The Dark Light" and "The Dark Prince". The end of book 1 "The Dark Light" left me screaming bloody murder at my kindle "NOOOOOO!" I didn't have time to catch my breath, much freaking less muddle though what the hell just happened and write a review. My fingers have never ran to amazons "buy now w/ 1 click" button so fast! I almost passed out from hyperventilating watching book 2 "The Dark Prince" upload from cloud to device! Holy Hell!  SL  Jennings is a paranormal romance genius and she doesn't pull any punches with her rich writing style paired with a hell of a story line. And the characters in this series are so bad ass it is redic! I'd give you a recap on the books but I have WAY too much to say to fit in a recap so if thats what your looking for go elsewhere, sorry kid. 

This story is phenomenal! The twist and turns on this emotional roller coaster grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. In some chapters I was sobbing like a bitch, then in some screaming "Hell Yeah! Kick her ass Gabs!!!" and then there where the good ol' HOT DAMN chapters that left my inner smut whore panting in heat with her eyes rolled back in her head.
Gabriella is a funny, ass kicking, and sometimes self destructive character. And she is my new "BBFF" Book Best Friend Fo Eva! I absolutely adored her! I cheered for her, my heart broke for her, and I cried and laughed for her. I don't know what book 3 will bring for her but I really hope it is happiness.


(Be warned, shit is about to get real, and this review is going to become ridden with profanity, viewer discretion has been advised):
Ok, Now. Now is the time in this review where Kimmi gets a little crazy, her cheese slides a bit off her cracker, and she slips a little off her rocker, all with one name: Dorian. Holy Mother of God!!!! Are you freaking kidding me with this guy?!?!?!? His hot number on a scale of 1-10 is : he doesn't have a fucking number! He is so effing HOT his number is infinity!  OMG! His black as midnight hair, crystalline blue eyes, and shit, his dirty mouth! Dear lord baby jesus the things that came out of his mouth either made me swoon and say "awe", or moan and say Ooooohhhhh Shit HOT DAMN! Dorian is the epitome of Effin A Hot Alpha Male SWAG! He is a hair fisting, neck holding, business suit wearing, damn wet dream. Christian and Gideon you just met your match boys, except he has already kicked your ass in said match because he has some magic up his sleeve ;  )

Honestly I could rant and rave about this series for probably the rest of the day and into the night and still feel that I have expressed how freaking awesome these books are, or how much it will leave you aching for more at the end. So, if you need me you can find me, I will be rocking in the fetal position in a padded cell waiting for book 3 "Light Shadows".


  1. I signed up for her giveaway. Dont care about the kindle fire, I just want the books!