Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

Review by Kimmi:

-Fresh from a heart break, shy gal in her twenties. She's tired of the old Sara, So, new town, new job, New York! Why not a New Sara?
-Sexy as hell Business owner and avid fan of art, He's got a British accent, has so much swag its redic! And he plays rugby, yeah rugby, Like Daniel Conn, men beating the shit out of each other in the mud for a ball, rugby. And what is the one thing he excels at, uhhh: SEX. He is damn good at sex!
-Rules: they only see each other on Friday night, never at either of theirs place, usually in public. No feelings, sex only. Period
- Raw, uninhibited, nails raking back, eyes rolled into your skull, biting, teeth clashing, HAWT Sex!

Yep, you take those ingredients, mix that shit up, and BAM! You got yourself a damn sexy, panty dropping, fun read ladies!

I loved Sara, your heart is just aching for her, you want her to break down those walls and bend her rules to let Max in, but dammit you understand her hesitance to do so too. The reader gets to follow her on her path of blossoming into the woman she would have been if her ass hat ex hadn't wasted 5 years of her life.
And Max is such an intriguingly erotic character! He's like the damn cherry on top of a fantastic sundae! Sluuurrrp!

I loved Beautiful Bastard, and for some reason I thought Beautiful Stranger was a sequel or continuation of BB, so when I started it I was disappointed, put in down after paragraph one, and read another book. Then thought"What the hell am I doing? If I love BB, then I'm throwing another book love away, these authors executed the hell outta Beautiful Bastard, there is no way this second book isn't going to kick ass!" Thank God for the part of my brain thats smart and rational! I love it when she kicks in! Because this book was off the damn chain, Hella good! BB caught me off guard when I was reading it, I didn't expect to like it as much as I did, but once I realized I was in book heaven I started to soak it up and love it. And once I got my shit straight and started Beautiful Stranger, I knew it was on like donkey kong, and that was going to LOVE this book! And yep, by chapter 2,
I was hooked!
5 smexy red glitter Kimmi stars! *****

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