Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Restore Me by J.L. Mac

Review by Kimmi:

HOLY SHEEEEIT! That was so motherf#%king off the CHAIN, that it was REDIC! Do you hear me!?!?!
Real quick, sorry this review is probably going to be all over the damn place. My mind is running 90 to nothing with adjectives and expressions to explain the absolute effin AWESOMENESS that this book is!
Insert * Now, if you have not read Wreck Me, book 1 of this series by  JL Mac stop reading this review NOW! Seriously! STOP!  Do not Pass Go, Do Not collect 200$, you take yourself to the nearest book store or computer to get your ebook of Wreck Me NOW!
Ok, where to start? I refuse to even hint at any spoilers so my review is mostly going to focus on what this book did to me, my mental status (which was already shaky from Wreck Me, lets be honest here!), and the physical and emotional turmoil this story wretched from my soul! You already know Jo's life has always been just shit, you got the jest of that from Wreck Me, and I'll be damned if the fates haven't taken enough away from her and wrecked enough havoc in her life, those effers still are not done! Karma is a wicked bitch to  Jo and she apparently hasn't gotten the memo that she HAS HAD ENOUGH! The story starts off where Wreck Me ended, and I shit you not I cried the first 2 chapters, sobbed, ugly, I mean UGLY cried, yeah, snot, the whole nine. Then I thought I saw a glimpse of hope, to have my heart shredded again. If I was Jo, I'd just quit, sometimes life's just not worth it and I'd be sayin' "Yeah I just would rather not, peace out!"

But that's not how our Jo is, she is, just as she always has been a strong, bad ass chick, and when life has her down about as far as she can get, she just says "Time to stop whining and make shit happen." Hell she's done it once, she'll do it again.  

Oh look another insert!
* Seriously gals, in the world of sequels and the "next book" we have been living in. The world where we awaited anxiously for the up coming new released sequel, only to begin them and realize it was an utter waste of energy because the book we had been waiting for was waa waa waa, FAIL! *
This sequel was a breath of fresh air, by chapter two I actually let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in! This sequel is a sequel of freggin EPIC proportions, it was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be, it was everything and more. Was it hard to read, yes. But there has ever been anything easy in Jo's life so far, so why would it be in the sequel? The highs and lows on this mind, heart twisting roller coaster had me all over the damn place. However with all that being said, It was nothing short of perfect, splendidly, agonizingly, PERFECT! 

And are you ready for the best? IKR?!?! Yeah, there's more, Ladies!!! I have a sneaky suspicion that Restore Me isn't the last we will be seeing of this balls to the wall series! JL Mac is such a lovely and giving author, and also a diabolical mastermind that leaves us ecstatic and screaming WHAT?!?!  &  Oh God WHY!?!?! All in the same chapter!

Now, Go, commence forth my  JL Mac lovers and my review readers, go mark your damn calenders right now, begin the count down Ladies!  Restore Me is coming April 30th !  And also, do what I did and re-read Wreck Me. We'll call it your homework ;  )

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