Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

Review by Kimmi:
This one will leave you seriously devastated, heart broken, and screaming WHY?!?!?!!??!!
I'm fresh from a book hangover of epic proportions, I'd bought more than 12 books after reading almost 100 reviews on Amazon from my "Recommendations"
I'd like to add an insert here and say Amazon kind of sucks at recommending me books. Anywho, after all the reviews and book purchases, I started all the books, but didn't finish one until Beauty from Pain.
This book was not at all what I expected, it seriously blew me away! I loved both lead characters, Laurelyn & Jack. Their love story begins in the most unusual way, but while you follow them you get an awesome in depth front row seat to a blossoming love that can stand  the test of time.
Jack is a multimillionaire and he earned his millions by big player in the winery business. He isn't looking for love, marriage, or to start a family. His relationships are smothered in rules and boundaries, rule number one, we will never know each others identity, no names, period. Rule number two, we have an awesome time, where I will insure you have the best 3 weeks of your life, lavish you in gifts. Rule number three, when our time is up, we never contact each other again, Never.
Jack McLachlan

Laurelyn is fresh off the plane and ready to enjoy the next 3 months in a different country with her best friend, Addison, Addison's brother, Ben, and Bens friend Zac. Laurelyn knows Addison has plans for her to hook up w/ her brother Ben, but Laurelyn is not feelin' it, at all. However when Laurelyn runs into Mr. Tall, Dark, Suit when she's headed out of the bar they were at, she gets all beside herself with the magnitude of his confidence, swagger, and down right sexiness. But when she runs into him again at a vintage party and they share a dance, she can't lie, she is smitten. With plans for a date the next night, and butterflies amped to the 10th degree she is almost on cloud 9. ALMOST..... And then he goes opens his damn mouth, explains his intentions, lays out the rules, sets up the boundaries, and HAS THIS GUY LOST HIS EVER LOVIN' MIND!?!?!


Now,  why is she seriously thinking about this, he asked for three months, she'll only be in this country for 3 months. How can she say no? It's perfect, almost.
But when things between Jack and Laurelyn start to get more than hot in bed, when their lines blur, and rules bend and break, can they still walk away? Their time is coming to an end much faster than they want, and neither one of them can find the breaks, what will happen? Will they make the stand, can they say what needs to be said, to make this once in a life time love, stand the test of their short time?
This is a must read, 5 damn sparkly stars, and Thank you Georgia Cates, from ripping me from my book rut :)

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