Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Her Dragon's Fire By Julia Mills

What if there were no mistakes in the Universe and there was one person made just to complete you? How long could you live without your mate and what would you do to claim them once you found them? In the Dragon Guards world they are the warriors that stand proud and fight enemies that threaten not only their kind but protect humans as well. After decades of battling the fighting takes a toll on your soul, but the Universe also holds a great reward for their service in the form of mate that completes them. 

In the second book of the Dragon Guards series, we are reintroduced to Aidan, a dedicated dragon shifter, as he works to claim his mate, a human woman named Grace.  

Grace is a brilliant and feisty lawyer who is used to questioning everything to get to the truth and justice of any situation. When she meets Aidan sparks fly between the two mates in a way she can't explain. A beautiful and muscled man the raises questions he can't answer.Hunted by an old enemy of Aidan's will she be able to trust her heart and the bond between herself and Aidan to survive? What price will the mates pay to save one another from a traitor who will stop at nothing to make Aidan hurt in every way possible, including kidnapping Grace?

I was a huge fan of the first book in the series, Her Dragon to Slay, and this book definitely didn't disappoint. There's a wonderful mix of romance and steamy erotic moments with action and battle so one element doesn't overwhelm the other. I'm a sucker for the fated romances and the journey of watching two people come together so this book held my attention from page one and still hasn't stopped. This is a fantastic second book and a great continuation in the series. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. If you are looking for a dragon shifter romance with action intertwined this is a great series! I happily give it 5 dragons:

Today is Julia's big release day(1/21/2014) so there's a party happening over on Facebook from 7-9 PM EST! There will be tons of prizes and you can get some of your questions answered by the author:
Her Dragon To Slay Release Party Link

Here's the book store links where you can pick up Julia's books

Her Dragon to Slay(First in the Dragon Guard series on sale on Amazon for 99 cents right now)
Her Dragon To Slay US Amazon Link

Her Dragon's Fire released today on Amazon
Her Dragon's Fire US Amazon Link

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