Thursday, January 23, 2014

Naughty Dreams: An Erotic Lesbian Romance (The Ellis Chronicles) by T.E. Robbens

Living in a small town comes with it's own set of rules, when you are a young woman who lives in a small Georgia town, one of those rules is to never show attraction to another woman.  It was an ordinary day at Ellis' work when that rule is broken when Ellis helps Katie, who comes to buy a present for her mother. Unable to get Katie out of mind soon Ellis can do nothing but dream of her  every night. Is the attraction mutual? Can Ellis find the courage to break the small town mindset or is she will remain to be haunted by a girl she can't have?

This is a sweet, yet steamy exploration of same-sex attraction. When you are younger attractions can be confusing, but even more so when you find yourself so drawn to someone who is the same gender as you are. I grew up in a small town and could related to the conflicted emotions Ellis experiences as she wrestles an attraction she unsure how to deal with.  If you are just starting to read lesbian novels or it's your first time picking up a same-sex novel, it's not overly graphic but still maintains heat throughout the story.There are a few steamy dream scenes so you truly feel like you are in Ellis' head as she journeys to figure out who she really is.  

This is my first time reading anything from T.E. Robbens, but I'm looking forward to checking out more of her stories. I really loved getting to know Ellis,Katie, and experiencing the attraction and playfulness between the two girls. I give Naughty Dreams 4 Stars!

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