Friday, January 10, 2014

Die Trying by Nicholas Ryan

What happens when the a Zombie Apocalypse happens? In Nicholas Ryan's Die Trying we are introduced to Mitch Logan, Clinton Harrigan, and Mitch's brother Jed as they fight to survive a zombie outbreak. The Government has stopped fighting and it's now every man for themselves, can these men survive and what is the price they will have to pay to make it out alive?

 If you are looking for a zombie book I'd recommend this book, the story of survival and the hopelessness of supplies running out with no help in sight was compelling. There's plenty of action but this book also deals in the consequences of each choice the group makes and the emotions behind the scenes. There's zombie books out there that will talk about fighting zombies but few talk about what happens when you face the decision of leaving the only safety you've had because you are running out of food and your only chance of survival may also be a trap. 

I hadn't read anything by Nicholas Ryan before this but I'm definitely going to keep my eye out on this rising star. You can pick up your copy of Die Trying on Amazon here, also be sure to check out Ground Zero for more Zombie action here

For this zombie thriller, I give Nicholas Ryan and Die Trying 
       5 zombies!

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