Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Joseph Fallen by M.S. Willis

Reviewed by Kimmi:
Well... There wasn't one single fucking thing about WHATEVER I just read, that I was fucking prepared for. I read this before Madeleine Abducted because... Well I'm a dumb ass. Someone told me to 1-click, well there were a lot more sentence enhancers sprinkled around those words, but it was enough to have my ass 1-clicking and not asking questions!!!!

I was about halfway through when I realized that this was not in fact the first book of the series, but I didn't give a fuck! I was WAY too far gone into one of the darkest fucking books I'd ever come across. And there was no damn way I was walking away! M.S. Willis doesn't pull a single fucking punch. I kept trying to calm myself down, say that what was happening couldn't really be happening, there was no freaking way! Oh... Umm, I'm sorry. M.S. Willis don't play around, she goes for the jugular bitch!
There is a formula, we all know it, it's in all of our books. The city's change, occupations change (sometimes), and the characters names change. A+B=C. A=They meet, trying not succumb to the lure of lust and desire. B= They fall madly in love and everything is perfect until some shit happens, usually miscommunication or pride being the top two "offenders". And they split. C= Your HEA. There ya go folks, I've cracked the code!

Keep in mind this is the formula I think the author is working with here. Shit, she broke my heart once, then again, and to utter astonishment she shattered it a third time. So there's no way I'm not going to get C. She got off course a bit and I forgave her because I knew I was about to get vengeance. I could fucking taste it!!!

Here's the beautiful thing about reading a story by a new author. Sometimes when you're just so tired of reading the same thing. Eating dry toast, every damn morning. Sometimes that new author flips the script on you, and throws down a plate of sinful chocolate souffle! Bitches, I'm proud to announce, M.S. Willis took that fucking formula, wadded that bitch up, set it on fire before tossing it in a can full of gasoline! And from the bottom of my I heart! I thank you for that, M.S. Willis!

Now... let's talk about the book, shall we? I knew it. Once I reached 80% I knew this book was going to fucking rape the shit out of me and leave me abused, humiliated, and even abhorred at myself for giving it 5 stars. However when I rate or review a story I do so by rating the story the author fed to me. Even if I detested every fucking bite. This book literally fucked me up more than ANY other dark, raw story I've ever read. And that is saying something dammit. M.S. Willis delivers a dark read at a whole new fucking level. I ♥ dark, dark is my shit... the more twisted the better. Fuck, bring it! After I finished Joseph Fallen though, I'm not yelling 'bring it' any more. I'm on my knees begging for fucking mercy! Please give me rainbows and unicorns. Not death and darkness. *Curls into fetal position with Kindle... signing on so I can 1-click Madeleine Abducted* Fuck you! I'm trying to get a sliver of silver lining from this horrific darkness I'm in!
I'm weak. I'm worthless, and I'm a whore for M.S. Willis!!!!
Joseph Fallen nabs 5-Now that's what the fuck I'm talking about when I ask for dark!- Kimmi Stars ★★★★★

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