Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Madeleine Abducted by M.S. Willis

Review by Kimmi XoXo
Wow! That was sinfully divine. Fucking superb. So damn close to perfection... If not for the slight mar of absolute malicious, sickening, and nefarious mind fucking that occurs on every conceivable page!

Shit... I'm sorry but you know, that may be an understatement. I wouldn't really call it a SLIGHT mar. Madeleine Abducted's pages are not so much slightly tarnished... I should be a bit more clear... They closely resemble the scarred and wilted burnt flesh of those who may reside in... Umm, let's say Hell. M.S. Willis executes a literary fucking masterpiece with a writing style that is unparalleled. Unlike anything I've ever read in my lifetime.
Son of a fucking BITCH!!! Madeleine Abducted is probably not a book that you want to fuck around with. Why? Because, this book was terribly dark, obscenely raw, and wonderfully hard core. Obviously appealing to my poor, neglected inner smut whore. However, if you are squeamish, or a little faint at heart... I would suggest that YOU *Grabs your chin, forcing your eyes to mine* Either fucking prepeare yourself, I'm serious bitch. You better but on your damn warrior game face, or get yourself a fifth of something 80 proof because you are going to fucking need it!
Also, I have to say that I freaking started this series all wrong, I read Joseph Fallen first, then fell into Madeleine. The good news is that bitches like me prefer to do things all wrong. Because... whenever wrong turns into right, and it is rare, it makes it so much sweeter. I'm not sure if I loved the order I read the books, or the fact that I did it, and got away with it, lol. Either way, I will suggest you read Joseph Fallen first, then Madeleine Abducted. I liked the chronicle order more than I think I would have liked a prequel story after finishing Madeleine.
Now, if I may speak honestly, I'm fairly certain prior to reading this, that I was probably going to hell, but now having finished Madeleine Abducted, I know without a shadow of a fucking doubt my soul is bound for the bowels of hell. Why, you ask? Because after all of the abuse, all the vile attacks, and molestation that my mind endured, tortured by the mesmerizing words of M.S. Willis *Falls to slave stance, knees smack the floor, hands in lap, head bowed before I whisper*
"May I speak, Master?"
*Looks up with a salacious grin and wicked gleaming eyes*
I know now that I'm going hell because I loved every fucking minute of the preverted, kinky, and immoral, yet elegantly descriptive and beautifully written tale that consists of a shy and quiet cellist who wields an instrument that dwarfs her in size. Her innocence and pureness creating an internal light that captivates the monsters that not only prefer the dark, but are the imbodiment of pitch blackness themselves. Madeleine's only fault at falling victim to the men that rule hell is her demure guilelessness. For the devils son, her light is a contrasting enigma that he finds himself bewitched by. So entranced by her music and the polar opposite of anything he's ever known, he forgets that while he may be the son of evil, that will never stop evil from being a malicious motherfucker.
Aaron has been playing this clandestine game of chess with his father for as long as he can remember. Yet when his father Joseph uses Madeleine as a pawn in their insidious game unexpectedly, the lines are draw and sides are chosen.
This just stepped up from being nothing more than a fucking game.
Satin himself has thrown down the gauntlet, while Aaron begins to wage a war.
His only pitiful hope is that his little light, his cellist, his Madeleine isn't lost in the remaining carnage of war thats about to bring hell to it's knees.

Madeleine Abducted recieves 5-Delicious little morsel of sin soaked decatence- Kimmi star's ★★★★★
Better 1-click now bitches, but heed my warning... You will NEVER be the fucking same.

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