Friday, May 24, 2013

Stay by S. Mulholland

Review by Kimmi

Whoa! Talk about a bad ass main Character! Alexandra takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. We meet Alex in the beginning of the story and then, all of a sudden Alex is getting her ass beat down by her abusive mother. But does she cower? Does she just lay there and let the beating commence? Hell no! Alex gives just as good as she gets all the while with a smirk on her bloody lips and a glint in her blackening eye, and she makes damn sure her mother knows, you can break my bones bitch, and you may split my skin, but you will never break my spirit!
I freaking LOVED this chick! Alex is one of my most favorite characters! If she were real, we would totally be BFF's! 

Once Alex's life is finally her own, she knows that now her life is finally starting. Her spirit blossoms and flourishes and for the first time ever, not only is her spirit her own, but her body is her own as well. She moves in with her friend and roommate in the college dorms and she is having a blast living this awesome new life and finally coming fully into her own.
Then she falls, literally, in to the love of her life's arms. Jason blows into her life and heart and she immediately knows, she never stood a chance. She already knows he is her one, from the moment she first laid eyes on him. They have a whirl wind, all consuming, and perfectly beautiful romance, then....... poof, he's gone. Left with nothing but memories, Alex does what Alex has always done, she picks herself up, and moves on, except this time she has to move on with out her heart, because it left with Jason, the night he disappeared. This story tore my heart from my chest! I cried for Alex even more than Alex cried for Alex. My heart split and shattered for all the terrible injustices that the fates threw at her. However low and hopeless her life seemed, Alex still fought, tooth and nail, every step of the way. She fought for her life, fought to keep her soul her own, but she fights the hardest for the memory of the only man she'll ever love. 
As time goes by Alex knows she will never have what she had with Jason. So she does exactly what Jason told her to do, she moves on. And the only consistent man around her, Zac is who she decides to move on with. Zac is always there when she needs him, or even when she doesn't need him. Zac is kind, and quiet, and as stable as she can probably ever get. So when Zac pops the question, she sees no reason to say no. Jason is nowhere to found, so if she can't have Jason, why not say yes to Zac. However, the crazies never show themselves until they have you locked in tight. This is a new dawning on Alex, as she realizes she ended up marring a fucking monster! Of course the fates would throw her in the middle of another catastrophe and now she is forced to relive the abuse now by the hand of her husband, instead of her mother. And just like with her mother, Alex refuses to let her husband break her spirit. After years and years of abuse, both physically and emotionally, she is getting pissed. Oh and her husband Zac, just like her mother, also gets as good as he gives. And she knows she can't stay in this hell much longer. She is starting to see the writing on the wall, and it's telling her "Alex, its time to get out!" So when Jason returns to her life, she grabs on, she grabs on to him like a damn life line, and she will NOT let go this time. That much is for damn sure. But the fates and her abusive ex husband have other plans for Alex, does she even have any fight left in her? Are there such things as second chances, real second chances? All she can do is what she always has done, stand up and fight, fight for her self, her new found happiness, and the man that she has always loved. The fates may continue to break her body. However, this time will she finally loose the last and final piece of herself, the most sacred part of her that she's always kept protected? Will she have enough fight left in her to step up and save her soul?
I absolutely loved this story! I started it and NEVER put it down! I felt like I was on a damn emotional roller coaster and I kept screaming to get off, but couldn't put it down! I am so excited to find this author, this debut book of hers easily just made me a life long fan! And I cannot wait and I am super stoked, for what she has in store for us next!!!!!

Stay by S. Mulholland easily gathered up 5 -Holy Shit! I love this lead character- Kimmi stars!!!!

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  1. Let me say that the beginning this book just grabbed me and I never let go! I didn't know what to expect, but I couldn't put the damn thing down either Kimmi no matter what the distraction including my toddler, who demands all my attention all the time. Sorry baby! It as that damn good!!! It made me laugh, cry, my heart beat out my chest with anticipation of what was gonna happen. There were times I thought I knew the outcome of the situation only to be completely BLOWN away. I swear I died a thousand deaths a few times! If someone wouldn't have told me this was a first time writer, I would have NEVER known it. This girl was born to write. I am antsy with excitement with the continuation of what is to come. Hopefully we don't have to wait to long!