Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Mermaids Curse-Insatiable by Daniele Lanzarotta

Review by Kimmi

Well, I must say this is the first book I've EVER read where the lead character is a mermaid when we meet her......
Ladies and Biatches, please allow me to introduce to you a grown ass woman's version of The Little Mermaid, however this isn't our daughters Ariel, this is  Arianna.......
Arianna has been watching Blake since she was young, hidden in a patch of rocks near the island Blake's family owned, Arianna has watched and witnessed Blake when he thinks he is hidden enough to show his frustration, his anger, and his utter desperation to escape his world and his obligations.
The day of her arranged marriage and after her wedding to Bram the walls close in on her and in her need to breathe she races to the waters surface. There standing on her patch of rocks is a man in a suit, a completely dry suit. He knows her name as well as her deepest wishes and desires, when she refuses to make a deal with him he makes good on his end, vowing that he'll return for a payment she didn't sign up for......
Now with legs she is nearly drowned when Blake rescues her and pulls her to the beach.
The chemistry between the two is electric, even though Arianna is married, and Blake is set to propose marriage at his fathers demands to help along a business merger. Blake and Arianna can't themselves away from each other.
 Blake's fathers threats increase and Blake knows he cannot be with Arianna, so to keep himself away from her, his drinking becomes out of control. After an accident that leaves everything in the balance, Arianna is unsure what this means for her future, Blake's family is unsure what this means for the family........
After the accident, the tides change inside Blake, he is no longer willing to let his father dictate his life, he knows what he wants and for the first time ever he is going after her, Arianna.

How can a mermaid have true love in the human world, this isn't a child's fairy tale, this is an adults erotic story of impossible love, is even an impossible love enough to conquer all.......
I give Mermaids Curse 4.5 ocean blue glittery Kimmi stars !!!!

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