Sunday, May 26, 2013

Safe Word by Teresa Mummert

Review by Kimmi

This is one of the books that you mark your calendar's for, cross off the days, and chew your nails to the quick waiting for, and then a miracle happens! The heavens open and some epic shit occurs, right there on your kindle! Safe Word comes early! I haven't felt that giddy since that last Christmas that I believed in Santa! I swear I haven't! I shut off phones, locked myself in my room, stopped eating, bathing (It only took me a day to read it, so things didn't get bad!) and I cut off all communication with, well everyone. 

Ok, so now that know my mind frame going into this book, it is obvious that I am totally biased! I could have probably been given any two bit book and talked myself into thinking what I was reading was the shit. 

This story was an awesome story, I swear I freaking loved it! First of all it is the first book I've ever read that is strictly told by the male character's POV, and there really is nothing I love more than getting the chance to be inside a male character's mind! 

Colt is a bad ass motherfucker, but when your life has made you fight, scrap, and struggle every step of the way, there really is nothing to become but a bad ass motherfucker. Colt only has one happy and peaceful time in his life, and it was filled with Rose, the love of his life. Theirs was a short space of time, a love they kept hidden and used codes and Safe Words to communicate. Rain drops for no, Sunshine for yes. With their plans set in motion to run away to California together, he promises to take her to see the stars, however, like all things, the best intentions pave the road to hell. To Colts personal hell, where Rose runs away in the night with her family and leaves him behind. He stays in that shit town, waiting for her, knowing she'll return, he continues to take the abuse from his father, stays and watches his mother become nothing more than a hull of herself. He stays, waiting for his Rose......... but she never comes back.

Lily runs into Colt, flirting and teasing, and Colt cannot understand for the life of him what in the hell this chicks game is...... But shit if she wants to play, he'll play, *manacle laughter* by his rules, he needs another girl, they are already back on his ass wanting another girl, wanting the girls ransom money, and since Lily can't seem to keep herself off of him, she just paid for her front class ticket to hell........
Except, he's already handed her the ticket and buckled her in tight, and holy shit! Lily isn't just any wallflower, it's his Rose. She finally came back to him, but at the worse possible time.

Colt is pissed, he is pissed at her, he's pissed....... Why now? He spent years looking for her ass! Followed the trail all the way to New York where she just vanished! Colt wants to know what in the hell her angle is, and he is going to find out. She wanted this hell, she will have it. He treats her just like all the other girls, she is locked in a four wall, no window room, kept under lock and key. As much hate and anger he feels towards her, it can't keep the love and hunger from bubbling to the surface. There is a thin line between love and hate, but the line between hunger and anger is so damn thin it's fucking invisible. Then lets throw some diesel fuel on this already inferno by adding in the mob, bad cops, shady alliances, and Rose's dad has just busted out of jail and put a price on her head! Commence the utter most shittiest scenario you could ever imagine, and there is no way in hell they're getting out of this one! Time to say goodbye, in the only way he can, he uses their safe words.......
"It's a beautiful day, Rose. Nothing but clear skies." I laughed like I was losing my mind, tilting my head to the sky and closing my eyes.
"I wanted you to see the stars." I smiled sadly at her..........

When I finished this book I didn't know what to feel, Teresa Mummert had the power to bring me to my knees, kick me in the face and I'd have still begged for more. She didn't though. I really wish she would have too, of course I'm a masochistic freak sometimes, sooooo....

I give Safe Word 5 stormy day Kimmi stars*****


  1. Stormy day stars? Well that's new for Kimmi! Great review, as always ;b

  2. I loved your review Kimmi. You captured everything I wanted to say! All I can say is DITTO girl!!! Well expect that nothing was able to hold Colt back from is pulling need and Desire for Rose. Whew it was HOT, HOT, HOT!!!