Monday, May 20, 2013

Welcome Kitten Jackson's Keeping Secrets I & II Blog Tour to LipSmackin GoodBooks blog site!

Check out these links and the book trailer to Keeping Secrets! I'm almost finished with this awesome story, it is so damn white knuckled gripping kindle,  freaking me the hell out!  *screams, squeezes eyes closed, shakes head back and forth* SHIT! I'm not used to thrillers y'all! And this one is beating my ass!!! Alright! Off to go finish Keeping Secrets I go, I'll have my review up by noon! Thanks biotches!  MUAH!!! ~Kimmi 
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Here's Keeping Secrets Book Trailer:

Keeping Secrets Available on Amazon & Smashwords:

Keeping Secrets II: No More Skeletons also available at amazon & Smashwords:

I'd like to thank Kitten Jackson for coming by LipSmackin GoodBooks Blog today for her Keeping Secrets I & II Blog Tour! Thanks Mami! Muah!  ~ Kimmi


  1. LOL! Can't wait to see this review!! You'll have to read the sequel immediately, because you won't be able to stand not knowing what happens next! And what happens next makes the first book look like a picnic! ;)