Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fighting to Forgive by JB Salsbury

Review by Kimmi:
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph the woman has fucking done it AGAIN! Only this time she took her shit to the next level of HELL freaking YEAH!
When I read the first book in the Fighting Series Fighting for Flight, I fell head over heels in love with JB Salsbury, with her awesome, deep and complex characters that she pairs with a writing style that begs for some competition. Now, go back and read my review for book one, I'm freaking telling you I knew in my bones then that book two was going to be my Blake's story.
And I knew that shit was going to be OFF THE CHAIN! I absolutely LOVED Fighting for Flight, loved it so damn much I stalked JB Salsbury down on FB, tricked her into accepting my friend request and lit her PM box UP with my review of book 1. Then I did what all good stalkers do, I stalked my ass off while dressed as a pimp! I kid, I kid. *No I'm totally bullshittin', I really did stalk her ass* ;p

Oh my fucking shit! Oh my fucking shit! Blake's story was NOTHING what I thought it would be, it was everything I wanted it to be, and so damn much more! I can't even BELIEVE that JB went the route she did to get his story told, but thank you! Dear lord baby Jesus, Thank you for going it JB!!!!
Blake is, HOLD THE DAMN PHONE! *Smacks forehead* I must of forgot my damn mind or lost my marbles because I didn't mention yet........
*Whispers* I have only 1 sentence to tell you, that's all this review could require to have your ass running to the nearest Amazon 1 click button: This series is based on MMA fighters. There, I said it. Now I'll wait to see if the room clears.....
Ok look, I'll be damned I still have a few listeners left, lol.
Blake is a man on every damn level, there isn't a thing about this sexy black belt jujitsu fighter that isn't ALPHA or MALE. AND he's as funny as he is sexy, again, THANK YOU JB! However, JB flips the script on us a bit, our boy Blake has a closet full of secrets, a room full of painful scars, and a world full of regret and remorse that he has hidden perfectly behind this walking, talking, sextastic god-like body, as well as his humor and quickness to laugh and make heavy shit light. With a city full of fans, a UFL league of brothers and two, no shit look, there are three lucky women getting a hot fuck chance with Blake "The Snake" Daniels. How can anyone with this much have so little. Scratch past the surface you superficial bitches and look, poor baby. I love you Blake xxooxx
Layla has finally done it, and shit it's going to be hard, hell it's going to get even harder before it can get easier but this is the outcome of a decision she really had no choice but to make. And with Elle, her teenage daughter in tow Layla leaves the hell that was her old life that on the outside seemed like perfection. Once she is states away and settling into her new apartment though his voice comes back taunting her stupidity and self worthlessness and it is as loud if he was standing next to her in the room. She doesn't know how long it will take to begin to unbreak what was broken by the rapist she was married to for 16 years. All she knows is that this is something that she has no other option left but to fight for herself and her daughter, and most of all, their new life.

Blake and Layla come like nothing I've ever read, she is his every "no-no", and he is every "nope, no way in hell." However you can't fight what is, It just is. And Layla and Blake's story IS one of the best stories of the hidden broken becoming unhidden and the war that is waged to fix the broken pieces the best you can.

JB Salsbury, dammit woman I knew Blake's story was going to be hot, I knew it was going to be good as hell too. But kudos on making it a story that had me laughing at one point, then falling apart in tears the next, and screaming WTF HELL in the end.
You more than nailed it momma. I will love this book always. It goes now with me to Kimmi's vault of VERY SELECT few favs.
Fighting to Forgive nabs 5 -Blake's story is the fucking story of the YEAR!- Kimmi stars☆☆☆☆☆

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