Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Release Day: Her Dragon To Slay by Julia Mills

Since 1800 a dragon had been wondering the world protecting his clan from the threats of numerous enemies.  Dragons are merged with virtuous warriors and passed through the male bloodlines so the last of their people may be always protected; Rayne MacLendon is one of these dragon shifters. A great warrior in his own right he lives to protect his clan and has done so the last 119 years with the powerful red dragon inside him. But lately the dragon has wanted to control to seek something and Rayne cannot figure out what it is until one night his dragon roars free to claim what the Universe had gifted them for their long years of service- their mate.
Left as a orphan as a small child to be raised by her healer Grandmother Kyndel had always felt different from the kids at school and to the time to absorb all the knowledge her grandma had to offer about healing and herbs instead. Having only one friend in the world, Kyndel  excelled at keeping to herself and committing herself to her own garden. There are no such things as coincidence as fate will not be ignored and places Kyndel where it needs her so an incredibly beautiful and strong dragon commander can find the peace only she can offer him.
This begins the magical journey for a wounded warrior and a lovely human alone in the world to find their chance at peace and love even with enemies threatening to destroy that love at every turn. Fate will not be ignored; their passion cannot be tamed but are they strong enough to stand against an ancient betrayal?

I loved this book and was drawn in from the first page. Rayne is a beautiful soul and the love he holds for his mate is etched in his every action. Kyndel  has her own strength and fire that makes her a hero in her own right and not a damsel in distress. The sparks between alpha male and headstrong female ignite every page. Not only is Kyndel  Rayne’s hope but her presence brings hope to Rayne’s fellow Dragon guards that after all the fighting and all they’ve given up perhaps the universe still holds a wondrous female for them as well. The devotion and respect between the guards and their commander’s mate is beautiful and her concern for them is so deeply touching.

This is a hot start in a series from a new author. I can’t wait to see what else is in Julia’s mind for the group of brave dragon guards who fight to protect their family without asking for anything for themselves. I would and have recommended this to numerous friends. It’s a great mix of fantasy, sex, and action. I give this book 5 Stars!

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