Sunday, December 1, 2013

Undressed by Avery Aster

Review by Kimmi:

Holy Christian Louboutins!!!! This book was a damn blast!!! I can't believe I let it sit on my kindle carousel for MONTHS! I could kick myself in the ASS for letting this treasure sit aside without attention for so long!! This was the sexiest, funniest, best fucking time I've had reading a book in a long damn time. Avery Aster has a writing style that is unlike any other. She flips POV'S like nobody's business, and she even does it mid sentence, switching from first person to third person with out missing a beat. It is inexcusable, and it shouldn't work, but dammit it does. Avery Aster does it so flawlessly that it makes you feel ashamed that you ever questioned it. It's her damn style, and just because you haven't read it before doesn't mean she can’t own it and rock that shit!
Massimo... Oh. My. Shittness! Massimo is an Italian SEX GOD! He's also Milan's notorious playboy and he has everything! Lamborginis, exotic women, palaces throughout Europe. Massimo is in charge of not only a kingdom (yeah, he's a fucking prince, too!) but also the family textile company that is over a hundred years old.
Massimo is as alpha as they fucking come, and when you throw Lex, the daughter of the late rock and roll legend Eddie Easton into his path, well you mine as well have lit the Rockefeller Christmas Tree up with fireworks from the 4th of July!
These two fly at each other like nothing I've ever seen! There isn't much I love more than a strong alpha male character, except a female lead who is just as strong that crushes mens balls in her spare time while rocking her Jimmy Choo stilettos ;)

Lex Easton may have famous parents, but a charmed life isn't anything close to what she has lead. In the eyes of the paparazzi her entire life Lex goes off the grid after the age 12. Lex is a well known upper east side designer and next week is THE fashion week that will put Easton Essentials on the map for good . The only thing in her way is the asshole on the phone, Prince Massimo is telling her that her fabric order has been seized and she can let her boss Signor Easton know there is nothing more that he can do for him. Then all Lex hears is dial tone.

The fuck? There is no Signor Easton!! She's the damn boss!! It's Signorina Easton motherfucker!!
Lex digs in the heels of her Louboutins deep, she will beat this asshole, and she will win this war! All is fair in love and fashion!
The electricity between Massimo and Lex is so damn electric it will drain your damn vibrators, literally! Hot damn I loved this book! I loved the characters, the story was absolutely amazing, I was lmao one minute, and hot, wet and bothered the next! Unbelievably fantastic!
Undressed gets 5-Fuck-me-in-Prada-Pumps Kimmi Star's ☆☆☆☆☆
Now off I go to read Unscrupulous *squeals*

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  1. Damn girl I have this on my Kindle too. Shit I better get to work