Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fighting for Flight by JB Salsbury

Review by Kimmi

*Sigh* That was just such a, Oooh I REALLY loved that story!  Ok, first off I'd like to eh hum "apologize"? For my bhaad and slightly pornish pics, what can I say? This book had a HOT factor that inspired me ;  ) 

Ok, now that my naughty indiscretions have been duly noted we can begin with another indiscretion: Jonah"The Assassin"Slade, yeah, he is a mother effin MMA fighter in Vegas, (I'm sorry? come again? Did you say? YES I DID! MMA FIGHTER!) Jonah is a tatted up, built/ripped, and currently undefeated MMA fighter. Like seriously thats his job, thats how he earns his income.  I'm sorry, but you show me another badass alpha male from ANY other book with that "please fu@* me profession" and I'll sell you a kidney. Just sayin'. Jonah is as known for his moves in the ring, or octagon, as he is known for his reputation with the ladies.  Jonah: "I do not hit the same honey pot twice."

Raven is a sweet sad soul that life has dealt a shitty hand, however Raven is nothing short of a soldier.  She has lived her life by keeping to herself, and making sure the walls she built around her heart are secure. But these walls are brought down by one look, one dimpled, sexy smirk by the baddest boy in town, Jonah. And as for Jonah, well he has finally met his match, literally, in his new obsession and his newly acquired mechanic. All he had planned for was to get of his '61 Impala renovated, not his mind, not his life, and for damn sure not his heart. But this tank top wearing, coverall arms tied off around the waist girl that doesn't have a clue how adorable she is, tilts Jonah's world upside down. And for the first time in a long time, Jonah feels alive, and he's not letting his new life line go, period. 

The story of Raven and Jonah was a very fun and surprising read. JB Salsbury has an awesome launching pad for an incredible series based on the characters of "Fighting for Flight". I am so freaking excited for Blake's story, I almost can't take it! I will be first in the Amazon "buy now with 1-click" line for the second book of this series. 


I fell in love with Blake almost as fast as I did Jonah, and with that said, I will begin my montage of Blake"isms":  -"Nice legs, what time do they open?"-"Raven, a little later we can play Titanic" he calls over his shoulder. "I'll yell ice burg and you can go down."-"Dude she forced me. I got her out, but she threatened to tell the women of Vegas that I've got a needle dick." He throws his hands up in mock surrender. "I can't let that happen. I've a reputation to uphold."-"Catch you later. Got a hot little nurse who's waiting to give my dick an oral exam."-


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