Sunday, June 23, 2013

Now and Forever by HJ Bellus

Review By Lil Max

HJ first let me say Thank You for writing such a Bad Ass book!  I take my hat off to you girl, mad props! Now that I’m done with my shot outs let me just tell you how this book reads! Imagine sitting in a room with me and Kimmi and listening to us re-count one of our crazy life adventures.... Vegas perhaps.  Right?  I know cuz we use cuss words as Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives especially!  And with that let me tell you about this Bad Biotch Milly.  She ain’t no quitter.  She has not had a “good” life but she isn’t gonna sit on her ass an mope about it! NO she takes life by the horns and in her words has a case of the the Fuck it’s! 
Which I know I can attest having on more than one occasion Okay!  Milly (Amelia) went from straight rags to riches and not just in the sense of money.  Her trailer trash ass, drugged out parents left her at the age 5 to fend for herself.  Luckily her Poppy was there to take her in and care for her.  She ended up going to college and meeting who she thought was her “Prince Charming”.  He had everything! At least that's what she thought, hell with him being smart, successful, charming, nice ass body, “panty-melting smile” and amazing in bed.....  I mean what more could you want right?  Wrong,  after about a year his true color came shining through to the “The Bastard” he really was.  A Lying, cheating ass munch!  The only thing keeping her in this horrible relationship was his mother, Francis.  She was the mother Milly never had.  They acted more like best friends or sisters though.  They did almost everything together.  After her passing, Milly had no desire to keep up the façade of this broken marriage any longer.  She has no idea what she wants to do with her life but she knows she doesn’t want to stay with him.  As she prepares to leave with nothing,  Karma walks in the door and slaps “The Bastard” in the face.  With her bucket list and a 5 million dollar inheritance from her MIL (mother-in-law) Ha Ha ! Bastard! Milly sets out to find what life has in store for her.  Despite her horrific childhood and F’d up marriage she doesn’t play the victim.  She doesn’t bitch, moan or complain how F’d up her life has been and use it as a crutch or excuse to not do anything with her life.  She pulls herself up by her bootstraps and keeps trudging on.  She starts to check things off her “list”.  One of which is owning her own store.   She picks a little hick town in Colorado to open her shop.  This isn’t your regular retail shop with one or two specialties.  It’s eclectic, with a speciality full coffee bar, clothing, jewelry and that she mostly made.    
She never expects to find another friendship like the one with her late MIL, but then she walks into Lacey’s hair shop.   They instantly bond.Milly is living her dream and life it’s better than she ever expected.  She thinks twice about that when she crosses paths with a sexy farmer and his adorable daughter at a town Halloween gathering.
It really doesn’t take much time for these two to hit it off.   The Sparks start to fly pretty quick!   Cree is a full-time farmer and single parent.  He devotes his entire life to his daughter and holding down his family farming business.  Will he be her HEA? 
The family she never had and didn’t know she even wanted?  I will leave that for you to find out and not in a cliffhanger sort of way.  More like go check this out for yourself.  This is only the 2nd book I have ever read from a debut author and been like....SERIOUSLY this is a debut author?!?!? GTFOH this a grandslam book and HJ knocked that shit outta of the park!!!  It was real!  I will tell you it will make you laugh your ass off, cry your eyes out and have to change your panties a time or two so it well worth reading.  

 But don’t take my word for it go one-click that shit.  This is definitely  5+ BadAssRealTalkDebutGrandslammingDirty Stars

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