Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Moving Forward by Erika Taylor

Review by Lil' Max
This story is one of pain, love, lust, desire and trust.  The author keeps you guessing the entire time! I mean you can predict a few things but what actually happens is never what you would expect.  I was frantically reading so fast that my damn eyes were getting dry from not blinking. Erika sucks you in and spins you around and around so much you have butterflies in your stomach! Then she slows the pace allows your feet to touch the ground, let's you marinate for a minute before WAM! Ha ha! You are then in the next unexpected twist.  I have never read anything like this before. It was mind boggling in the awesome as hell way, I stayed tense, full of anticipation and need for the entire freaking time. The sex in this book? Holy Shit! It was off the charts HOT!  And the family dynamic really hit home for me.  Whew! Ok, now for some book deets:
Jesika was a sweet girl that fell in love with her high school sweetheart. The typical story, lost her virginity, got married, had a baby and the whole nine. Then (totally not so typical) her too perfect life, is ripped up from under her feet like a magician doing a trick with the table cloth. It was WAY more than she thought she could ever handle. You know that feeling you get after a real life crisis happens, the feeling that you may not recover from the devastation you have encountered, well that was Jesika’s life until she meets Derek.  She was just going through the motions and trying to survive her husband’s death and then.......... she saw him, this sexy firefighter at her son’s school.  Something clicked when she laid eyes on him.  It woke up whatever was lying dormant in her for so long. Passion, desire, and a lil attitude girlfriend! *snaps finger from head to toe*.  
Then her best friend drags her to a concert, and she sees the hot firefighter from her son’s class room.  He’s the drummer in her favorite band WHAT WHAT! Hell yeah! Derek just got DAMN HOT! Immediately sparks fly between them and they don't ever stop.  They have a magnetic field between them, driving and pulling them together, and neither are fighting the pull.
Derek had been in enamored with Jesika since he first laid eyes on her.  He saw her at her most vulnerable state.  He is a hopeless romantic.  He had his heart broken once before.  It was bruised and stomped on and then thrown out on the highway like road kill.  He vowed not to make the same mistake. He is a firefighter in the area so he has seen Jesika around a time or two.  He also plays in a band with his brother, but he never expects to see Jesika when she comes to one of his shows. So, when he sees his chance with her he grabs it, with both hands!
Now while these are the main characters, just like Will and Grace they need their co-stars to make you laugh you’re freaking ass off.  Enter Mallory and Seth stage left.  Mallory is Jesika’s best friend.  She is a down to earth chick. She tells it like it is, she’s crass and she just doesn’t give a DAMN!  She is Jesika’s rock and the only reason why Jesika has made it through the terrible tragedy if losing her husband.  When she drags Jessica to the local band’s show, she spies the lead singer Seth and is hot on his trail.  Can we say Rock Star Groupie?
Seth is Derek’s older brother who has spent his whole life protecting Derek.   Making sure he had everything he needed and trying to stay one step ahead of the game.  Seth is the rebel type. Not to be tied down of course, so being the lead singer in the band is perfect.  Being in this band is something he has dreamed about doing since he was a kid.  They play local gigs and Seth’s big dream was to make it big and get out of the little small town they grew up in.
So you know how you try to make yourself look good on a first date and you may embellish something about yourself?  Well, with the connection Jesika and Derek have, they could read each other so well they knew that the other one was holding something back.  As this tangled web unfolds the question is can the secrets of their pasts keep them from pursuing a happily ever after? I can’t really delve too much into the details 'cause Erika did such of good job of adding twists and turns that I would give it away and I don’t want to spoil it for ya!! Ehem so on that note, I give this 4.5 BadAssDirtyTwistedStars for keeping me on my toes to the bitter end and keeping it HAWT as hell with the sex scenes.  I can’t wait to see what Seth and Mallory’s story will bring us in the next installment!

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